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Sr. Iib, Mq And Datapower Developer Resume

Washington, DC


  • More than 6 years of experience in Enterprise application Integration (EAI) and implementation of a true Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for business solution. Mainly on analysis, design, development and testing as a software development life cycle. Specialized on IBM Integration Bus or Message Broker (IIB/WMB), WebSphere DataPower, WebSphere transformation extender (WTX), WebSphere Message Queue (WMQ) and WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR)
  • Experience in development of both Rest and Soap web services using IIB and DataPower
  • Strong experience on development of Applications, Message flows, Sub - flows and calling Store Procedure to route inbound payload to different backends on central and distributed platforms.
  • Strong experience on different IIB inbuilt nodes for service orchestration and integration
  • Experience on modeling, transformation, routing and message enrichment of different data types like: - Cobol Copybook, EDI, Text, Data object, XML, JSON messages
  • Experience in designing and development and configuration of WS-Proxy, MPG and XML Firewalls
  • Strong skill securing proxy service on DataPower using public key infrastructure (PKI). Used crypto tools to created pair of keys, Crypto Profile and SSL profile.
  • Experience on implementing service level security using AAA and message level security using xml encryption technology
  • Strong experience on different protocols, mainly JMS, SFTP, MQ, MQFTE, HTTPS and HTTP
  • Hand on experience on creating Processing Policy, Processing Rules and Processing Actions
  • Created and configured MQ Objects like Queue Managers, Remote queues, Local Queues, Queue Aliases, Channels, Clusters, Transmission Queues, Performance Events, Triggers, and Processes.
  • Experience on configuration of cluster queue managers and implemented workload balance among clustered queues and also multi-instance Queue Manager for high availability
  • Experience on implementation of MQ-Security on Queue Managers and its objects.
  • Experience on disaster recovery, configuration back up of WMQ and WMB/IIB and Firmware upgrade for WebSphere DataPower
  • Storing knowledge of Process Server (BPM), Operational decision manager (ODM) and Extreme scale.
  • Strong Database integration experience with DB2, Oracle, SQL Serve
  • Strong skill on monitoring, tracking, trending and analysis of WebSphere products and integration to Splunk, ITCAM and Dynatrace
  • Good Experience in Agile Development
  • Experience in proving off-hour Production support


Web Technologies: Java 1.6, JDBC, Hibernate and Java script and XML.

Middleware: IBM Websphere MQ Series 7.0, 7.5, 8.0 WMB 6.1, 7.0, 8, IIB V9.0, V10, ODM, DataPower XI50/XI52, XG45, XB60/XB62, WTX, ODM, WPS, WXS and WSRR

Tools: Postman, RFH Util, MQMON, Qload. Junit, SOAP UI, Wireshark

Servers: WebSphere, Weblogic, Tomcat

Database: Oracle, MySql. DB2, SQL Server

Ticketing Tool: BMC Remedy, Global Service Desk (GSD)


Version Control: CVS, SVN, Clear Case, Rational Team concert, Jira


Confidential, Washington, DC

Sr. IIB, MQ and DataPower Developer


  • Acting as SME for IIB, IBM DataPower and IBM MQ design and Development.
  • Analysis of existing in-house developed middleware framework and design new service integration pattern based on SOA principles and using ESB.
  • Collaborate with solution architects, engineers and chief architect to define and review SOA principles and artifacts.
  • Created different integration Patterns such as REST to REST, REST to JMS and JMS to JMS.
  • Created road maps for various ESB migration projects and apply different fix packs.
  • Design and developed REST Web services with open API or Swagger.
  • Created templates for Functional and Technical design documents for SOA Artifacts
  • Designing and implementing exception handling, logging, Security as common reusable components across multiple services.
  • Developed message models by creating the DFDL schemas, XML schemas.
  • Developed message flows to call stored procedures using Compute Node, Mapping node while integrated with mainframes using IMS Request node and set the configurations to connect to SQL Server database.
  • Design and development experience on IBM DataPower XI52, XB62 and IDG with firmware versions 6 and 7.
  • Features implemented as IBM DataPower Develop MPGW Services, WSP Services, WTS, XSLT Programming, Crypto Tools, SSL Authentication, Cert Management, Logging, Monitoring.
  • Designing and implementing transport security, administration security and message flow security by integrating with LDAP for authentication and authorization.
  • Design and implement SSL mutual authentication.
  • Designing multi-instance queue manager and multi-instance integration node to achieve high availability.
  • Design and implement MQ clustering to achieve load sharing.
  • Integrate java and .NET based client applications with IIB using REST and JMS Client libraries.
  • Work on IIB 10 build and deploy automation using Jenkins.
  • Develop developer guide for IIB/MQ development.
  • Develop deployment guide to be used in DEV, QA, STAGING and Production environments.
  • Lead and coordinate onshore and off shore development team.

