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Ui Ux/fullstack Developer Resume

Washington, DC


  • Highly creative, out of box thinking and a multi - faceted person with experience in responsive web design, UI design, UI Development, graphics design, mobile web application development, website optimization and experienced in applying the 508 compliance, ARIA web standard. Seeking a great opportunity to share the creative passion and grow in the process.
  • Almost 10 years in Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation of User Interface (UI) for web applications
  • 9 years in web UI/UX design (Mockups, Wireframes, Prototypes)
  • 8 years in UI development Technologies, Frameworks, Single Page Application (SPA) and MVC.
  • 8 years in Mobile Application Interface designing with Responsive web design principals
  • 9 years in website analytics and unit, Integration, functional, system, regressive, end to end and A/B testing
  • 9 years of experience in Front End design/development and applying 508 compliance/screen reading
  • 8 years of experience in Visual design, Graphics/ Multimedia, 2D-3D animation, motion graphics and special effects includes Audio-Video optimizing & sound editing
  • Applied User Research and Interaction Design skills during development of several applications
  • Have sound knowledge in UI design, and Typography
  • Experience in Web 2.0RIA technologies like Extjs, JQuery,JSON, AJAX.
  • Hands on experience in Search Engine Optimization techniques
  • Knowledge of current industry issues and trends, multithreading, data structures, UI patterns, Interaction Design patterns, UX design principles
  • Strong Experience in Cross Browser issues handling and designing tableless layouts and Web Standards
  • Strong requirements gathering, interpersonal abilities, communication skills, time management, problem-solving, team building, leadership and collaboration skills


Operating Systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP / 2000, MAC OS X 10

Client Side Programming: HTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3, DHTML, XML, XHTML, XSLT, JavaScript (ES5/ES6), AJAX, JQuery, JQuery UI, Dojo UI, JSON, AngularJS, Angular 2 and Plus, Twitter Bootstrap, Responsive web design (RWD) - Media Query, React, Redux, and ES2015

Server Side Programming: J2EE, Java EE 5, Servlets 2.1/2.2,JSP 2.0, JSTL1.1,EJB 1.1/2.0/3.0, JDBC 2.0/3.0, Swings. Office 365 & SharePoint 2013

JavaScript Libraries: Ext JS 2.0/1.0, Backbone.js 0.9.2, Require.js, knockout js, Node.js, ReactJS, AngularJS(1 and 2/4)

RDBMS: MySQL, SQL Server, DB2, MS Access, SQL Server, Mongodb

Application Server: WebLogic, Tomcat, WebSphere, JBOSS

Tools: Ant, VNC, Toad, SQL Developer.

Task Runner: Gulp GruntJS, LESS, SASS

Framework: Struts, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, JSF, UML, Work-Flow.

Design Tools: Rational Rose, MS Visio

Graphical Tools: Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Creative Suite CS, CS3, CS5, Adobe CC, Adobe In-design, Adobe illustrator, Adobe Live Cycle Designer, Adobe Page Maker, Axure, MS Visio, Sketch & Quark Express-8

Testing Tools: Jasmine, Karma, Angular mocks, Protractor

508 Accessibility Tools: JAWS, W3C Standard

Version Control: Git, ClearCase, CVS, SVN

IDE and Tools: Netbeans, Eclipse, RAD, Eclipse IDE, Firebug, Developer Tools, EditPlus, JSfiddle, Sublime text, BugZilla, Ant, Maven, Log4j, Jprobe

Programming Languages: Java, J2EE, C, C++, SharePoint, C#, JavaScript


Confidential, Washington, DC

UI UX/Fullstack Developer


  • Develop a 508 compliance site for a FEP Bridge federal project
  • Participated in development of a well responsive single page application using Angular (Angular 6) framework, Typescript and JavaScript in conjunction with HTML5, CSS3 standards, with modern UI components from Angular Material.
  • Customizing the Angular Material components to get it in working with my application, and writing a few of my own and customizing the existing ones.
  • Utilized the Angular Framework to maintain and build new functionality in the existing applications
  • Expertise at design, abstract, and develop data models and understand how to write Microstrategy. Report, Document, and Visual Insight Dashboard (Dossier) design, creation and developing metric, level metrics, transforms, filter, and prompt creation, and selectors creation and experience training the user community in the use of MicroStrategy
  • Customization of MicroStrategy using APIs, D3 Visualizations in MicroStrategy
  • Local instance of SVN was used to maintain code versions, migrations, and all development changes
  • Defined the visual design style guide standards and develop style guide specifications document for the project and for the team to follow
  • Documenting the development process and also maintained documentation of all customizations throughout the application for clients and fellow developers
  • Trained clients on use of the system
  • Provided interaction design solutions including mockups, prototypes, interaction specifications and task flows such as wireframes, flowcharts, screen mockups, and interface design specifications.
  • Conduct UX planning and strategy on several key UX initiatives, developed prototypes with HTML5, Javascript and CSS for a customer support application utilizing the bootstrap framework that are responsive
  • Collaborate with product owner, development and QA teams on the mockups and navigation flows of the application
  • Developed logos with Adobe Photoshop
  • Created print graphics to include brochures, logos, and branding
  • Expertise in AngularJS and ng2 and above
  • Experience in React
  • Used cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) to web page to be requested from another domain
  • Responsible for making and securing APIs written in difference back end languages
  • Experience with REST / JSON API development
  • Good understanding of DOM and the quirkiness of browsers
  • Experience with CSS preprocessors (LESS/SASS/etc.)
  • Good understanding of web standards including ARIA specs
  • Strong hands-on experience in HTML5, CSS, Angular, JavaScript/jQuery, Strong knowledge of continuous delivery principles.
  • Design and write code for web/mobile HTML5 Angular applications that scale to high-volume production quality. Self-motivated, able to work in a dynamic team environment.
  • Deep understanding of cross-browser/cross-device scripting, problems & fixes.
  • Strong customer focus, excellent problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Ability to work independently, prioritizing the work, in a rapidly changing.

