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Aws/devops Engineer Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Around 5 years of overall experience in Information technology industry in various roles with excellent experience in Linux Administration, DevOps, AWS, Build/Release.
  • Strong base knowledge on Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). In depth knowledge about Agile, Scrum and Waterfall methodologies.
  • Competence in designing AWS cloud modules for Infrastructure - as- a-Service (IAAS), Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) and Software-as-a-Service (SAAS).
  • Strong expertise on DevOps concepts like Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous delivery (CD) and Infrastructure as Code (IAC), Cloud Computing etc.
  • Excellent experience in working with Jenkins for continuous integration and for End to End automation for all build and deployments.
  • Branching/Labelling/Merging/tagging, Clone, and rebasing and other SCM work on (SVN and mainly on GIT).
  • Extensively Worked on Docker for virtualization, run, ship, and deploy the application securely for fasten the build/release engineering. Creating and managing Docker images, Containers and also hands on Kubernetes, API, ECS.
  • Experience with configuration management using Puppet, Chef, Ansible and container management with Docker.
  • Worked on Creating and Maintaining Chef Recipes, cookbooks to simplify and expedite deployment of applications and mitigate user error.
  • Expertise in using builds tools like MAVEN, ANT for the building of deployable artifacts such as war & ear from source code.
  • Strong knowledge and experience on AWS, specifically in Lambda, IAM, API Gateway, Micro Services, Dynamo DB, S3, Cloud Front, VPC, EC2
  • Used Bug tracking tools like JIRA, Bugzilla for finding, managing and tracking of Bugs.
  • Experienced using different log monitoring tools like Splunk, ELK (Elastic Search, Log Stash, Kibana) for to see logs information and monitor and get the health and security notifications from nodes.
  • Hands on experience working with databases such as Oracle, SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Mongo DB, Cassandra.
  • Installed, configured and administered application servers like Web Logic (11g, 12c), Web Sphere 8/8.5/9, Tomcat 7.x/8.x/8.5 and JBoss.
  • Good Knowledge on Networking and configuring TCP/IP, DNS, NFS, NIS, SAMBA, LDAP, SSH, SSL, SFTP, SMTP, SNMP.
  • Experience in developing and implementing web applications using Java/J2EE Technologies, which includes core Java, Servlets, JDBC, Springs, Hibernate, JSP and Java Beans.
  • Good understanding of concepts in Object Oriented Programming concepts, RDBMS concepts and MVC frameworks.
  • Highly motivated and committed DevOps Engineer experienced in Automating, configuring and deploying instances on AWS cloud environment.
  • Expertise in trouble shooting the problem generated while building, deploying and also in production support.


Operating Systems: RHEL/CentOS 5.x/6.x/7, Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora, Windows Server 2008/2012/2016

Web/ App Servers: Apache Tomcat, Web Logic (11g, 12c) & Web Sphere 8.0/8.5/9.0, Nginx, JBoss.

Tools: Jenkins, Nexus, GIT, SVN, GitHub, Bitbucket, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Docker, Kubernetes, SonarQube, API, JIRA, Maven, Ant.

WebTechnologies/Programming Languages: Java/J2EE, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, Micro Services, JSON, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bash, Shell, Python, Ruby.

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB,.



Confidential, Atlanta, GA

AWS/DevOps Engineer


  • Configured and Maintained Windows 8/12 RHEL 5.x/6.x in a large distributed environment at several Data Centres.
  • Worked closely with the Development Team in the design phase and developed Use case diagrams. Used ANT and MAVEN as build tools on Java projects for the development of build artifacts on the source code.
  • Implemented & maintained the branching and build/release strategies utilizing Subversion with Micro Services and GIT.
  • Worked on Jenkins for Continuous Integration and Deployment and also configured Splunk for monitoring.
  • Configured Puppet master, client and wrote scripts for deploying applications on QA, Dev, Production environment and developed Puppet Modules to manage configuration, automate installation process and for deployments and configurations.
  • Created highly available and scalable infrastructure in AWS cloud by using various AWS services like EC2, VPC, Security Groups, Network ACL, Auto scaling, ELB, RDS, Cloud Watch, Route53, S3, IAM, Elastic Bean Stalk, EBS, SNS, SQS.
  • Using AWS Lambda, running scripts/code snippets in response to events occurring in AWS Cloud and maintaining it.
  • Used Docker to implement a high-level API to provide lightweight containers that run processes isolation
  • Configured Chef Cookbooks, recipes for Upgrading the Linux kernel, installing and managing Java versions and managing persistent SSH tunnels.
  • Migrated VMWARE VMs to AWS using Ops Code Chef Cookbooks/Recipes. Developed Chef Cookbooks from scratch to automate the deployment process and integrated with Jenkins to build the continuous delivery pipeline.
  • Installed and configured the Nexus repository manager for sharing the artifacts within the company. Created proxy nexus repositories to speed up the build process.
  • Implemented continuous deployment system with Jenkins, AWS Code Deploy, Ops Works and monitored the Infrastructure using AWS Cloud Watch.
  • Developed Bash/ Python scripts to automate the troubleshooting on AWS platform based on the alerts provided by the AWS SNS.

