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Rpa Ui Path Developer Resume

Milford, OH


  • 8+ years of professional experience in software design, development, debugging, deployment, documentation and unit testing of Client - Server and Web based Applications using .Net and RPA.
  • 2.1 years of experience in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) UI Path and Automation Anywhere (AA)
  • I am a Certified Automation Anywhere Developer.
  • Created RPA structure and team along with production support, designed and developed RPA solutions to accelerate Business processes.
  • Extensive Implementation and Development experience in Browser, Windows, Java and Mainframe based applications using Automation Anywhere tool.
  • Created end-to-end automation solutions for clients as per requirement, which involves feasibility study, designing architecture, development, testing and deployment of automation.
  • Working on Business process diagrams and process flow charts with RPA tools.
  • Working knowledge of Automation Anywhere and UiPath Studio for developing front office and back office robots.
  • Performed stress test for BOT scripts to prove scalability and stability of RPA code.
  • Developed ROBOTS using UiPath to automate and accelerate 80% of standard business process with minimum human intervention for remaining non-standard processes
  • Experience in working with JIRA issue tracking system and Bit bucket.
  • Good experience in working on SOAP, REST Web services.
  • Worked on Integrating applications like (Web, Services, Mainframe, MS Office, GUI, Outlook etc.) using workflow, automation tools.
  • Experience in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and expertise in Automation Anywhere.
  • Used various version controls such as Bit bucket, Git, Clear Case version control.
  • Hands on in creation of Email, Excel, Image, process automations in UI Path.
  • Hands on experience in managing robot's workloads using UI Path Work queues.
  • Extensive knowledge in database module analysis, design and developing reports/dash boards using SQL, PL/SQL and other tools under Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server.


RPA Technology: Windows OS, Citrix, Web, Java, Mainframe, Oracle and SAP applications

Programming Languages: Java, SQL, HTML, CSS, VB.NET, .NET 4.5, 4.0, ASP.NET, Web Services, AWS

Databases: : MS SQL Server (2012), Oracle 9i, 12c

RPA Tools: UiPath Studio 2018.2.3, Orchestrator 2018.4.2

Developer Tools: : Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio

Version Control: : SVN, Bit bucket and Git

Other Tools:: JIRA

Methodologies: : Agile Scrum


RPA UI Path developer

Confidential - Milford, OH


  • As an RPA Developer is responsible for coding the automation process components as per the technical or user requirements. To validate the automation by performing appropriate unit testing and ensure configuration control is maintained at all times.
  • Work closely Business Analyst & Technical Lead in understanding the functional and technical design
  • Develops and configures automation processes as per the technical design document (TDD) to meet defined requirements.
  • Develops new processes/tasks/objects using core workflow principles that are efficient, well structured, maintainable and easy to understand.
  • Complies with and helps enforce design and coding standards, policies and procedures.
  • Ensures documentation is well maintained.
  • Ensures quality of coded components by performing thorough unit testing.
  • Works collaboratively with test teams during the Product test and UAT phases to fix assigned bugs with quality.
  • Reports status, issues and risks to tech leads on a regular basis.
  • Improves skills in automation products by completing automation certification.
  • Implementing Support on rotation basis.

Environment: UiPath Studio 2018.2.3 and Robot 2018.4.2, Excel, GIT

RPA Developer (UiPath)

Confidential - Secaucus, NJ


  • Involved in implementing solutions in Robotic Process Automation using UiPath.
  • Involved in developing robots using UiPath
  • Implemented End to End Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Shipping Domain using UiPath
  • Explained how UiPath Orchestrator works and keeping up with updates of and how to achieve the best product with efficient use of orchestrator and how UiPath will suit for the ongoing project and lessen the human involvement in repeated and time-consuming tasks and increase work efficiency.
  • Setup bots in the UiPath Orchestrator.
  • In sometimes delivered demos, technical trainings and support for new/existing clients
  • Copy file and paste it at location on file server and send emails.
  • Read and copy data from PDF Files received from Online Bank.
  • Reading the data from PDF’s to the spreadsheet into UiPath for further processing.
  • Deployed the process in UiPath Orchestrator and scheduled their execution.
  • Worked on getting all the remote machine errors and information to the main system through the UiPath.
  • Involved in the creation of different tasks from RDP files and RPA Server .
  • Experience in staging and deploying the automation solution into test and live environments.
  • Designing E-mail automation through SMTP, POP3, Exchange, IMAP and outlook techniques according to the requirements.
  • Hands on experience developing UiPath reusable workflows.
  • Participated online meetings to demonstrate the capabilities of RPA for on-going projects and potential clients.