Environment: Angular, Material UI, Material Design, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery, JQuery UI, Dojo, Typescript, Underscore.js, node.js, AJAX, JSON, Grunt and Gulp, Adobe Professional, Adobe Dreamweaver, CMS, AWS Immutable.js, Babel ES6/7, Webpack, Karma, LESS, SASS, Java, Spring, MVC, Apache Wicket, Node.

Confidential, Philadelphia

UI Developer


  • Built Web pages that are more user-interactive using AJAX, JavaScript, Dojo, React, Redux, and React Native.
  • Participated in development of a well responsive single page application using React JS framework and JavaScript in conjunction with HTML5, CSS3 standards, with front end UI team.
  • Designed the front-end applications, UI web pages using web technologies like HTML, XHTML, CSS and Dojo.
  • Created React/Redux UIs to enable new customer workflows
  • Handled real-time performance data from developer's React app - generated as user interacts with app - and used Redux to manage in an application-level state store.
  • Involved Node.js Driver Implementation.
  • Created client surveys and displayed the results in a dynamic report (d3, jquery, mysql)
  • Built a reporting site to show customized dashboards of historical data processing rates, JIRA development tickets and more (d3, mysql)
  • Used agile software development methodology which helps to develop project plans.
  • Worked on RESTful Web services using React and Redux Stack.
  • Being part of a scrum team worked on various functionalities using React JS and REST API.s.
  • Expertise in React and Redux Stack.
  • Hands on experience with material-ui AutoComplete component that use google place api to auto-load google places
  • Hands on experience with Google-Map API References, heatmaps and internet traffic and service station sets ups.
  • Utilized JavaScript/HTML5/CSS3, ArcGIS Server 10.2 Services, Google and various API libraries to create a useful repository of historical data
  • Deployment of ArcGIS server to publish feature services and presented in both ArcGIS Online and HTML/JavaScript maps
  • Utilized ArcGIS Server and open source web mapping portal environments and databases.
  • Designed Dojo widgets and reusable modules with Dojo.
  • Hands on experience with Material Design
  • Used Redux approach (with Immutable.js) for a React Redux application.
  • Utilized Javascript, CSS3, React, Redux, ImmutableJS, Material UI, Webpack, Leaflet (map-rendering), public data APIs, d3, mysql, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL.

Environment: React.js, Immutable.js, Dojo, ArcGIS Server 9.3 JavaSript/Silverlight/Flash API, React-redux, jQuery, Node.js, D3.js, React-Bootstrap Immutable.js, Babel ES6/7, Webpack, Karma, Material UI, Material Design, CSS Modules via SCSS + Webpack.

