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Ios Architect Resume

Oakland, CA


  • Experienced, motivated professional in both Swift and Objective - C with over 6 years in the mobile development field, including Swift experience that dates back to when Swift was released
  • Experience working with design patterns such as Singleton, Delegation, Observer, Broadcaster, MVC, MVVM, etc.
  • Worked in both Swift and Objective C languages
  • Utilization of multithreading techniques via NSOperations and Grand Central Dispatch
  • CocoaPods experience with third party libraries such as Google Maps, Facebook, Alamofire, Twitter
  • Security conscious developer with tools such as Keychain Services and encryption
  • Expert bug hunter and squasher
  • Led and managed team members across multiple projects through mentorship, one-on-one meetings, code reviews, and team management, including experience working with remote teammates
  • Strong knowledge of development lifecycle including planning, research, data modeling, API endpoint design, and implementation of eye catching UI
  • Source control management achieved through multiple platforms including Microsoft Visual Team Services, Git, Github, Bitbucket
  • Consumption of APIs with Alamofire and custom networking layers built on top of URLSession
  • Experience working in an Agile development environment with implementations such as Scrum
  • Liased with stakeholders to explain development process, give estimates, and advise on best practices
  • Experience with Test Driven Development, XCTest, unit testing, integration testing, and UI testing
  • Working knowledge of all aspects of the iOS SDK including the major frameworks such as MapKit, Core Location, NotificationCenter, Core Data, AVFoundation
  • Memory management knowledge including Automatic Reference Counting, and MRR
  • Advanced knowledge of handling JSON parsing through JSONSerialization, Codable, and SwiftyJSON
  • Persistence experience with tools such as Core Data, Realm Database, NSCache, Keychain Services, Plist, UserDefaults iOS Biometrics experience with TouchID and FaceID
  • Programmatic, Xib and Storyboard UI experience with Auto Layout and Size Classes to ensure appropriate UI layout for different device sizes
  • Consistent code style that keeps up with best practices and includes appropriate documentation including markdown function documentation


  • C based languages and compilers (C++, Matlab)
  • Programming of FPGA boards (VHDL language)
  • Programming of Microchips and AVR’s (assembly language)
  • Programming CNC machines for tooling (MasterCAM)
  • Basic queries to databases (MySQL)
  • Top Enterprise
  • PLC programming for elevator control (Ladder language/diagram)
  • Electronic developments to update and replace of analog sensors (Arduino, ChipKit)
  • Candy Technologies
  • Development with PLC for replacement in conveyors
  • Basic system updates in automated production lines
  • Digital filters development for images treatment
  • Tests with fingerprint, iris and face recognition SDK’s


Teamwork: Scrum, Git, Jira

Languages: Swift, Objective-C

Tools: XCode, Keychain Services, Instruments, API Consumption, Custom UI, Cocoapods

Frameworks: URLSession, XCTest, UICollectionView, Xibs, UITabBar, Size Classes, Mapkit, Push Notifications, UITableView, Stack Views, UIStoryboard, UIScrollView, NSCache, NSOperations, UserDefaults, Grand Central Dispatch, Core Data, Facebook API, Core Location, Authentication, Autolayout

Techniques: Unit Testing, Location Management, Singleton, MVC, Protocol, JSON Parsing, Data Persistence, MVVM, Delegation, Weak/Strong/Unowned, Constraints, Closures


iOS Architect

Confidential, Oakland, CA

  • Led team that maintained and added features to the main view of the app which contains recently played stations and suggested stations as well as browsing
  • Implemented extension on UIImageView that utilized the networking layer to asynchronously fetch album art to display in custom UITableViewCells
  • Built and modified fetch functions to obtain updated information from Pandora proprietary RESTful APIs on the users preference, recently played stations, and suggested stations
  • Built and maintainedPOST method to send user selections, favorites, played stations, etc. to server to enable syncing between devices and to enable data analyzation to enhance further the ability to make relevant suggestions to the user
  • RESTful API fed data by devices connected to account to process with proprietary algorithms to build a taste profile and help users discover new music
  • Custom implementation of UITableView with customized UIButtons and multiple customized UITableViewCells
  • UISegmentedControl implemented to provide easy sort order for main view by most recent, or alphabetically
  • Protocols and delegation employed to communicate and pass information between UIViewControllers
  • Custom UICollectionViews, UICollectionViewCells to provide visually appealing browsing experience of podcasts, genres, artists, decades, new music, moods and activities, top artists and stations, and rising artists
  • UIViewController subclassed and customized as a detail view to hold UITableViews and UICollectionViews to provide the ability to expand sections when browsing, as well as UINavigationController to provide navigation back to the browsing view
  • Guided, mentored, and led team consisting of senior and junior developers and interns
  • Team leadership responsibilities consisted of one-on-ones, code reviews, best practices, as well as taking lead in Scrum meetings
  • Agile methodologies implemented with Scrum, led retros, plannings, standups, and groomings
  • Coordinated collaboration and code versioning via Git, bitbucket, JIRA