Environment: UiPath Studio and Robot 2018.4.2, Excel, GIT, C#, ASP.NET 3.5

RPA Developer (Automation Anywhere)

Confidential - St. Louis, MO

Responsibilities :

  • Involved in Requirement Analysis & Automating Test Cases .
  • Developed robots using Automation Anywhere (AA) and Identifying and debugging the errors using Error Handlers.
  • Worked on PDF integration to extract Data.
  • Interacted with a Web, Window, Citrix and Mainframe based applications.
  • Implemented End to End Robotic Process Automation (RPA) using Automation Anywhere.
  • Used Automation Anywhere Object Recorder to manage and execute windows controls as a background process.
  • Analyzed the Solution Design Document (SDD).
  • Browser automation, Windows Automation and Mainframe Automation.
  • Innovatively integrated the advanced features of automation tools like OCR, Web Recorder for existing robots and improved the performance using AA.
  • Implemented new reporting techniques and facilitated the presentations to the clients.
  • Worked on using Excel and CSV commands with Automation Anywhere.
  • Interaction with Subject Matter Experts for the End to End Business Requirement Clarification.
  • Helping the team in the technical issues various project life cycle.
  • Innovating the reusable components which serve the business purpose easily and quickly.
  • Strictly following development best practices and automation essential key factors.

Environment: Automation Anywhere 9.0, 10.3

RPA Developer (UiPath)

Confidential - Pittsburgh, PA


  • Worked on User Events like Monitor Events, Element Trigger and Image Trigger.
  • Hands on experience with Email automation, Excel automation, PDF automation using UiPath.
  • Worked on web Recorder, Object Recorder to perform some of the tasks as per requirements.
  • Developed business process with Sequences, Flow Charts.
  • Used Screen Scraping method in UiPath to extract text from running window application by appropriate output methods such as Native, Full text and OCR.
  • Creation of Process Definition Document.
  • Facilitate Workshops to Assist the Development team with the creation of Solution Design Document(SDD).
  • Experienced in using UiPath Studio, Orchestrator, Screen, Data & Web scraping techniques.
  • Worked with Mainframe, windows, web application and surface automation.
  • RPA Log verification for all the process that was run and prepared User guide documentation.
  • Worked on Automating Web portal, Excel, PDF, TXT and Email automations.
  • Reviewed & fixed Business Process Production issues using UiPath.
  • Interacted with different mail services such as POP3, OUTLOOK and IMAP to get the mail messages into folder.
  • Scheduling the BOT's through Orchestrator and managed robot's workloads.
  • RPA Log verification for all the process that was run and prepared User guide documentation.
  • Worked on getting all the remote machine errors and information to the main system through the UiPath
  • Used image activities with wait conditions to ensure proper website or application loading, to perform certain actions in a loop.
  • Using Excel activities perform operations in excel sheet while taking excel sheet data as input.
  • Used UiPath Orchestrator for deployment, monitoring, and management of UiPath Robots automation activity.

Environment: UiPath studio, UiPath Orchestrator, .NET, MS Office, SQL Server, Visual Studio 2015.

RPA Developer (UI Path)

