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Ui Developer Resume



  • 6+ years of extensive experience as a UI Developer.
  • Proficient in building Web User Interface (UI) using HTML/HTML5, DHTML, XHTML, CSS/CSS3 ,JavaScript, jQuery, Angular JS and React JS that follows W3C Web Standards and are browser compatible.
  • Experience with AJAX, REST and JSON.
  • Expertise in designing Event Handling Models such as Listener and Dispatcher in OO JavaScript.
  • Solid experience with Responsive Web Design (RWD).
  • Experienced in building cross browser compatibility applications using HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Extensive experience in creating style guides, best practices and setting UI standards for enterprise/consumer applications.
  • Developed the administrative UI and Single page Application (SPA) using Angular JS.
  • Hands on experience in creating components using React JS.
  • Designed Frontend with in object oriented JavaScript Framework.
  • Well - versed in Object Oriented Programming (OOP) with JavaScript.
  • Knowledge in developing web applications using MVC architecture.
  • Expertise in using source code control systems such as GIT, JIRA, and Jenkins.
  • Excellent experience in developing web pages complying with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and ability to apply W3C web standards.
  • Experience in all phase of SDLC like Requirement Analysis, Implementation and Maintenance, and extensive experience with AGILE Methodology.
  • Experience working with testing tools like Firebug, Firebug Lite, Chrome or safari web inspectors and IE Developer Toolbar.
  • Developed Web Forms using MS Visual Studio .NET 2010 using ASP.Net for website.
  • Expertise in analyzing the DOM Layout, Java Script functions, Cascading Styles across cross-browser using Firebug, Developer Tool Bar.
  • Familiar with Cross Browser Testing and Debugging.
  • Involved in the Software Life Cycle phases like AGILE and estimating the timelines for projects.
  • Highly motivated, reliable analytical problem solver and troubleshooter with strong attention to detail.
  • Demonstrated ability to complete projects in deadline oriented environments.
  • Quick learner and proficient in solving the technical issues in the project.
  • Good experience working on CSS Background, CSS Positioning, CSS Text, CSS Border, CSS Margin, CSS Padding, CSS Table, Pseudo Classes, Pseudo Elements and CSS Behaviors in CSS.
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills with capability to handle new technologies.


Web Technologies: HTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3, Sass, DHTML, XML, XHTML, XSLT, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, JSON, AngularJS, JSP, Phone Gap.

JavaScript Libraries: jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular JS, Backbone JS, Require JS, React JS.

IDE & Tools: Eclipse, Visual Studio, WebStorm, Notepad++, Sublime Text, Adobe Dreamweaver.

Version Control: Perforce, SVN and GIT

Debugging Tools: Firebug, Chrome Developer toolbar, IE Developer Toolbar

Operating System: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8, MAC OS X


Confidential, FL

UI Developer


  • Developed applications usingHTML5, SCSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular JS, React JS, Require, Jasmine, Node JS.
  • Used AngularJS to create custom components for data manipulations.
  • Experience with Angular 2 & 4 Directives, Dependency Injection, Services, Routing, pipes, Animations, Forms, AOT, Lazy Loading, RXJS
  • Developed independent Components so that the same components can be reused across the application.
  • Constructed web pages encapsulating the business logic in order to provide for cleaner separation of data and presentation layers.
  • Review design documents with stake holders and collect approvals.
  • Participated in Technical Requirements Analysis, understand business requirements and draft system requirements.
  • Designed and developed the login portal using framework Angular along with HTML5, CSS3 and Type Script.
  • Moved existing AngularJS controllers and services to Angular components for more responsive and less dependency.
  • Developing build and deployment scripts using MAVEN as build tool in Jenkins to move from one environment to other environments.
  • Experience in working with REDUX architecture and used REDUX for state management in maintaining the application when the state is updated
  • Used REDUX t hunk for maintaining the dispatch either if the state is delayed or if the condition is met
  • Responsible for developing front-end application using React JS and FLUX architecture for internal team’s productivity use
  • Prepared the Design Documents like process flow, sequence, component diagram.
  • Implemented AJAX in order to provide pleasant client side experience.
  • Created a build process for different environments like dev, test and production. Demonstrated knowledge of code reviews, unit and regression testing
  • Involved in writing test plan using Jasmine and Karma to ensure 100% code coverage
  • Written test cases using JUnit for several pieces of code to check the functionality
  • Participated in Automation testing using selenium.
  • Involved in the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) phases such as Requirement Analysis, Design and Implementation of the project.
  • Used GIT as source controls and JIRA for tracking stories.
  • Followed Scrum process and scrum guidelines in process.
  • Used Sonar Cube for code quality.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Angular JS, React JS, DOJO, jQuery, AJAX, JSON responses, GIT, Webstorm, Visual Studio, Node JS, Bower, NPM, Grunt, Drupal.

