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Python Developer Resume

St Louis, MO


  • Good Experience with Flask, a high - level Python Web framework. Experience object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts using Python, Django, and Linux.
  • Experienced in developing web-based applications using Python, R, Django, C++, C#, XML, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Angular JS and JQuery.
  • Experience object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts using Python, C++, C# and PHP.
  • Experienced in WAMP (Windows, Apache, MYSQL, Python/PHP) and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Python/PHP) Architecture.
  • Experienced in installing, configuring, modifying, testing, and deploying applications with Apache.
  • Understanding of Python Best Practices (PEP-8).
  • Well versed with design and development of presentation layer for web applications using technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • End-to-end web application development with Ruby and the Ruby on Rails.
  • Design and Development using Ruby, Rails, MySQL and Goliath.
  • Worked on SQL, PostgreSQL and PL/SQL stored procedures which are used to create access to data and deployed them to Oracle and SQL server databases.
  • Familiar with JSON based REST Web services and Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Experienced in developing Web Services with Python programming language.
  • Good experience with Amazon Cloud EC2, Simple Storage Service S3 and Amazon SQS.
  • Experience in writing Sub Queries, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Cursors, and Functions on MySQL and PostgreSQL database. understanding the ECS processes and was tasked with communicating them affectively to potential and current clients.
  • Deployed the server on AWS EC2.
  • Worked in agile and waterfall methodologies with high quality deliverables delivered on-time.
  • Maintained detailed documentation and architectural solutions in IT infrastructure and sales systems.
  • Experience with continuous integration and automation using Jenkins.
  • Experience with Unit Testing/ Test Driven Development (TDD), Load Testing.
  • Created video publishing toolkit using WordPress (PHP/MySQL) and JavaScript to allow easy uploading of video by non-technical content mangers.
  • Wrote Unit Tests and maintained PEP8 code.
  • Experience in creating Docker Containers leveraging existing Linux Containers and AMI's in addition to creating Docker Containers from scratch.
  • Developed a data migration feature using GZ File Compression and AES 256 encryption.
  • Developed the required XML Schema documents and implemented the framework for parsing XML documents.
  • Involved in Unit testing and Integration testing.
  • Implemented automation script using Crontab in python to run the web crawler.
  • Designed test systems and integrate Lab View automation with hardware test methods.
  • Worked in Leveraging our offshore delivery infrastructure and our global network of sales and service offices.
  • Experience in Infrastructure Development and Operations involving AWS Cloud platforms.
  • Worked on AJAX framework to transform Datasets and Data tables into HTTP-serializable JSON strings.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and analytical skills, and a highly-motivated team player with the ability to work independently.
  • Practical experience with working on multiple environments like development, testing, production.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills and ability to work on own besides being a valuable and contributing team player.


Languages: C, C++, Java, Python

Scripting: Perl, Python, Shell, Markup Languages Html and XML

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac

Version Control: Git, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Source tree, SVN, CVS

Frame works: Django, wed2py, Flask, Bootstrap


Tools: Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Jenkins, Tom cat, Selenium


Confidential, St. Louis, Mo

Python developer


  • Generated Python Django Forms to record data of online users.
  • Created PHP/MySQL back-end for data entry from Flash.
  • Developed monitoring and notification tools using Python.
  • Wrote Python routines to log into the websites and fetch data for selected options.
  • Handled all the client-side validation using JavaScript.
  • Designed and Developed User Interface using front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap and JSON.
  • Support and administer Redshift, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elastic Search, and Radis
  • Worked on installation of Docker using Docker toolbox.
  • Created spreadsheets to track and control inventory in the Auto Test Framework.
  • Worked with marketing company to build several Django, Pyramid, Flask and Cherry applications.
  • Utilize SVN and Review Board for version control, pep8 styling, and potential bugs Designed and created backend data access modules using PL/SQL stored procedures and Oracle.
  • Building, packaging and deploying the code to the Hadoop servers.
  • Involved and played a leading role in database migration projects from Oracle to MongoDB, Cassandra, Couch DB databases based on my custom software.
  • Performing Data Entry and Data Validation in MS Access to stay on top of important KPIs and quality control. experience in using collections in Python for manipulating and looping through different user defined objects.
  • Generated Python Django forms to record data of online users and used py test for writing test cases.
  • Involved in developing a video calling application using python web-sockets.
  • Responsible for data extraction and data ingestion from different data sources into Hadoop Data Lake by creating pipelines using Pig, and Hive.
  • Exposure to automation in Ensile using its Python API.
  • Providing technical support for cyber security center, cloud, and virtual machine environments.
  • Worked closely with clients to identify key targets and SIEM opportunities.
  • Building and supporting libraries in the test automation infrastructure.


