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Web Administrator & It Specialist Resume


  • I am currently looking for a position as a Java Developer or an Android Developer, preferably as a member of a small to mid - sized development team.
  • My programming skillset covers a very broad spectrum of languages and frameworks, especially where web development is concerned.
  • For a sample of my work, please visit my most recent
  • Although I have primarily concerned myself with Java and Android development, I have made a point of staying proficient in most other areas of web development (Angular, NodeJS, etc.).
  • I would describe myself as “knowing a bit about everything” in software development.


Highly experienced with: OOP & associated development patterns/ best practices

Java Development/ API: Java EE JDBC Swing, AWT, SWT, JavaFX java.io (Streams) javax.xml (parsing) JaxRS JSP (Servlets) DTOs / DAOs (data packaging & transfer)

Web Development: HTML5 CSS Javascript Associated Technologies

Java Frameworks: Jax-RS Implementations Spring Spring Boot Spring MVC Junit etc.

JS Frameworks/ Libraries: Angular2 (familiar with 4) React NodeJS Jquery etc.

Android Development: Java App Development Google AdMob Integration Unit Testing Beta Testing Rollout Updating SDLC Management

Database Development: SQL (SQL Server & MySQL) Database design principles Database Normalization Database Administration


Web administrator & it specialist



  • Originally hired in as a contractor to design and build the company website.
  • Created various web apps for the company, such as an online store, an employee payroll tracker, etc.
  • Also responsible for building & maintaining a company database in SQL Server, and associated applications.

Android Developer



  • Responsible for ‘from-scratch’ development and rollout of multiple Android apps currently released in the Google play Store.
  • The most popular app among these (mentioned above) currently has more than 20,000 downloads and boasts a 4.9 out of 5 star customer feedback rating.




  • Responsible for the operation of six CNC machines and for ensuring the quality of the products that they produce.

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