Confidential - Santa Clara, CA


  • Configuring new UI path processes and objects using core workflow principles that are efficient, well structured, maintainable and easy to understand for further requirements.
  • Implemented UI path user authentication by defining user roles, creating users and setting password policies. Worked on Image comparison using Image recognition in Uipath studio.
  • Expert in providing solution on process automation for different Business Applications (Windows based, Browser based).
  • Designed UI path process solution in accordance with standard UI path design principles and conventions.
  • Built BOTs & provided Demos to Users by collaborative unit Testing. Implemented exception handling techniques and setting alerts at every possible scenario for a robust error-free development.
  • Developed Process Define Document (PDD) to capture end to end user keystrokes and system behavior.
  • Scheduling the BOTs through Orchestrator and managed robot's workloads.
  • Identifying and debugging the errors using Error Handlers, Solid Design, Coding, Testing and Maintain the RPA's (Robot's).
  • Creating and documenting test procedures and scenarios for Pre-UAT phases supporting the operational teams during UAT and rollout Phases.
  • Used UI path Orchestrator for deployment, monitoring, and Management of UiPath robot's automation activity.
  • Implemented all Basic, Desktop, web recordings using numerous activities and flow charts using UiPath.
  • Demonstrate work experience in using different activities in UiPath, mainly on Database, Web and Windows Applications, Excel, PDF etc.
  • Worked on usage of different Screen Scraping methods (Full text, Native and OCR) in UiPath studio for extracting data.

Environment: UiPath, Excel, Bootstrap, Visual Studio 2015, HTML, CSS JavaScript, SQL Server 2014, GIT, JIRA, .NET Framework 3.5.

RPA Consultant



  • Analyzing and understanding the business processes.
  • Identifying and communication the technical software requirements.
  • Creating and maintaining Solution Design Document (SDD).
  • Designing & configuring automation (Automation Anywhere) process solutions.
  • Capable enough to create new process and object based on the Robotic process workflow efficiently.
  • Contributed Major part in Research & Development and proof of concepts which helped the outcome of the product in a well-designed manner.
  • Data Extraction using UiPath.
  • Spied the website and automated web-based applications.
  • Task scheduling using Automation Anywhere like Schedule Manager, Task Editor, Data Drive Tasking.
  • Assess automation opportunity from technical perspective and perform due diligence to arrive at an optimal solution.
  • Work with team members to design and propose an optimal RPA solution.
  • Participate in non-functional and functional requirements gathering.

Environment: Automation Anywhere 9.0, MS SQL, Excel, Web services.

.Net Developer



  • Worked on a 4-person team to develop and support a web-based solution using ASP.NET 3.0 to support advertising/marketing initiatives.
  • Developed backend integrated system using SQL Server 2008 to support mixed modeling and data analytics solutions.
  • Developed complete reporting solution for the client using Dundas software, SQL Server, Reporting Services, C# and SSIS.
  • Develop unit tests using Visual Studio 2008unit testing projects.
  • Extensively worked on Python scripting and development.CSS is used to style web pages, XHTML and XML markup.
  • Design and support core web business applications.
  • Work with other disciplines (Testing, Security, Engineering) to ensure implemented application meet both business requirements and technical requirements.
  • Integrate with core business objects using Web Services.

Environment: C#, Visual Studio .Net 2008/2005, Python, ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET, Visual Basic 6.0, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, Java Script, IIS 4.0.

.NET Developer



  • Involved in Agile Methodology for the software development process. Implemented using MVC pattern.
  • Participate in sprint planning, Attend daily stand-ups and the end-of-iteration and end-of-release demonstrations and retrospectives.
  • Developed design documents using Object Oriented Methods & involved in complete life cycle of development using agile methodology, study business requirements, analysis and converting business requirements into technical specifications.
  • Used various data controls grid view, Multiview and detail views for creating user controls.
  • Designed and developed various abstract classes, interfaces, classes to construct the business logic using C#.NET. Used SQL Server 2008 for writing Stored Procedures, T-SQL and Views.
  • Experience in SQL Server Database design, developing T-SQL queries using SQL Server.

Environment: MVC, HTML, C#, CSS, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, XML, JavaScript, AngularJS, Visual Studio

Windows Administrator



  • Installation, configuration and maintaining the Microsoft SQLServer2008 to developers and client.
  • Installation and configuration of Windows Server 2008 environment to integrate the system with Active Directory.
  • Maintaining and administration of projects using Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6.
  • Configuring the application on IIS6 web server.
  • Installation of software's required for the development team, including Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft .Net Framework, Crystal Reports, and SQL Server client connectivity.
  • Preparing the inventory of software's installed for the developers.
  • Hosting the application for User Acceptance Test.
  • Maintaining backup/recovery strategy and procedures using daily incremental backups and weekly full backup of application using Veritas Backup exec.

Environments : Microsoft SQL Server 2008, AD, .NET Framework, VSS6, Crystal Reports.

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