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Sr. Datapower/api Developer Resume

Eden Prairie, MN


  • Over 7+ Years of experience in administration, development and implementation of SOA integrations using WebSphere DataPower XI52/XI50, IIB, WebSphere Message Broker, WebSphere Application Server 7.x/8.x, JBOSS and MQ
  • Experience in designing, developing, implementing, and supporting services using SOA DataPower appliances and IIB.
  • Configuring and integrating DataPower and WebSphere Registry and Repository (WSRR) products
  • Strong working experience with XML, XSLT, XSD and SOAP.
  • Create & configure for load balancing with round robin, weighted, health page, port monitor
  • Create forward & reverse SSL handshake including mutual authentication.
  • Created processing rules with multiple match rules to accommodate various Authentication, Authorization, Digital Certificates, PKI Concepts, Encryption, Decryption, Credentials, Permissions, Single Sign On mechanisms.
  • Integrated Data power services with WebSphere Application Server, Tomcat, WebSphere MQ, Message Broker, Oracle DB, NFS, ITCAM, SPLUNK, JSON
  • Create AAA policies for securing external facing web services using IBM DataPower XI 52
  • Configure Splunk to monitor critical errors and created alerts to send notifications to support team
  • Develop XSLs for routing, data transformation including Exception handling.
  • Participate in installation, configuration of WSRR and integrating with IBM Data power for SOA governance and service registry and repository purposes
  • Proficient in executing CLI commands along with Web GUI for IBM DataPower XI 52 and XI50.
  • Implement schema level validation, routing to avoid traffic on application servers.
  • Proficient in implementing encryption and decryption at message body level & field level.
  • Configure SLM for web services consumer to off load traffic on application servers
  • Participate in understanding the client requirements and determining the scope of each Interface
  • Create and configure MQ Objects like Queue Managers, Remote queues, Local Queues, Queue Aliases, Channels, Clusters, Transmission Queues, Performance Events, Triggers, Processes, MQ error trapping applications and performance tuning/ monitoring
  • Experience in upgrading firmware and creating log targets, Configuring Front Side Handler and Back - End Connectivity including HTTP, HTTPS, JMS, MQ Resource, SSH Setup involving various XML Threats


Platform: WebSphere App server, DataPower XI50/52

Hardware & OS: UNIX, LINUX, Window95/98/NT/2000/XP

Programming languages: C, C++, SQL, Servlets, XSL, XSLT, Shell Scripting, JMS

Development tools: WebSphere (WID, WSAD), RAD, Eclipse, Net Beans, XML Spy

Application server: IBM Web Sphere Application, JBOSS, Tomcat, Web Logic

RDBMS: Oracle, SQL server, Microsoft Access

Messaging: JMS, MQ series, MDB

Platform: WebSphere App server, Data Power XI50/52


Confidential, Eden Prairie, MN

Sr. DataPower/API Developer


  • Analysis, design and development of ESB architecture on IIB, DataPower XI52/XI50s to better integrate existing and new applications and web services for transformation, routing, mediation and conversion.
  • Design Message flows to convert MQ messages to SOAP messages and to invoke Web services through HTTP Request (HTTP transport) nodes.
  • Implement Web-Service Proxy service in DataPower XI50, XI52 for various applications’ Web-services and created various reusable Front Side Handlers (FSH) like HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, NFS and IMS.
  • Create Solution design and specification design documents for the team to proceed with development.
  • Develop of APIC platform that includes DataPower to develop and maintain business APIs.
  • Create Oauth 2.0 authorization framework on API Management platform that acts as an entry level point for Configuration API's and API management platform.
  • Implemented Crypto profiles, SSL proxy profiles as part of SSL implementation.
  • Develop Load Balancer Groups to load balance the requests to multiple back end points.
  • Develop AAA policies to authenticate and authorize user requests using LDAP.
  • Develop and configured WSDL and XML proxies.
  • Develop multiple custom policies (written in XSLT and Gateway Script) on API platform to create generic frameworks that could be utilized within the enterprise framework.
  • Regression testing of APIC versions and raised PMR's with IBM to get them resolved.
  • Configure reusable Policies and Rules in DataPower MPG (Multiprotocol Gateway), XML Firewall, XSLT development and constantly monitored Web Service Proxy using default SLM.
  • Analyze, propose, and implement improvements to DataPower applications, services, and process.
  • Responsible for development, implementation and configuration management of security policies for DataPower.
  • Tested SOAP over HTTP binding using WSDL and migrated DataPower objects within various te environments.
  • Configure reusable Policies and Rules in DataPower MPG (Multiprotocol Gateway), XML Firewall, XSLT development and constantly monitored Web Service Proxy using default SLM.
  • Perform end-to-end testing, resolved problems and validated the test results. Performed unit testing and unit Integration testing.

