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React Native/angular.io Developer/senior Oo Specialist Resume



  • Obtain a technical lead/developer position within a growth oriented, progressive company.
  • The ideal atmosphere would be one in which new ideas are welcomed, decision making is required, and focus on the bottom line is desired.
  • Senior Object - Oriented Software Designer and Developer who is an expert at solving complex business problems to the financial benefit of the business by designing and developing multi-tier, client/server information management systems.


  • React Native
  • Redux
  • Angular.io
  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • Typescript
  • JavaScript
  • UX/UI
  • Firebase Analytics
  • Firebase Push Notifications
  • Firebase Remote Config
  • Firebase Dynamic Links
  • Amazon AWS S3
  • Serverless
  • Webpack
  • Serverless-Offline
  • PrimeNG
  • Bookshelf ORM
  • Zend/Laravel
  • Phalcon
  • XDebug
  • WebServices
  • Pharo Smalltalk
  • Apache
  • PHPStorm
  • WebStorm
  • Eclipse
  • Git
  • Unix Shell scripting
  • PostgreSql
  • Confidential DB2
  • Informix
  • MySql
  • MS SQL
  • SQL/Stored Procedures
  • CentOS (Open Client)
  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • AIX
  • Windows 2012
  • Adobe Photoshop


React Native/Angular.io developer/Senior OO Specialist

Confidential, OH


  • Design, code, and test React Native application to allow Confidential Tool e-commerce mobile app. Targeted Android and IOS platforms. This included Catalog, Cart, Checkout, Payment Processing (Credit Card, Billing/Shipping address), Time Payment processing, Long Term Finance payment processing, rmation editing, Purchase History, Payment History, Warranty processing.
  • Worked in-depth with React Navigation, Redux, Firebase Analytics, Firebase Push Notifications, Firebase Remote Config, Firebase Dynamic Links
  • Built CRUD REST API Service, Push Notifications, Remote Config, Dynamic Links, Local Storage, Long-Term storage, Dropdown Notification Emitter frameworks.
  • Added Phone, Text, and Camera functionality.
  • Used GIT for code maintenance.

Full Stack PHP/Angular5 developer

Confidential, Warrensville, OH


  • Design, code, and test PHP/Phalcon REST services for “mortgage integration” application.
  • Design and code Angular5/PrimeNG front end for application maintenance.
  • Used Postman test framework for all functional testing processes.
  • Used GIT for code maintenance.

Full Stack Amazon AWS S3 lambda function/Angular2 developer

Confidential, MO


  • Design, code, and test Typescript AWS S3 lamda function back-end application modules for “large vehicle wrecker dispatch application”.
  • Designed back-end server framework used by development team.
  • Work with Serverless, Serverless-Offline, WebPack, PrimeNG, Bookshelf, WebStorm IDE, Git repository.
  • Design, code, and test Angular2 web front end modules.

Confidential VisualAge Smalltalk Developer/Senior OO Specialist

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Designed, coded, tested, maintained, packaged Confidential VisualAge Smalltalk application.
  • Wrote SQL Server SQL scripts for reports and database updates.
  • Built and configured Microsoft SQL application servers.
  • Built VDI servers utilizing Remote Desktop Connection Manager.

Web/Application Developer/Senior OO Specialist

Confidential, Overland Park, KS


  • Designed, coded, tested, and maintained internal PHP back-end Web Server applications that manage on-line loans.

Tools: used: PHP, GoogleGO, JavaScript, PHPStorm IDE, HTML/HTML5, Laravel Framework, Apache, MySql, Mercurial.

Web Developer, Senior OO Specialist (Remote)

Confidential, Naperville, IL


  • Designed, coded, tested, and maintained an internal Web application that allows Confidential to track the software applications and patches on all internal Confidential servers. The application allows the responsible persons to monitor software compliance and gives them the ability to add, remove, and update new server based hardware and software definitions.
  • Tools used: PHP, JavaScript, Eclipse IDE, HTML/HTML5, Dojo Toolkit, Zend PHP Framework, Apache, Confidential DB2, XDebug, SVN.
  • Designed and created an OO PHP framework for RESTful requests that virtually eliminates the need for extensive PHP coding at the controller level.
  • Designed and created an OO PHP object persistence mapping framework. This framework hides all SQL to PHP classes thereby making the application secure from SQL injections.
  • Designed and created OO PHP reporting framework that allows developers to rapidly create HTML reports.
  • Designed and created an OO PHP logging framework that allows the developers to rapidly write log information from virtually any class without having any knowledge of log4php.
  • Introduced and implemented XDebug remote debugging tool to development team.
  • Introduced and implemented PHPUnit testing framework to development team.

President/Application Developer

Confidential, Olathe, KS


  • Managed all functions of the business management including budgeting, bookkeeping, payroll, banking, government reporting, sales taxes, payroll and income taxes. Designed Customer Relation Management system exclusively using VA Smalltalk.

Smalltalk Developer, Senior I/T Specialist

Confidential, Overland Park, KS


  • Designed, built, and supported numerous Smalltalk back-end Web applications including Order Entry, Trouble Repair, Appointment Control Management, and Work Force Dispatching systems.
  • Replaced a third party Smalltalk CORBA product with an Confidential Server Smalltalk IIOP solution saving Confidential an estimated $3,000,000 in annual license fees.
  • Initiated the migration of multiple back-end Smalltalk server applications from Windows NT server to Unix (AIX) saving Embarq an estimated $400,000 dollars in new hardware costs.
  • Developed Smalltalk HTTP Naming Service and Smalltalk Load Balancing application. This saved the company an estimated $100,000 in hardware cost avoidance.
  • Developed a self-healing UNIX based Server Smalltalk system. System was implemented utilizing process monitoring code written in VA Smalltalk and UNIX shell scripts. This process resulted in 99% up-time metric as opposed to a 75% up-time.

Senior Application Analyst/Project Lead

Confidential, Wichita, KS


  • Project Lead/Lead Developer of Human Resource Modernization Project utilizing Object Oriented design and VisualAge Smalltalk.
  • Project Lead of a team of six that developed six VisualAge Smalltalk, DB2, and Oracle client applications. One application implemented Bar Code reading of employee records.

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