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Devops/cloud Engineer Resume

Madison, WI


  • IT Professional with 7 years’ experience in IT industry as DevOps/Cloud Engineer, Build and release management. Experience in all stages of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Waterfall, Agile environment and server - side deployment in the application, middleware layers.
  • Experience in Creating secured cloud infra using Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for Staging and Development environment on AWS
  • Experience in providing support for technical requirements in automating the deployments on cloud environments using Jenkins, AWS, OpenStack, Docker .
  • Experience in Linux Administration, Build and Release Management, System Engineer and extensive experience with Devops tools, AWS, CI/ CD, SCM and Containerization .
  • Proficient in using all Amazon web services
  • Experience in Linux/Unix System Administration, System and Server Builds, installations, upgrades, tuning, migration and trouble shooting.
  • Experience with Bug tracking tools like JIRA, Remedy .
  • Experience with source control management software, such as Subversion SVN, Git, BitBucket.
  • Install and configure servers in a physical and virtual environment.
  • Automated various day-to-day administration task by developing Bash and Python Scripts.
  • Experience in using configuration management tools like Ansible, and Chef .
  • Expertise in writing Python scripting.Using Apigee and Microservices, we do deployment, scaling and stack implementation of the components in an independent way.
  • Experience in Database software such as Oracle RDBMS, MYSQL and Microsoft SQL server
  • Experience on container management tools Docker, Marathon and Kubernetes . Also used to manage clusters of nodes using Docker swarm, compose, DC/OS and Kubernetes clusters.
  • Extensive experience in continuous integration tools like Bamboo, Jenkins, TeamCity and Build Forge .
  • Experience in deploying the code through Web/Application servers
  • Experience in working with the release and deployment of large-scale Java/J2EE, android and IOS applications.
  • Written and authored ansible playbooks for different automation tasks to fit in to the deployment needs.
  • Good working Knowledge on Configuration Management tools like Chef, Ansible and vagrant and cloud technologies like Amazon Web services (AWS) and Openstack .
  • Experience in writing Ansible Playbooks for installation of Web Applications and Software packages in VMs and AWS EC2 instances .
  • Knowledge with networking concepts and protocols such as TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP, etc., MAC addresses, IP packets, DNS, OSI layers, and load balancing is also needed.
  • Experience with OpenShift makes me feel glad and got excited with its latest features.
  • Team player with excellent interpersonal skills, self-motivated, dedicated and understanding the demands of 24/7 system maintenance and has good customer support experience.


Operating Systems: Linux, Ubuntu, Apache Mesos, Unix, Windows

Version Control Tools: GIT, Bitbucket, SVN and IBM Rational Clear Case

Database Server: Oracle RDBMS, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL and MYSQL server

Automation Tools: Jenkins/Hudson, Build Forge, TeamCity, IBM uDeploy and Bamboo Frameworks Flask, Django, Angular.js, Node.js

Build Tools: Maven, Ant, Gradle, SBT, NUnit, Spring Boot and MSBuild

Configuration Tools: Chef, Ansible, Salt, Foreman, UCS Director and Terraform

Bug Tracking Tools: JIRA, Confluence, Alfresco and IBM Clear Quest Scripting Shell and Python

Oracle VM Virtual Box, Vagrant, Hyper: V and VMware

Container Platforms: Docker, Kubernetes, ECS, Packer, Mesos, Marathon and CoreOS

Cloud Platform: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, openstack

Language tools: Java, C#, HTML, python, C, UNIX Shell Scripting,Docker, AWS. Puppet Version 2/3/4, Chef 11/12, Ansible 1.9/2.2.


