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Aem/cq5 Developer Resume

Washington, DC


  • Around 7+ years of extensive experience in Adobe CQ5/AEM and Java technologies developing and implementing solutions for Distributed Software products and applications which provides a browser - based user interface for both business and IT to create interactive, media-enriched, multichannel customer experiences using Java technologies.
  • Experience in web development specializing on Adobe Experience Manager, AEM platform (formerly Day CQ/Communique5).
  • Expertise in Adobe CRX Content Repository API for Java technology JCR, Apache Sling (REST based web development framework on top of JCR), Scene 7 and CQ5/AEM (Day's latest suite of WCM, DAM and Social Collaboration applications).
  • To build an engaging digital presence, drive more effective campaigns and grow online customer communities.
  • Flexible programming in Web Technologies likes JSP, JavaScript, HTL, Sightly, XML, AJAX, jQuery, Adobe CQ5 APIs, Apache Sling, OSGi bundles.
  • Experienced in developing Custom bundles and Servlets on Felix.
  • Good understanding of integration patterns and content-centric application development patterns using Adobe Enterprise Manager 5.6.1, AEM 6.0 and AEM 6.1.
  • Experience working with Log4j, JUnit and developing ANT and MAVEN Scripts for enterprise applications.
  • Extensive experience in AEM technologies ranging from designing and implementation of Day CQ components, Page Templates, Workflows, Communities, Dialogs, Tagging, User creation and Custom widgets, integrating UI and JavaScript frameworks based on need.
  • Good web page design skills and work experience in developing web applications covering front-end/ UI using the web internet technologies like HTML4/5, XHTML, CSS2/3, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, XML, AJAX and Content Management Systems with emphasis on W3C and usability standards.
  • Strong in AEM DAM, developed custom code to create assets, renditions, creating custom metadata for assets and assign Tags to assets.
  • Mastery of all core web technologies including XML, XHTML, client/server-side scripting languages such as JavaScript, JSP and web services development using SOAP and REST-full implementations.
  • Strong experience in using various IDE’S like Eclipse, RAD, Spring Test Suit, Edit Plus, Sublime text, Notepad++, Microsoft Visual.
  • Excellent understanding of Software Quality, Configuration Management and Software Release Practices.
  • Deep understanding of Core Spring Framework includes Spring Core, Spring Batch, Spring ORM, Spring DAO, Spring AOP and Spring MVC architectures.
  • Setup and configured Authoring and Publishing environments, replication agents.
  • Experience managing daily communication with an offshore development teams.
  • Strong knowledge of object-oriented programming towards front-end libraries.
  • Excellent Understanding and good Experience with Object Oriented Concepts, Object Oriented JavaScript, Object Oriented Design and Implementation which also includes expertise in OOA, OOD, Distributed Application Development and OOPs.
  • Experience using version control tools like Subversion (SVN), CVS, Clear case and GIT.
  • Worked with Agile Methodology (Scrum) and Web Services using Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Solid knowledge of complete Software Development Life Cycle and Application servers like Apache Tomcat 8.0/7.0, Glassfish.
  • Empathic listener and eloquent speaker with extraordinary presentation and negotiation skills.
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills with much more creative and factual.
  • Ability to grasp and adapt quickly to New Technologies.
  • Combine patience, determination, and persistence to troubleshoot client issues.
  • Possess strong commitment to team environment dynamics with the ability to contribute expertise and follow leadership directives at appropriate times.


Programming Languages: Java, J2EE, C, C++

AEM6.2, AEM: 6.1, AEM-6.0, AEM 5.6.1, CQ5.4/5.5, WordPress, Drupal, Team Site

Technologies: J2SE, Servlets, JSP, JSTL, EJB, JDBC, JMS, Portlets, RPC, Web Service(SOAP/REST), AJAX, JQuery, EJB, JSON

Web Technologies: HTML5, HTML, Sightly/HTL, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, DHTML, XHTML, DOM, Ext JS, Angular JS, jQuery, J2EE, XML, JSON, AJAX, JSP