Lead iOS Developer

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

  • Senior lead developer for search functionality in app which includes the ability to filter results based on price range, keywords, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, property type, etc.
  • Utilized delegation and protocols to facilitate communication between the filter UIViewController and the search ViewController to handle the filtering mechanism for searches
  • Alamofire employed to make network calls to proprietary API for synchronization and data retrieval
  • Employed Google Maps SDK as maps provider using CocoaPods as dependency manager, in conjunction with Core Location and reverse geocoding to get user location
  • Utilized a custom implementation of GMSMarker to place clickable pins onto the map to display the location of available properties
  • Connected with 3rd party services to provide information on neighborhoods, crime rates, etc. and create layers for the map to display this data
  • Crowdsourced neighborhood insights from local users to build up propriety database and add business value
  • Lead team in the the decision making process for things such as what architecture to use for the app
  • Took lead ensuring meetings stayed on track and were productive
  • Responsible for communications with non-technical stakeholders such as development time, complexity of new feature requests, etc.
  • Liaised with design team on feasibility of UI as designed and discussed things such as compliance with Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines

Sr. iOS Developer

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

  • App built largely using Swift 4 with some legacy Objective-C code
  • Core Data, Keychain Services, and UserDefaults utilized to provide persistence
  • Xibs and programmatic UI were largely used, in part to make the UI more flexible, and in part to avoid merge conflict
  • Collaborated with several team members that were located remotely
  • Code base split pretty evenly between Objective-C and Swift
  • Guided efforts of team to slowly migrate legacy code to Swift in between bug-fixing and coding new features
  • App integrated with Confidential APIs to provide sync capabilities and retrieve relevant data
  • Fine tuned fetch functionality to provide consistency across methods to interface with API endpoints
  • Combed through codebase to implement documentation to aid in code maintainability

iOS Mobile Developer

Confidential, New York, NY

  • Worked in Objective-C Codebase
  • Guided effort to move from an MVC architecture to a MVVM
  • Migrated code from individual views to reusable components built with Xib and programmatic techniques
  • Highly customized UITableVeiw for news feeds utilizing Auto Layout, Size Classes, and sub-classed UITableViewCells
  • Worked in a time sensitive manner to resolve bugs to provide higher customer satisfaction to consumers
  • Subscription based service to unlock access to all articles
  • Custom animations to transition from feed to news article and from feed to menu and back to provide attractive, functional, intuitive UI
  • Due to the size of the app, and the large menu, many network calls customized to provide the content that the user desires
  • Utilized URLSession to consume propriatary API from Confidential

iPhone Developer

Confidential, San Diego, CA

  • Worked in Objective-C codebase to preform maintenance and implement bug fixes
  • Offline experience provided through implementation of Core Data for model objects and UserDefaults for things such as user settings
  • Master Detail oriented UI design achieved through the customization and subclassing of components such as UiTableView, UITableViewCells, and UIViewController
  • Worked extensively with UITextView, UILabel, UITextField and other UI elements and controls
  • UITabBarController and UINavigationController employed to provide easy navigation between various components and views throughout the app
  • Use UISearchController to enable users to quickly find the content they are looking for
  • Google sign-in used to provide rapid account creation and sign in and to sync data
  • Proprietary API with RESTful services accessed to sync data across devices
  • User Defaults for storage of things such as user selected settings
  • Implementation of Keychain Services to store security sensitive information such as login credentials and security tokens
  • Utilized URLSession to connect app with Epicurious backend services such as RESTful API which provided access to proprietary data

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