Python developer


  • Created scripts for data modeling and data import and export.
  • Experience working in WAMP (Windows, Apache, MYSQL, and Python/PHP) and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Python/PHP) Architecture.
  • Designed and Developed REST Web services to interact with various business sectors and used SOAP protocol for web services communication
  • Implemented Docker containers to create images of the applications and dynamically provision slaves to Jenkins CI/CD pipelines.
  • Experience with Django, a high-level Python Web framework.
  • Designed and developed components using Python with Django framework. Implemented code in python to retrieve and manipulate data.
  • Developed HTML, Swing and JSP pages for user interaction and data presentation.
  • Set up the deployment environment on Web Logic Developed system preferences UI screens using JSP and HTML.
  • Created Node.js middleware application server to encapsulate modern JS widget framework Worked with JSON objects and JavaScript and jQuery intensively to create interactive web pages.
  • Performed research regarding Python Programming and its uses and efficiency
  • Worked in RDBMS implementation using, SQL, PL/SQL, DB2, MySQL on Oracle database.
  • Used Web services - WSDL and SOAP for getting credit card information from third party.
  • Used XML Web services using SOAP to transfer the amount to transfer application that is remote and global to different financial institutions.
  • Experience on ETL in Informatics mappings in PL/SQL via packages, procedures, functions, views and triggers.
  • Developed scripts to migrate data from proprietary database to MySQL.
  • Handled all the client-side validation using JavaScript.
  • Used Pandas library for statistical Analysis.
  • Having very good experience with BIG DATA


Jr. Python Developer


  • Performed Systems Analysis and detail application design and designed various Databases in MySQL, Oracle.
  • Implemented threshold points to secure the code to crash free run environment
  • Worked with Flask and Pandas to monitor, migrate and develop table database
  • Implemented SQL scripts and quarries in Python code to work with various databases and data sources.
  • Worked with AWS in different servers to implement and test the code and develop a database.
  • Performed data migration and data filter from various data sources and build different databases to store the Raw data and filtered Data.
  • Created database using MySQL and wrote several queries to extract data from database.
  • Develop remote integration with third party platforms by using Restful web services and Successful implementation of Apache Spark and Spark Streaming applications for large scale data.
  • Held overall responsibility of coordination of implementations of software builds and releases and provided analytics to help determine optimal way to assemble releases.
  • Tracked any additions, deletions or change in scope on the published release plan including efficient tracking of defects.
  • Complicated in Unit, integration and smoke testing.
  • Involved in the Complete Software development life cycle (SDLC) to develop the application.
  • Involved in back end development using Python with framework Flask
  • Restful web services using Python REST API Framework.
  • Designed and built a reporting module that uses Apache Spark SQL to fetch and generate reports.
  • Designed and developed data center management system using MySQL.
  • Rewrite existing Python/Django modules to deliver certain format of data.
  • Used Django Database API's to access database objects.
  • Wrote python scripts to parse XML documents and load the data in database.
  • Developed SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, and Triggers Using Oracle.
  • Handled all the client-side validation using JavaScript.
  • Using Subversion version control tool to coordinate team-development.
  • Responsible for debugging and troubleshooting the web application.

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