Databases: Oracle, My SQL, DB2, MS SQL Server

XML Technologies: XML, XSLT, XHTML, XPath, SAX and DOM parsers, XSD

Framework: Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Junit, Log4j

Operating Systems: Windows, Unix, Linux, MAC OS

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2

Application Server: Tomcat, Web Logic, Web Sphere, JBoss

Applications/Tools: Eclipse, RAD, IntelliJ, ANT, Maven, Jenkins, Rally, JIRA

Version Controls: GIT, CVS, SVN

Methodologies: Agile (Scrum, eXtreme), Waterfall, TDD


Confidential, Washington, DC

AEM/CQ5 Developer


  • Creating servlets for backend services like forms, populating the dealer's information from the services.
  • Creating components, templates, dialogs, client libs etc.
  • Used slightly in AEM 6.2 for highlighting is focus on keeping your markup beautiful, and thus maintainable, once made dynamic.
  • Creating servlets for backend services like forms, populating the dealer's information from the services.
  • Creating components, templates, dialogs, client libs etc.
  • Used slightly in AEM 6.2 for highlighting is focus on keeping your markup beautiful, and thus maintainable, once made dynamic.
  • Experience in developing application on OSGI, Apache Sling and Apache Felix Frameworks.
  • Extensive use of AEM tag libraries and custom tag libraries in components.
  • Creating/modifying templates as per new requirements, custom dialogs and updating the client libraries.
  • Developed spring framework for security transactions, reusability logging purpose.
  • Designed and develop user interface using Bootstrap, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Java Script and Responsive websites.
  • Training business users on how to use CQ5 to modify content and publish.
  • Attend daily SCRUM calls. Involved in backend production support/on-call when there is any deployment. Tested the code changes in Development, QA, and Stage environments thoroughly before going to production.
  • Developed digital consumer experiences based on foundation of the Adobe CQ/AEM product suite used DAM
  • Worked with DAM Assets, Package Manager, Package Share, Replication, JCR, XPath and other AEM APIs.
  • Used Adobe Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) and integration of AEM with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target.
  • Responsible for setting up the Author permissions for various author groups and coordinating with the Dev team and perform build and deploying the components
  • Worked on dispatcher cache in AEM while working on auto login scenario.
  • Maintained the Content Management System (CMS) and provided support for the application in authoring environment.
  • Worked on Soap UI and restful web services to know the response when making service calls while fixing the issues.
  • Worked on HTML, JavaScript and JQuery for fixing the mobile application issues.
  • Involved in all stages of environments in this project
  • Used Maven automated build scripts to compile and package the application.
  • Used Jira for bug tracking and project management.
  • Experience with Agile process methodology and Scrum methodology.

Environment: AEM 6.2, JDK1.7, JSP, Servlets, DAM Assets, DTM, Sightly, Apache Sling, DAM Workflows, CRXDE, CRX, WCM, Java Script, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Ajax, JQuery, Ajax, SOAP, REST Services, Maven, Agile, GitHub, Eclipse, JIRA.

Confidential, San Diego, CA

Adobe CQ5 Developer


  • Involved in the development and deployment of complex enterprise level CQWCM application.
  • Created templates, components, web pages and workflows for CQ5.6.1.
  • Used Sling, Apache tools, Felix, JCR for the new Content management system.
  • Involved in creating the Adobe CQ5.6.1 Campaigns, Teasers in CRXDE Lite environment.
  • Involved in developing modules and OSGi bundles.
  • Developed digital consumer experiences based on foundation of the Adobe CQ/AEM product suite used DAM for image management.
  • Created/Modified widgets in Adobe CQ5.6.1.
  • Better understanding of Classic/Touch Modes of AEM 6.0 also created few dialogs using version 6.0.
  • Implemented the internationalization i18N for all the components.
  • Involved in creation of CQ templates, Workflows, and CQ Administration.
  • Working knowledge on Importing, Exporting CQ Packages & Bundles.
  • Involved in every aspect of the web page, starting from title tags and meta information to paragraphs of the content is designed and developed in such a way that it can be adjusted by content authors or restricted to only administrators.
  • Developed connection pooling method to avoid the waiting for database connection.
  • Designed various modules using technologies like JSON, and JavaScript.
  • Created Responsive Designs using HTML5, CSS3.
  • Used JQuery core library functions for the logical implementation part at client side for all the application.
  • Experience on CQ content replication, personalization and physical infrastructure.
  • Implemented UI guidelines throughout the development and maintenance of the website using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Adobe CQ5.

Environment: CQ5, AEM, HTML5, CSS3, Apache Sling, Adobe CQ5, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, AJAX.

