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Application Developer Resume

Crystal Lake, IL


  • With progressive experience in design, development, coding, testing, implementation, documentation, and customer service of web - based and client server applications using a wide range of tools, methodologies, and techniques. ColdFusion and .Net specialist utilizing a comprehensive knowledge of numerous programming languages with the ability to lead all phases of software development life cycle to create robust, user-focused solutions driving breakthrough efficiency and bottom-line results.
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Application Development
  • Project Management
  • Problem Analysis
  • Design & Development Testing
  • Cross-Team Collaboration
  • Database Management
  • Process Improvement


Web Technologies: ColdFusion | .NET Core | WebAPI | C# | JavaScript | HTML | CSS | AJAX jQuery | CFWheels MVC Framework | Bootstrap | Angular V6

Windows: NT | 2000 | XP | 7, | 10 Linux

Front End Tools: Visual Studio | Visual Studio Code | Eclipse

Databases: SQL Server | MySQL | Oracle | Postgress

Web Servers: IIS | Apache

Others: Crystal Reports | GIT | Bit Bucket | TFS | Trello


Confidential - Crystal Lake, IL

Application Developer

  • Routinely supervised the quality assurance (QA) process, running reports and going through various dashboards to obtain the highest results for owners.
  • Delivered robust recommendations on how to better protect application users.
  • Ensured swift identification and resolution of complex issues to find accurate and complete information of services delivered to customers.
  • Provided break fix support, converting the ColdFusion application from a postgress database to Angular 7 with Web API 2.1 and SQL server enhancements.
  • Discovered that users were being kicked off of the posting provider, identified the error and devised a solution.
  • Ensured that the process was in place and running smoothly.

Confidential - Idaho Falls, ID

Application Developer

  • Maintained a large-scale survey application written in ColdFusion with an Oracle back-end, refactoring the code by optimizing queries and implementing updates that pulled AJAX information.
  • Utilized jQuery in order to avoid excessive page refreshers.
  • Delivered proactive support for applications, ensuring optimal efficiency and productivity while safeguarding critical infrastructure data.
  • Optimized the Infrastructure Survey Tool application by conducting refactoring and regularly updating code and queries to pull information via AJAX using jQuery; minimized excessive page refreshes and enhanced overall efficiency.
  • Modified an outdated app using a Web-based API back-end and angular front-end, converting .NET webform to a .NET Core Web App that drew an image to visualize data from inputs and outputs.
  • Optimized all aspects of a database within customer portal by converting the application from ColdFusion to .NET Core and Angular.

Confidential - Argonne, IL

Applications Developer

  • Supported IST, Trip Tracker, and SIA web applications, managing the process of coding and modifying the same survey app in order to achieve better performance and to support more users.
  • Designed an application to enter metadata, creating and updating surveys as well as developing the reference and training application for CHEMS.
  • Created a survey builder application that allowed the user to create surveys with minimal lead time and specify the input type.
  • Provided a platform for the user to view reports containing real-time data on the survey combined with the ability to export the results to multiple file formats.

Confidential - Deerfield, IL

Applications Developer

  • Managed customer portal applications authored in ColdFusion, maintaining all aspects of the system that enabled consumers to create, view, and modify orders while making changes in one report.
  • Tested the company’s web pages, utilizing web browsers while implementing enhancements and upgrading pages to eliminate excessive page refreshes.
  • Provided phone and email support for applications; composed SQL Server 2000 queries and stored procedures while orchestrating reports with Crystal Reports.
  • Converted old Crystal Reports into web-based formats using ColdFusion and ASP.NET.
  • Improved online queries from applications to stored procedures.
  • Created a ColdFusion job for FedEx, UPS, and DHL to track information for packages; added all shipping information into a composite database with to provide customers with more data.
  • Introduced a .NET application in C# that interfaced with FedEx web services using the SOAP protocol, assisting customer in analyzing the best shipping method to use for a particular destination.

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