Confidential, Irvine, CA

Sr. Middleware Developer

Environment: s: IIB 9.0, MQ 7.5, WTX, MQ FTE, BMC Remedy, Tivoli, SAP, DB2, Java, XML, XSLT, Data Power XI52/50, XG45, XC10, ODM and WSRR


  • Designed and Developed Rest and SOAP web services in IIB, WTX and DataPower
  • Created AAA, XML Firewall, Multi-Protocol Gateway and Web services Proxy and Load balancing services in Datapower
  • Designed and developed common procedures and sub-flows in IIB
  • Created Best Practice documents for IIB and DataPower
  • Designed Type trees and Maps in WTX to process EDI transaction sets
  • Created Technical design documents and Participated in Architecture meetings and responsible for the infrastructure and Architecture decisions
  • Designed and Developed IIB Interfaces using SOAP nodes and File Nodes
  • Developed Common ESQL functions and Java functions for implementing re-usable components
  • Developed Message Broker interfaces with Collector and Aggregation nodes.
  • Worked closely with SAP Team in building in achieving interaction with Mainframe team to expose old legacy service to rest client. Configured IMS node developed DFDL schemas and message models to Data Map Cobol Copy
  • Working on production related critical issues and provide the solution in less turnaround time and participated in War-room support while two production releases.
  • Debugging, troubleshooting, following issues with IBM, opening tickets/PMR
  • Implemented Caching on datapower and Message broker
  • Used WSRR to support multiple Versions of WSDL and other partners WSDL and security s across multiple development, testing and releases.
  • Developed IIB/Datapower/WTX services to interact with databases.
  • Created WTX Maps and Type Trees for various computations and Data to connect to SAP, DB2, and Web Services.

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

Sr. SOA Developer

Environment: Message Broker 8.0/7.0, MQ Series 7.5/7.0, ESQL, Java, XML, XSLT, Web methods, EDI ansi X12, Datapower, WTX, DB2, Oracle, Unix


  • Developed Synchronous and asynchronous Service using different protocols using DataPower and Message Broker
  • Developing message sets, message definitions and message models to define or model text, CSV, delimited, XML, fixed length, EDI, COBOL copy book message formats and used compute node and mapping node to perform message transformations
  • Implemented Global Caching and node and terminal monitoring using record and replay functionality in IIB
  • Worked extensively on message flows that used XMLNSC, BLOB, MRM, DFDL and Data Object message domains
  • Developed message flows that use MQ, transformation, File, routing and construction category nodes
  • Developed LoopBack service in XML Firewalls, Configuring, Securing and maintaining for secured messages testing purpose
  • Developed Proxy service for file transfer IBM DataPower appliances XB62
  • Developed XSLT/XSD's/WSDL's and Web Services, enough experienced in Groove scripting and actively involved in troubleshooting in existing and new developed flows
  • Experienced in Developing Digital s and configured in one-way and two-way SSL proxy profile
  • Highly Proficient in establishing SSL Connection mutual Auth with DataPower Clustering of two
  • Developed different stylesheets for transformation and content based or URI based routing
  • Configured Front Side Handler and Back-End Connectivity including HTTP, HTTPS, JMS, MQ Resource, SSH Setup involving various XML Threats
  • Responsible for infrastructure planning and Message Broker setup on Linux Environment
  • Developed Web services (XML, JSON formats) to implement the SOA initiative of Ericsson
  • Implemented global caching in Message Broker to decrease latency and improve the services performance
  • Developed Type trees for XML, Flat File and EDI formats
  • Developed WMB and WTX interfaces to handle large files.
  • Designed and developed WMB interfaces for Fan-in and Fan-out using Aggregate and Collector Nodes
  • Worked with File nodes, MQ Get Node, JMS and timer nodes in Message Broker for implementing various solutions
  • Involved in the setup of Cluster and Multi instance queue managers and their administration
  • Implemented DataPower gateway to publish, route and secure web services. SSL Key store authentications and Identities to servers
  • Developed and deployed of WTX maps, message transformation to copy book, XML and EDI and integration with Message Broker
  • Developed Shell scripts and build scripts for automated deployments
  • Developed ESQL and Java common functions in Message Broker.
  • Created functional and Technical specification documents for the EAI Services
  • Involved in On-Call and 24/7 Production support

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