Environment: DataPower XI50/XI52, IIB 9.0, XB62s WebSphere 6.x,7, WTX DESIGN STUDIO, Oracle 9i,10g, IHS 6.0, Apache (ERS) 2.0/2.2, Splunk 6.0, Soap UI, WSRR 8.x.

Confidential, Inver Grove Heights, MN

Sr. DataPower Engineer


  • Responsible for setup, Installation and Administration of IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances XG45, XI50, XI52.
  • Responsible for analysis, design and development of ESB architecture on DataPower XI52 to integrate existing and new applications and web services for transformation, routing and mediation.
  • Designed and developed various XSL for message transformation including XML to XML, XML to Binary formats including content-based routing and schema validation for message well format.
  • Implement Digital signatures, AAA and HTTPS/SSL security at message level in Multiprotocol gateways.
  • Implement securing external Web services using several authentication schemes in DataPower WS-Security, Digitally Signing SOAP message, SAML and SSL mutual authentication.
  • Configure various objects like Crypto Profiles, Load Balancer groups, WebSphere MQ objects, HTTPS, HTTP, MQ and FTP file Handlers.
  • Configure AAA policy object for custom LDAP, AD, TAM calls for authentication, authorization, and TFIM calls for generating and validating LTPA, SAML tokens
  • Establish various security policies in DataPower like Mutual Authentication, sign, verify, encryption and decryption.
  • Responsible for configuring Front Side Handler and Back-End Connectivity including HTTP, HTTPS, JMS, MQ Resource, SSH Setup involving various XML Threats.
  • Implement mutual authentication between DataPower Appliances and various application servers like WAS ND.
  • Strong in debugging, troubleshooting various issues by using logs, probes and problem determination tools which are available in DataPower device
  • Handle exceptions using on error action in processing rules to capture schema validation, back end errors etc.
  • Responsible for developing technical design documents for various Interfaces based on functional designs.
  • Monitoring the Logs and familiar with PROB, using this in Test Environments’ for root cause analysis.
  • Configuring WebSphere Application Server on multiple platforms for both horizontal and vertical scaling for Workload Management.

Environment: DataPower XI50/XI52, IIB 9.0, WebSphere 6.x,7 Oracle 9i,10g, IHS 6.0, Apache (ERS) 2.0/2.2, Splunk 6.0, TAM, Soap UI, WSRR 8.x, SOMA, IBM Rational, WPS 7.x, McAfee Web Washer.

Confidential, Erie PA

DataPower/Message Broker Developer


  • Developed SOAP and HTTP Rest Web Services in DataPower.
  • Configured Multiprotocol Gateway (MPGW), Web services Proxy and XML Firewall services. Configured AAA policies, Set up SSL, Key certs (Crypto Tool). Worked with SOMA.
  • Created Deployment scripts for DataPower.
  • Developed Message flows using MQ, File, JCN, Mapping, XSLT, JMS nodes. Used Timer nodes, Collector and Aggregate nodes to implement Scheduling and Aggregation of Messages.
  • Created WSDLs, XSDs. Used XSLT, XPath and XQuery for Transformation in DataPower.
  • Involved in initial setup of WebSphere DataPower, Network Configuration, NTP Configuration, DNS Configuration, secured backup and migration.
  • DataPower B2B appliance firmware upgrade, enabling security, load balancing and log isolation.
  • Setting as required configuration file of queue managers and bouncing the queue manager.
  • Building and testing high available environment-Multi-instance queue managers and brokers.
  • Created and configured MQ Objects like Queue Managers, Remote queues, Local Queues, Queue Aliases, Channels, Clusters, Transmission Queues, Performance Events, Triggers, and Processes.
  • Cluster queue manager, workload balancing among the applications.
  • Setting rule table for dead letter queue handing.
  • Setting security for queue manager and IIB components based on user level and configuring for remote connectivity.
  • Hands on experience with shell scripting and automated script: MQ Start up and shutdown, configuration backup and task automation.
  • Providing on call technical support to the developers on developing, deploying.
  • Troubleshooting, log tracing and raising an issue and opening PMR/service request with IBM.
  • Strong team player, self-motivated, requiring minimal direction, good work ethics, open to learning new technologies, forward and strategic thinking.

Environment: Linux, WebSphere Application Server, Windows, IBM WebSphere MQ 6.0/7.0, IBM WebSphere Message Broker 6.0/7.0, SVN, Jenkins, ANT, Maven.

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