Confidential, Bentonville, AR

UI Developer


  • Designed and developed responsive web pages and templates using HTML5, Handlebars, CSS3, Bootstrap, JSON and jQuery based on the W3C standards and Web 2.0.
  • Extensively used Node JS, Angular JS, JavaScript, jQuery UI and jQuery to provide UI functionality.
  • Converted the mock-ups into hand-written HTML 4.0/5, CSS (2/3), XHTML, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, XML, Webstorm and JSON.
  • Developed reusable components using Custom Directives in AngularJS and d eveloped various application functionalities such as search, pagination, filtering using MVVM JavaScript Framework Angular JS .
  • Worked on Angular JS two-way data binding between DOM and model, dependency injection and handling GET, PUT operations with a Web API controller on a group of posts.
  • Involved in making the application Responsive using Bootstrap, and used LESS pre- processor.
  • Involved in working with Home page Carousel and Slider.
  • Worked on AngularJS which combines web applications with Model View Controller capability to make development and testing of code efficient.
  • Handling cross browser compatibility issues (IE, Firefox, and Safari) on both Windows and Mac. Used fall back codes.
  • Follow agile methodology and iteration planning.
  • Architected and developed a mobile web application publishing framework component library based on AngularJS, Ember JS.
  • Interacted with java controllers (jQuery, Ajax, and JSON to write/read data from back end systems).
  • Used SVN for version control and JIRA for Bug tracking.
  • Developed UI and implemented for some plug-in using JavaScript, HTML, CSS and XML.
  • Perform code review with peers to ensure code optimization and web optimization techniques are followed.
  • Applied jQuery scripts for basic animation and end user screen customization purposes.

Environment: HTML4/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, JSON, JQuery, Drupal, AJAX, Bootstrap, Node JS, Backbone JS, AngularJS, JSP, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Information Architecture, Flash, SQL and Tomcat.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

UI Developer


  • Web design and development, application development using HTML, JavaScript and Dreamweaver.
  • Designed dynamic and multi-browser compatible pages using HTML, CSS, JQuery and JavaScript.
  • Responsible for ensuring the pattern consistency across all pages.
  • Manage security of oil well sites in development.
  • Responsible for design and development of the web pages from mock- ups.
  • Responsible for creating the screens with table-less designs meeting W3C standards
  • Created web pages which are informative and yet very neat and interesting to look Confidential .
  • Worked on Node Js open source platform for developing server-side web applications.
  • Involved in developing User interface using JSP, SQL, JavaScript, Ember.js, jQuery, AngularJS, HTML5, and CSS/CSS3.
  • Wrote application level code to interact with the backend databases JQUERY AJAX and JSON.
  • Applied JQuery scripts for basic animation and end user screen customization purposes.
  • Built Web pages that are more user-interactive using jQuery plugins for Drag and Drop, jqValidtor, AutoComplete, AJAX, JSON, Angular JS and JavaScript, Bootstrap
  • Used AJAX and JSON to make asynchronous calls to the project server to fetch data on the fly.
  • Designed XML files for maintaining contents like video, images and audio and display them in flash application.
  • Involved with bug fixing on functionality, performance and designing issues with JavaScript and JQuery.
  • Developing XML classes for loading the data from XML files deployed Confidential the server.
  • Designed 10 Unique themes with rich and flexible to accommodate different scenarios in which the user might want to display the data.

Environment: HTML4/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, JSON, JQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap, Node JS, Backbone JS, Angular JS, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Information Architecture, Flash, SQL and Tomcat.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

UI Developer


  • Involvement in all stages of Software development life cycle including Analysis, development, Implementation, testing and support.
  • Involved in development of User Interface using HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery, AJAX, JSON and AngularJS.
  • Extensively used Angular UI (Angular Bootstrap) for ng-grid, and UI components.
  • Extensive experience using Bootstrap for layout.
  • Involved in writing application level code to interact with APIs, Web Services using AJAX, JSON and XML.
  • Debug the application using Firebug to traverse the documents and manipulated the Nodes using DOM and DOM Functions.
  • Created reusable templates and style sheets based on UI standards and guidelines; Performed functional tasks using specifications and wireframes.
  • Extensively used Debugging JavaScript using Chrome developer Toolbar, Firebug.
  • Used AJAX and JSON to make asynchronous calls to the project server to fetch data on the fly.
  • Strong implementation in handling Ext JS Ajax Request and Response using Java Spring and JSON.
  • Coordinate with Interface Design Architects for meeting accessibility standards Confidential code level.
  • Participate in the team on AGILE development cycle.
  • Worked on creating responsive website for smart devices using Responsive design and media queries.
  • Produced content pages with CSS3 layout and style markup presentations and also used JavaScript methods and properties.
  • Used AJAX extensively to implement front end /user interface features in the application.
  • Developed the pages that are complaint to W3C standard.
  • Actively participated and provided feedback in a constructive and insightful manner during weekly Iterative review meetings to track the progress for each iterative cycle and figure out the issues.
  • Ensured site design integrity and quality control consistency throughout the project’s lifecycle.
  • Updated the website from time to time for special Requirements.
  • Responsible for quality assurance of finished websites including the validation of web forms and links.

Environment: HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ext JS, AJAX JSON, Angular JS, Bootstrap, Responsive design, Grunt, Bower, NPM.


Web Developer


  • Coordinated with BA group for better understanding of functional requirements analyzed and designed the business requirements to document and implemented.
  • Responsible for Design and development of Web pages using HTML, CSS including AJAX controls and JSON.
  • Partly involved in coding Business Logic component using Java. Performed Client-side validations using JavaScript.
  • Fixed bugs and provided support services for the application. Tested/Debugged web browser using Firebug and Chrome Developer Toolbar
  • Managed and implemented all codes changes via SVN.
  • Deploying builds across development, staging and production instances and maintained code integrity. Met one-on-one with clients in exploring the best possible options for their web presence.

Environment: JavaScript, Java, HTML, SVN, JSON, CSS, AJAX, Apache, Windows 2000/XP, MYSQL.

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