DevOps/Cloud Engineer

Confidential, Madison, WI

  • Worked on Ansible Playbooks to automate Docker Image build and utilized Jenkins to auto push the image to Docker HUB, Automated the infrastructure downloaded and managed Ansible roles from Ansible Galaxy.
  • Developed various templates in Ansible Tower to define the workflows in creating the Dev, Test, Staging environment by installing the Middleware like Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic, security agents like TrendMicro deep security, monitoring agents like Nagios, Splunk .
  • Implemented Docker container to provide namespace allocation on different applications like Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic, Nginx and used Blue/Green deployments for the ability to roll back quickly from failures.
  • Configured Jenkins pipelines to drive all microservices builds out to the Docker registry and then configured Kubernetes by developing the Pod definitions, Deployments and managed using API server.
  • Automated creation of the Docker images by configuring Docker Maven Plugin and pushed them in to the Private Docker registry. Developed Jenkins pipeline to run various Docker-machine commands to deploy the containers on different container optimized EC2 instance types.
  • Created and maintained Docker container clusters conducted by Kubernetes Linux, Bash, GIT, Docker on GCP and Utilized Kubernetes and Docker for the runtime environment of the CI/CD pipelining system to build, test and deploy.
  • Implemented Docker container runtime with the OCI standards, swarm orchestration which is used for nodes in distributed system and Kubernetes master runs the Scheduler, Controller manager, API server and Etcd components for managing the Kubernetes cluster . Configured Kubernetes cluster and supported it running on the top of the CoreOS.
  • Configured Ansible plugin for Rundeck to provide the visualization for the Ansible Playbooks and Roles and triggered various automated various Workflows.
  • Worked on cloud automation framework namely Chef which included automation of certain software installation processes in the form of Ruby code.
  • Proficient with Multi AZ Components in AWS like VPC, Subnet, Internet Gateway, Route Tables, Security Groups, NACL, AMI, EC2, IAM, RDS with Replication, S3 for Object and Static Webpages, Auto Scaling of Micro Services hosted on ECS, ELB and ALB to load balance and health check.
  • Developed Terraform scripts which integrates numerous services on AWS like EC2 instances for different computational needs, RDS to configure SQL databases, DynamoDB to configure NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Cassandra, and SNS for Notifications of critical issues.
  • Worked on deployment of the AWS ECS clusters through Jenkins pipeline by triggering the AWS Lambda functions which updates the Task and Services to consume the newly patched Docker images from AWS ECS.
  • Developed and nested Cloud formation templates by including resources like EC2, S3 buckets, IAM roles and Policies, RDS configuration, Cloud init scripts to pass in User data.
  • Implemented on Azure AD connect to integrate on-premises directories with Azure active directory which provides a common identity for users for office 365, Azure and SaaS applications integrated with Azure AD.
  • Developed Runbook part of Azure automation to provision the Virtual machines, manage the automation workflow by configuring runbook workers for on premise servers.
  • Implemented on OpenStack services like Neutron, Cinder for Block storage, Identity, Glance for Image service, Horizon for Dashboard and SAN/NAS and created provider networks and public networks shared by different tenants in OpenStack Neutron.
  • Configured Jenkins server with complete Maven and vSphere build jobs providing a continuous, automated scheduled QA build environment based on multiple SVN repositories for VMware open virtualization format deployments.
  • Experienced in installation, configuration and management of HTTP, NGINX, NTP, NFS, FTP, DHCP, DNS and configured the Firewall rules to enable service communication with different applications.
  • Configured Splunk app for AWS to get VPC flow logs from CloudWatch into Splunk so that the possibility of DDOS attack is monitored and avoided.
  • Monitored performance of the applications and analyzed log information using ELK ( Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana ) Stack. Configured ELK stack in conjunction with AWS and using Logstash to output data to AWS S3.
  • Installed and worked on health check monitoring tools like ELK, Splunk and Nagios to keep track of server health by using logs and notifying the associated team in the event of peculiar server performance.
  • Maintained JIRA team Confluence System Engineering pages that included: Process Flow Management, Team Requirements, Roles and Responsibilities, and COP User Metrics Participated is customer weekly JIRA progress updates.