Confidential, Washington, DC

UI/UX Developer


  • Captured and documented functional and business requirements.
  • Develop 508 compliance site
  • Used UML for designing class diagrams and sequence diagrams.
  • Developed prototypes such as wireframes, flowcharts, screen mock-ups, and interface design specifications.
  • Experienced graphic artist well versed with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
  • Working knowledge with Adobe Professional
  • Hands on experience with Sketch 3 in converting design to a working template
  • Develop digital customer experiences based on foundation of Adobe Experience Manager
  • Research latest Design trends, patterns and guidelines to apply on the product designs
  • Responsible for cross browser compatible, responsive web design which can work on different browsers.
  • Experience with rapid prototyping to quickly mocking up the future state of a system.
  • Cooperating with back-end developer in building the RESTful API
  • Expertise in using various SDLC models like Waterfall, mainly Agile Scrum process.
  • Built application with Angular 1.x using several in built language core directives, expressions and modules.
  • Played a big role in the migration of angular 1.5.5 application to angular 2.
  • Solid understanding of the Angular 2/4 platform.
  • Created a tree of Angular form control objects with Angular reactive forms
  • Providing 24/7 on-call support for production emergencies and maintenance activities.
  • Troubleshooting production issues.
  • Used Jasmine and Karma for Unit testing and Protractor for end to end testing.
  • Experience working with Highcharts for designing charts, bar graphs and pie charts.
  • Developing new user-facing features using React.js
  • Participate in the front-end architecture work in a new generation system developed by React. working with backend dev on AWS ElasticBeanstalk, S3 bucket, API Gateway
  • Deployed AWS Lambda code from Amazon S3 buckets.
  • Using React.js, Flux, CommonJS, Babel+ES6, Webpack and HTML5 for SPA development.
  • Build an enterprise level SPA with React & Redux and latest ES6 feature.
  • Experience with Flux architecture that complements React and the concept of Unidirectional Data Flow
  • Thorough understanding of React.js and its core principles.
  • Used ReactJS to create Controllers to handle events triggered by clients and send request to server.
  • Experience with front-end development tools such as Babel, Webpack, NPM
  • Excellent coding skill in Node.js, JavaScript (ES5/ES6)
  • Designed Node.js application components through Express and Knex.js
  • Worked on the creating different screen using ExtJs
  • Designed developed screens of RBH/CPM Module Ext JS 4.1
  • Developed reusable ExtJS components Such as Viewport, Panel, and Grids etc.
  • Developed Pagination for Search Results using Ext Paging Store.
  • Worked closely with clients to establish problem specifications and system designs.
  • Converting documents of different formats to PDF’s
  • Performed regression and system-level testing to verify software quality and function before it was released.
  • Streamlined deployment process by developing continuous integration tools.
  • Implemented Git + GitLab for version control.
  • CSS and Bootstrap for styling the HTML elements.
  • Used cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) to web page to be requested from another domain
  • Responsible for making and securing APIs written in difference back end languages
  • Experience building UI widgets like layouts forms grids etc using Dojo modular JS library.
  • Hands on experience working with LESS SASS’s mixins, variables, nested style rules, and even rule-set looping
  • Built user-interactive web pages using AJAX, JavaScript (ES5/ES6, Typescript and ReactJS.
  • Developed forms to get information from the user and validate it in HTML5 and ReactJS.
  • Created new entities and latest features and UI trends to using JQuery UI animation libraries and Kendo angular components.
  • Used jQuery mainly for adding several functionalities to the application (calendar, tooltips,popover, hiding elements, validation, making Ajax calls, etc.)
  • Worked on creating customized web parts in SharePoint, good working with XSLT.
  • Developing various SharePoint components using SharePoint Object model and Web services.
  • Expertise in testing and debugging new programs using Firebug, Fiddler and Developer tools.
  • Creating and maintaining various modules of SharePoint Site using SharePoint Object model.
  • Skills on CSS Background, CSS Positioning, CSS Text, CSS Border, CSS Margin, CSS Padding, CSS Table, Pseudo Classes, Pseudo Elements and CSS Behaviors in CSS.
  • Using JavaScript and Lists.asmx Web Service to add, update and delete Items in a list or library.
  • Created code that can be reused as components in the CMS
  • Provided CMS integration support and fixing bugs in the real time environment.
  • Expertise with JAWS to test 508 compliance sites
  • Expertise with working with JavaScript Task Runner like both Grunt and Gulp
  • Developed, managed and monitored security controls and permissions for users and groups as appropriate.

Environment: XML, HTML/HTML5, XHTML, CSS/CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery, JQuery UI, Dojo, Typescript, Underscore.js, node.js, AJAX, JSON, Ext JS 3.4, Grunt and Gulp, Windows Server, IIS, SharePoint, C# .Net and Visual Studio .NET, AngularJS 1.x, Angular 2, JQuery, Sketch, Adobe Professional, Adobe Dreamweaver, CMS, AWS (Route53).

Confidential, New York.