Confidential, Memphis, TN

AEM/CQ5 Developer


  • Installed and configured versions AEM 6.0 and AEM 6.1 of Adobe CQ Web Content Management System and Apache Felix Admin Console.
  • Design and development of web pages using CQ, JSON, HTML, CSS, Ajax and JQuery.
  • Developed Adobe CQ templates and reusable components.
  • Extensively used CQ5 tagging features in developing components and templates.
  • Installed and Configured CQ5 Authoring & Publishing Instance.
  • Worked on clipped apps component which pulls data from external J2EE apps, web services.
  • Used spring’s native support for developing the authorization logic.
  • Integrated with a shared globally accessible repository for shared permissions-based digital media assets using CQ5 DAM
  • Experienced in Day CQ and associated technologies like Sling, OSGI, Felix, JackRabbit, JCR, and CRX.
  • Used Hibernate as ORM tool and Perforce for source code repository.
  • Used GIT as version control and integrated with Jenkins for continuous integration and nightly builds.
  • Maintained the Content Management System (CMS) and provided support for the application in authoring environment.
  • Created web-services both restful and soap based from scratch.
  • Assisted in transition, Content Migration Plan to CQ5.
  • Designed DAM taxonomy and tagging for the website.
  • Involved in building, deploying the code and moving code to different environments.
  • Worked closely with Akamai, plus line for production deploy, Dispatcher cache, Akamai cache etc.
  • Involved in supporting the application post production and maintenance.
  • Suggesting innovations and doing subsequent analysis for the same.

Environment: Java, J2EE, AEM 6.0, AEM 6.1, CQ5.6.1 (WCM), Spring, Hibernate, CQ5 DAM, CQ Tagging, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, Workflow, Apache Sling, CRXDE, CRX, JCR, WCM, HTML, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, JavaScript, jQuery, Eclipse IDE, Tomcat 6, Scene 7, Apache Maven, AngularJS, GIT, Confluence, JIRA, Investors, Apache HTTP Server, SOAP and REST Web Services, JAXP, JAXB, Axis 2.0, Jersey, Servlets, Oracle, TOAD, UML, MS Visio, AJAX, unit, log4j, Linux, Windows, Unix.

Confidential, Austin, TX

Adobe CQ5 Developer


  • Map existing site pages to CQ5 templates.
  • Involved in the detailed analysis of user requirements and formulated technical requirements.
  • Web applications are developed in CQ5 systems in coordination with software development teams.
  • Participated in meetings related to application architecture, designing and development.
  • Extensively used CQ5 tagging features in developing components and templates.
  • Used ExtJS for writing listeners in the dialogs.
  • Developing Pages/Templates/Components in Eclipse/CRXDE Lite.
  • Involved in development of modules and OSGi bundles.
  • Export/Import of Content via package manager.
  • Performed Unit Testing on developed modules and involved in trouble shooting the components.
  • Interacted with the testing team to track the defects.
  • Analyze functional and business requirements for optimum utilization of CQ5 components and performance.
  • Used Maven project structure for building the packages, subversion for source control, file vault for importing the code from JCR to file system and vice versa.
  • Assisted in functioning of CQ5 solutions by documentation and validation procedures of non-functional requirements.
  • Developed all the UI pages using HTML 5, DHTML, XSL/XSLT, DOM, CSS, JAVA, JSON, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, Adobe Creative suite.
  • Used Log4j for logging and tracing the messages.
  • Train business users on how to use CQ5 to modify content and publish.
  • Used TDD as a method of implementation for testing functional parts of a website by performing Unit Testing.
  • Used AEM Developer tools plug-in for exporting and importing content to and from AEM Repository.

Environment: CQ5, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ExtJS, Adobe CQ5, JQuery, DOM, Eclipse, Java, AJAX, SQL, Adobe Creative suite, DHTML, XSL, Log4j, Maven, JSON, CRDXE Lite.


Java /J2EE Support and Developer


  • Performed analysis for the client requirements based on the developed detailed design documents.
  • Developed Use Cases, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams and Data Models using Microsoft Visio.
  • Developed Struts forms and actions for validation of user request data and application functionality.
  • Developed JSP's with Struts custom tags and implemented JavaScript validation of data.
  • Developed Data Access Object (DAO) pattern in persistence layer using JDBC.
  • Designed and developed Java Beans for session management.
  • Involved in coding, maintaining, and administering Servlets and JSP components to be deployed on a Tomcat application server with MySQL.
  • Design patterns of Delegates, Data Transfer Objects and Data Access Objects.
  • Developed Message Driven Beans for asynchronous processing of alerts.
  • Used ClearCase for source code control and JUnit for unit testing.
  • Involved in peer code reviews and performed integration testing of the modules.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Struts 1.0, JSP, JDBC, Eclipse, EJB, ANT, XML, IBM Web Sphere, JUnit, DB2, CVS.

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