Environment: Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Chef, Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic, Splunk, Rundeck, OpenStack, AWS,Terraform, Azure, ELK, Nagios, Splunk, vCenter VMware ESXi, HTTP, NGINX, NTP, NFS, FTP, DHCP, DNS

DevOps Engineer

Confidential, NYC, NY

  • Create Chef Recipes, automation tools and builds, and do an overall process improvement to any manual processes.
  • Developed Chef Recipes to configure, deploy and maintain software components of the existing infrastructure.
  • Provisioning Jenkins environment for continuous integration by easing build and testing tasks for developers.
  • Configured security and system in Jenkins and added multiple nodes to Jenkins and configured SSH for continuous deployments.
  • Written multiple cookbooks in Chef using Ruby scripting language.
  • Configured Puppet to perform automated deployments. Expert in User Management and Plugin Management for Puppet.
  • Written Puppet manifests for deploying, configuring collection of metrics and monitoring.
  • Acted as Release Manager on several projects utilizing various build and release tools like Team City, Jenkins, VSTS, PowerShell, Terraform .
  • Experience with Terraform to build infrastructure as a code( IAC ).
  • Developed shell and python scripts for automation of the build and release process, developed custom scripts to monitor repositories, Server storage.
  • Building/Maintaining Docker container clusters managed by Kubernetes Linux, GIT, Docker, on AWS.
  • Utilized Kubernetes and docker for the runtime environment of the CI/CD system to build, test and deploy.
  • Worked with Amazon Web Services (EC2, Elastic search, Route53, Elastic Beanstalk, VPC, IAAS).
  • Developed and maintained UNIX/Perl/ Gradle scripts for Java/J2EE build and release tasks.
  • Worked on GIT (Git Hub) repositories as Distributed Version Control System.
  • Worked on integrating Git into the continuous Integration ( CI ) environment along with Jenkins Configured the services using modern DevOps tools.
  • Setup and build AWS infrastructure various resources, VPC EC2, S3, IAM, EBS, Security Group, Auto Scaling, and RDS in Cloud Formation JSON templates.
  • Installed and configured GIT to implement branching strategy which is suitable for agile development also provided continuous support and maintenance of software builds.
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance DNS servers, Mail servers, FTP servers, NFS, NIS, NIS+ and Samba Web servers on Linux platforms and Sun Solaris.
  • Installed and administered Artifactory repository to deploy the artifacts generated by Maven and to store the dependent jars which are used during the build.
  • Experience with Nexus Administration, Repository Management and dependency Management.
  • Experience using of SNMP along with Nagios for Continuous monitoring of network devices.
  • Worked with QA team in creating and generating test scripts for different test scenarios.
  • Using Docker container enabled rapid deployment with minimum run-time requirements.
  • Developed PowerShell/Ruby Scripts for automation purpose.
  • Worked with ServiceNow and JIRA to track issues and service request using to configuring Items.
  • Written SQL, PL/SQL Queries in Oracle and MS SQL Server relational databases.
  • Used maven profiles to create different builds so that it can be released early and released often agile/extreme programming.
  • Installed Jenkins and Nexus, Performed troubleshooting during the build failures.

Environment: Linux, Shell Scripting Git, GitHub, Jenkins, Chef, Docker, AWS, Java, Maven, SQL Server, Sonar, Nexus, Artifactory, Liquibase.