Environment: AWS services (EC2, VPC, Security Groups, Network ACL, Auto scaling, ELB, RDS, Cloud Watch, Route53, S3, IAM, Elastic Bean Stalk, EBS, SNS, SQS), Micro Services, Windows 8/12, RHEL 5.x/6.x, Jenkins, API, GIT, MAVEN, ANT, Puppet, Chef, Splunk, JIRA, Bugzilla, Nagios, Web Sphere, MySQL, Cassandra, Nexus, Python, YML scripts.

Confidential, Manassas, VA

AWS/DevOps Engineer


  • Implemented AWS solutions using EC2, S3, RDS, IAM, Redshift, Lambda, Security Groups, EBS, Elastic Load Balancer, Auto scaling groups, SNS, Optimized volumes and Cloud Formation templates.
  • Developed and managed cloud VMs with AWS EC2 command line clients and management console implemented DNS service through Route 53 on ELBs to achieve secured connection via https.
  • Performed the automation deployments using AWS by creating the IAMs and used the code pipeline plugin to integrate Jenkins with AWS and created the EC2 instances to provide the virtual servers.
  • Worked on Automating, Configuring and deploying instances on AWS, Azure and OpenStack cloud environments.
  • Worked on Hudson and Nexus to automate the release pipeline by which zero touch deployments are achieved and Installed configured and administered log analyzer tool Cloud Watch.
  • Worked on setting up the Chef repo, Chef Work stations and Chef Nodes. Developed Chef Recipes through Knife command-line tool to create Chef Cookbooks to manage systems configuration.
  • Managed routing for multiple linkerd instances. It does this by storing dtabs and using namers for service discovery. Namerd supports the same suite of service discovery backends that linkerd does, which include services like Zookeeper, Consul, Kubernetes, API, and Marathon.
  • Virtualized the servers using Docker for the test-environments and dev-environments needs, and configuration automation using Docker containers. Created additional Docker Slave Nodes for Jenkins using custom Docker Images. Worked on all major components of Docker like, Docker Daemon, Hub, Images, Registry, Swarm etc.
  • Implemented a continuous Delivery Pipeline with Docker, Jenkins, Micro Services and GitHub. Whenever a new GitHub branches are created Jenkins automatically attempts to build a new Docker Container from it.
  • Wrote Puppet Manifests to provision Apache Web servers, Tomcat servers, Nginx and other applications for different environments.
  • Created scripts in Python to automate log rotation of multiple logs from web servers and wrote shell scripts to automate the process of adding SSH-keys, generating passwords in python.

Environment: Amazon Web Services, Chef, Puppet, Nginx, Docker, Docker Swarm, Jenkins, Micro Services, Hudson, Nexus, JUnit Git, Maven, JIRA, API, Shell, Python, Tomcat, Nagios, Cloud Watch.


Build and release engineer


  • Implement, maintain and support reliable, timely and reproducible builds for project teams.
  • Maintained build related scripts developed in ANT, Python and shell. Modified build configuration files including Ant’s build.xml.
  • Worked with development team to migrate Ant scripts to Maven.
  • I Developed HTML parser and the build the DOM tree with that.
  • Experienced in authoring pom.xml files, performing releases with the Maven release plugin, Mavenization of Java projects and managing Maven repositories.
  • Researched and implemented code coverage and unit test plug-ins with Maven/Jenkins.
  • Used Maven dependency management system to deploy snapshot and release artifacts to Nexus to share artifacts across projects.
  • Experience on developing internal/external web applications for end users using Java API calls.
  • Configured and maintained Jenkins to implement the CI process and integrated the tool with Ant and Maven to schedule the builds.
  • Work with development/testing, deployment, systems/infrastructure and project teams to ensure continuous operation of build and test systems.

Environment: Ant, Java/J2EE, Maven, Jenkins, API, Linux, Solaris, Python, WebSphere, Shell scripting, Nexus.

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