UI Developer/ Ruby on Rails Developer


  • Involved in developing GUI pages
  • Built and edited HTML pages and was responsible for proof reading articles ready to be published.
  • Utilized the Convio CMS.
  • Used Day CQ5 CMS to build html/css/javascript templates.
  • Providing 24/7 on-call support for production emergencies and maintenance activities.
  • Developed UI using HTML, JavaScript, and JSP for interactive cross browser functionality and complex user interface.
  • Developed JSP for the multiple views in the presentation layer and Java Beans for model layer
  • Used JSTL and wrote custom JSP tag libraries and implemented role based handling in JSP pages.
  • Developing scripts for build, deployment, maintenance and related tasks using Jenkins, Docker, Maven and Bash
  • Developing Docker images to support Development and Testing Teams and their pipelines;
  • Bootstrap for styling the HTML elements.(Twitter Bootstrap)
  • Implemented procedures for configuration and deployment of production JBoss applications.
  • Provided technical assistance for development and support on JBoss application server platforms.
  • Strong understanding of features and utility functions of Backbone.js
  • Designed Frontend with in object oriented JavaScript Frameworks Backbone.JS, Angular.JS
  • Hands on experience with Ruby on rails and Service using Rails 3.2, Ruby 1.9, various gems and plugins.
  • Created the step form using wicked gem and validated all the form elements.
  • Implemented Paperclip gem for file attachment and Prawn gem for PDF generation for completed applications.
  • Used Ajax for asynchronously exchanging small amount of data with the server behind the scenes
  • Used jQuery mainly for adding several functionalities to the application (calendar, tooltips, popover, hiding elements, validation, making Ajax calls, etc.)
  • Experience creating and configuring a Amazon S3 Bucket and deployment.
  • Deployed AWS Lambda code from Amazon S3 buckets
  • Redesigned infrastructure for high availability using multiple AWS availability zones.
  • Development, Acceptance, Integration, and Production AWS Endpoints.
  • AWS Infrastructure setup Web Server, App Server and PDS Server
  • Documenting, designing and developing various SharePoint Projects.
  • Responsible for cross browser compatible, responsive web design which can work on different browsers.
  • Developing SharePoint components using SharePoint Object model and Web services.
  • Customizing Out-of-Box SharePoint components like Dataview webpart, search web parts using XSLT.
  • Used Require.js as a module loader, and experience with Knockout js
  • Re-designing\Branding SharePoint Sites using SharePoint Designer.
  • Creating various Collaboration and Publishing Portals for Sharing and maintaining Internal Content.
  • Creating and maintaining various modules using SharePoint Object model.
  • Implementation of the Business logic layer for MongoDB Services.
  • Using STSADM tool to deploy Web parts and Features and Solution Packages.
  • Using JavaScript and Lists.asmx Web Service to add, update and delete Items in a list or library.

.Environment: Knockout js, Require js, Gulp, Docker, Jenkins, MOSS 2007, Backbone.js, SharePoint 2010, SQL Server, Windows Server, IIS, C# .Net and Visual Studio .NET, HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, CMS, jQuery, Adobe Dreamweaver, Bootstrap & MongoDB.

Confidential, Kentucky

Web/UI Developer


  • Attending calls with the users and clients to discuss the issues that business faces and requirements for enhancements in the sites.
  • Developed custom search functionality using AJAX updatepanel control so that the whole page is not refreshed when the search is performed.
  • Used Ajax for populating the list/drop down box with data from DB.
  • Responsible for cross browser compatible, responsive web design which can work on different browsers.
  • Developed custom Export to PDF functionality using c#.
  • Developed editor parts for a web part using custom code.
  • Developed and consumed .NET Web Services using SOAP data in SharePoint List.
  • Developed custom components using c#, SharePoint Server Object Model, CAML queries.
  • Provided Technical Support to end-users and resolved day-to-day issues.
  • Configured Search for sites.
  • Experience with version control tool like Git and Bit Bucket.
  • Responsible for writing server-side web application logic in JavaScript using NodeJS
  • Responsible for adding/changing/removing users and user permissions.
  • Involved in system testing.

Environment: Windows Server, ASP.NET Framework 2.0, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, SharePoint Designer 2007, Visual Studio 2005, NodeJS, C#., &: MS SQL Server.

Confidential, Montville, NJ

Web/UI Developer


  • Involved in designing and implementing Web2.0 Rich UI for the Self-service Application
  • Design and Development of UI
  • Involved in implementing java rendering framework which manages the page on the server side.
  • Developed JavaScript library for rendering domain-specific layout XML to the web.
  • Involved in developing HTML and JavaScript for client side presentation and, data validation on the client side with in the forms.
  • Involved in developing the Validations across the application using jQuery Validator plugin.
  • Involved in implementing the UI to support all the major browsers.
  • Worked with partners and clients at every stage of implementation of the integration, for instance to gather requirements, finalize analysis, review completed implementation, UAT and sign-off.



Web/UI Developer


  • Involved in developing the UI pages using XHTML
  • Followed the Agile and Scrum development methodologies
  • Design and development of Web pages
  • Integrated the Java code (API) in JSP Pages.
  • Hands on experience with SOAP communicate between applications is over HTTP,
  • Created JSPs and developed the screens as per the file structure.
  • Debug the application using Firebug to traverse the documents and manipulated the Nodes using DOM and DOM Functions using Firefox and IE Developer Toolbar for IE.
  • Involved in developing HTML and JavaScript for client side presentation and, data validation on the client side with in the forms.
  • Involved in writing SQL Queries, Stored Procedures.

Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQUERY, AJAX, JSON, JSP, SQL.

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