AWS/DevOps Engineer

Confidential, Brooklyn, NY

  • Configured Amazon EC2 instances and launching the new instances with same configuration using AMIs(Amazon Machine Images). Customized the machine images using packer.
  • Installed applications on AWS EC2 instances and configuring storage on S3 buckets. Replicated S3 buckets cross region using AWS CLI commands and S3 bucket sync policy.
  • Experience in deploying, monitoring; maintaining Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure consisting of multiple EC2 nodes .
  • Setting up IAM user roles with corresponding user and group policies using JSON.
  • Worked on creating the modules driven AWS Infrastructure with Terraform . Created Infrastructure Git repositories for Terraform to launch the stacks.
  • Used security groups, network ACLs, Internet Gateways, NAT instances and Route tables to ensure a secure zone for organizations in AWS public cloud.
  • Worked on version control systems like GIT and used Source code management client tools like Git Bash, GitHub, Git GUI and other command line applications etc.
  • Generated scripts in Maven; Bash Shell for build activities in QA, Staging and Production environments.
  • Developed build and deployment scripts using MAVEN as build tools in Jenkins to move from one environment to other environments.
  • Installing/upgrading Jenkins infrastructure on multiple servers.
  • Used Ansible for configuration management of hosted Instances within AWS .
  • Automated various infrastructure activities like Continuous Deployment, application server setup, stack monitoring using Ansible playbooks.
  • Implemented Nagios integration with Ansible for automation in server monitoring.
  • Worked with container-based deployments using Docker, working with Docker images, Docker Hub and Docker-registries and Kubernetes.
  • Utilized Kubernetes and Docker for the runtime environment of the CI/CD system to build, test deploy.
  • Configured and image creation of Docker Containers, and orchestration using Kubernetes.
  • Developed Ansible scripts for an automated server provisioning and Docker images for isolation by reducing the time
  • Virtualized the servers using the Docker for the test environments, dev-environments needs. And also, configuration automation using Docker containers.
  • Created Docker images using a Docker file, worked on Docker container snapshots, removing images and managing docker volumes.
  • Used Nagios as a monitoring tool to identify and resolve infrastructure problems before they affect critical processes and worked on Nagios Event handlers in case of automatic restart of failed applications and services.
  • Configured and ensured connection to RDS database running on MySQL engines.
  • Integrated JIRA with Jenkins to track change requests and bug fixes.
  • Responsible for Plugin Management, User Management, regular incremental backups and regular maintenance for recovery.
  • Conducted performance testing of Apache, Tomcat, Nginx management services.

Environment: AWS (EC2, VPC, ELB, S3, RDS, IAM, Cloud Trail and Route 53), GIT, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, Docker, Maven, AWS CLI, AWS Auto Scaling, Unix/Linux, Shell scripting, JIRA.

Cloud Engineer

Confidential, Boston, MA

  • Written ansible Recipes to automate our build/deployment process and do an overall process improvement to any manual processes.
  • Executed functional test scripts for Openstack and tested Openstack core services nova, neutron, cinder, swift storage services.
  • Built database Model, Views and APIs using Python for interactive web based solutions.
  • Thorough understanding of Virtual machines and networking TCP/IP, DNS, FTP, SSH, SCP and web coverage services ( WCS ).
  • Worked on installing and configuring Openstack database MySQL, Monitoring and Metering servers.
  • Has experience in using ISCSI as background storage for block storage and object storage.
  • Installed, configured and deployed OpenStack solutions on servers and controlled them by using Keystone, Glance, Nova, Neutron, Horizon, Swift and more.
  • Designed REST API to interact with OpenStack and different clouds.
  • Worked with Cloud catcher team to automate Deploy cloud with Ansible.
  • Implemented multi-tier application provisioning in OpenStack cloud, integrating it with Ansible.
  • Notified the developers on success/failure of a build by using SMTP and LDAP mailer plug-in in Jenkins.
  • Knowledge of PaaS Cloud solution deployed Kubernetes Cluster over OpenStack
  • Responsible for install, configure and test Openstack environment (Nova, neutron, swift, cinder, Horizon, Keystone and glance).
  • Responsible for writing OOP code in Python for server side scripting.
  • Involved in working with Python Openstack APIs.
  • Experience on working with log analysis platform consisting of and ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana (ELK) stack to process large amount of data.
  • Developed a fully automated continuous integration system using Git, Jenkins, MySQL and custom tools developed in Python and Bash.
  • Creating bridge, external networks and managing floating IPs
  • Extensively worked on Jenkins/Hudson, Build Forge for continuous integration and End to End automation for all build and deployments
  • Created a strategic architectural design of the platform with networking (vlans, firewalls, load balancers),hypervisors (kvm and VMware), workflow and orchestration (OpenStack APIs, Smart Cloud Orchestrator), security (keystone, LDAP), Inventory and monitoring, licensing, backup/restore.
  • Authored Custom and Chef super market Runbooks and recipes for different scenarios like install/configuration for different products.

Environment: Python, Packer, Ant, Ansible, Redhat, Openstack, Powershell Scripting, Linux, GIT, Nexus, Docker, Jenkins, CentOS, BASH, Solaris, UNIX

Build Release Engineer


  • Coordinated with developers, Business Analyst and Mangers to make sure that code is deployed in the Production environment.
  • End to End automation from Build to Production is implemented.
  • All un-authorized access is revoked, and Principle of Least privilege is applied with the aid of these tools.
  • Used Jenkins for Continuous Integration and deployment into Tomcat Application Server.
  • Facilitating the projects in Quality related activities as per QMS process.
  • Generalizing Audit Trail Reports and Time Sheet Report.
  • Installing, configuring and administering Jenkins CI tool on Linux machines.
  • Prepared mock cutover plans and cutover plans for Pre-Prod and Prod Deployments.
  • Conducting and Attending Project Status Review Meetings and Casual Analysis Meeting for release activities.
  • Prepare the resources (People and environments) for the build / Releases.
  • Conducting the configuration audits as per schedule and Report the configuration audit findings and Track the findings to closure.
  • Automated CI/CD with Jenkins, build-pipeline- plugin, Maven, GIT Set up Jenkins master/slave to distribute builds on salve nodes.
  • Feedback on status of project release to the PM periodically and publish the changes with respect to CIs and amend affected documents periodically.
  • Implementing a Continuous Delivery framework using Jenkins, Puppet, Maven, Nexus in Linux environment.
  • Coordinating with development teams to perform builds and resolve build issues.
  • Provide complete phone support to customers and Setup, debug hardware related issues for server builds.
  • Troubleshoot tickets on the helpdesk tracking system.

Environment: Linux, EC2, Route53, S3, IAM, AMI, Security Groups, NACLS Maven, Nagios, Jenkins, Git, Maven, Shell Scripts.

Linux/Unix Admin


  • Experience in installation, configuration and management of different versions of Server Operating Systems like RedHat Linux, Centos, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris and Windows Server.
  • Installed and Configured various service such as HTTP, HTTPS, NTP, DNS, FTP, DHCP and NFS.
  • Maintained Firewall rules and configured the port numbers of the services and enable communication with applications.
  • Automated Linux and Centos server installation by Kickstart method using anaconda-ks.cfg.
  • Experience with Users, Groups, Special Permissions, different file systems, Yum repos and RAID level configuration.
  • Automated data and services log files backup, scheduling jobs and system cleanup by writing Cron jobs.
  • Expert in using Logical Volume Manager (LVM) to increase or decrease the logical volume partition size upon application team requirement with different file system types.
  • Implemented RSA onetime password authentication using SSH password less login method between severs to run the scheduled jobs on the target servers.
  • Performed Package Management using RedHat RPM/YUM and APT-GET to upgrade Kernel in RedHat Linux/CentOS and Ubuntu/Debian servers respectively.
  • Configured RAID 1, RAID 01 and RAID 5 to avoid system/application downtime in the event of disk failure.
  • Good knowledge on performance monitoring tools TOP, NETSTAT, SAR, IOSTAT to keep track of CPU, memory, disk and network devices status.
  • Expert in using filter tool AWK, SED, GREP, EGREP and FGREP.

Environment: RedHat Linux, Centos, Ubuntu, Fedora, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, Windows servers, HTTP, HTTPS, NTP, DNS, DHCP, NFS, RAID, LVM, RPM/YUM, AWK, SED, GREP, EGREP and FGREP.

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