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Performance Engineer Resume

Omaha, NE


  • 7+ years of experience on performance testing of client - server, web services and web-based applications with exposure to diverse business domains that include healthcare, banking, insurance, telecom and government agency
  • Expert using LoadRunner and Performance Center, Jmeter, BlazeMeter for performance engineering
  • Having Extensive Professional Experience in Software Testing as Software Quality Assurance Engineer on different platforms and environments
  • Experience in performing end-to-end functionality testing for Web-based, Client-Server, Database, and Middleware Applications.
  • Specific performance testing expertise includes load, baseline, component, regression, functionality and stress test using LoadRunner and performance center
  • Knowledge of C, Java, HTTP and XML
  • Exposure of RDBMS and SQL Queries to perform data driven tests and involved in front-end and back-end testing
  • Expert in analyzing Business Requirements Specifications (BRS) &User Requirements Specifications (CRS).
  • Experience in Web Application automation using Selenium Web Driver with Java.
  • Strong knowledge of all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with concentration on implementation of various applications and performance testing
  • Have experience working on monitoring tools like HP Diagnostics, HP BSM, SiteScope, Wily Introscope, Dynatrace, and Splunk.
  • Expertise in developing and maintaining test scripts, analyzing bugs and interacting with development team in fixing the defects
  • Derive client requirements, and write performance test plans.
  • Experience in execution of automated scripts using Keyword/Data Driven Framework.
  • Experienced using MS Project for scheduling and assigning resources for different projects
  • Exceptional ability to interact with system users, developers and required parties
  • Very good presentation and communication skills
  • An excellent team player, a self-motivated, a quick learner and determination to learn new technologies
  • Monitored Hardware, Memory, JVM, Web Servers, App Servers, DB Servers and Network etc., using monitoring tools.
  • Expertise in functional testing of browser Web applications and mobile applications.
  • Good exposure to performance concepts and sound knowledge of scripting for web based applications and exposure to Performance Load, Stress and Endurance testing, Volume, and Spike, Fail Over tests.
  • Experienced in End to End Performance Testing Life cycle from Non-Functional Requirement Gathering, Test Plan creation, Test Script development, Test Execution, Test Reporting and Analysis phase
  • Good Process Management, Communication and Organizing skills with remarkable ability in gathering requirements to bring out quality products
  • Experienced in coordinating different teams
  • Strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills, highly motivated and ability to work as an individual and as a dynamic member in a team


Operating system: Windows 95/98/NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Linux/Unix and Mac OS

Test Strategies: Test Project Management, GAP Analysis, Defect Management, SAP Application Testing, .NET Application, Web Testing, Functional testing, Regression Testing, Compatibility Testing Product Assurance Testing

Testing Tools: LoadRunner, Blaze meter, performance center, Selenium WebDriver, Quality Center, Jira, QTP, HP Site Scope, Mobile Application, HP diagnostic (J2EE, .NET), APIs, Dynatrace application monitoring tool, Jmeter, Manual Testing, Appium, Distributed load execution, Visual Studio, Blaze meter, Cloud watch, Microfocus Silk Performer, Fog Light monitoring tools

Monitoring Tool: Splunk, Wily Introscope, HP SiteScope and Windows Resources

Applications Servers: Web logic8.x, Web Sphere, Jboss, Reports

Databases: Oracle 8i, SQL & MS Access, DB2

Protocols: Web (HTTP/HTML5), web service, SAP GUI, SAP Web, Oracle NCA, XML, Ajax TruClient


Confidential, Omaha, NE

Performance Engineer


  • Gathered business requirements, collecting the information about Service Level Agreement from Business Analyst and developers.
  • Responsible for performance testing using Performance Center and HP LoadRunner.
  • Performance testing of client-server, web services, web-based applications, and Mobile applications.
  • Perform the monitoring performance of the application and database servers during the test run using tools like AppDynamics and SiteScope
  • Involved in creating Dynatrace and AppDynamics dashboard and reports using built-in and/or custom measures to present testing and analysis results effectively
  • Designed varieties of Scenarios for Baseline, Benchmark, Load, Regression, Stress, Steady state and Endurance Testing.
  • Performed requirement analysis by gathering both functional and Non-Functional requirements on the claim management and actuarial services based on workers compensation with the process owners & stakeholders and document analysis, represented them in requirements traceability matrix (RTM).
  • Parameterized large and complex data to achieve complex test to achieve accurate performance and execute test in a Performance Test environment.
  • Validated the scripts to make sure they have executed correctly and meets the scenario description.
  • Used HPALM-Performance Center 12.53, standalone Controllers to create scenarios and run load tests.
  • Involved in NFR document preparation based on the SLA (Service Level Agreements) and involved in project estimates, project architecture analysis for the scope of the performance in the project
  • Analyze, interpret, and summarize meaningful and relevant results in a complete Performance Test report.
  • Developed VUsers Scripts in Web, Web Services protocols
  • Created load test scripts using JMeter in following protocols: HTTP, AJAX, SOAP, JDBC, and Java (Web Services) and enhanced the basic script by adding Custom code
  • Develop and implement Load and Stress tests with LoadRunner and present performance statistics to application teams, and provide recommendations on the issues that impact performance.
  • Monitor and administrate hardware capability to ensure the necessary resources are available for all the tests.
  • Extensively used Wily Introscope to analyze the system resources bottlenecks like Memory Leaks, CPU utilization, Response time, TPS as well as problematic application and DB components
  • Analyze Heap behavior, throughputs and pauses in Garbage collections as well as tracking down memory leaks.
  • Used SPLUNK tool to check whether the messages are triggering at back end
  • Responsible for Setting up user profiles, configuring and adding application servers on Dynatrace tool
  • Assist in production of testing and capacity certification reports.
  • Investigate and troubleshoot performance problems in a Performance Test and production Environment.
  • Responsible for analyzing application and components behavior and optimizing server configurations.
  • Maintained defect status and reported testing status weekly and monthly using defect tracking tools.
  • Interacted with developers during testing for identifying and fixing bugs for optimizing server settings at web, app and database levels.

Environment: Performance Center, Microfocus LoadRunner- 12.61/12.60 , JMeter, MS SQL, IIS, Quality Center, Wily Interscope, DynaTrace6.1, Splunk, AppDynamics, SiteScope, BMC Monitoring, Pivotal Cloud Foundry(PCF), Rabbit MQ, Postman(Micro Services) and Linux/Unix

Confidential, Richardson, TX

Sr. Performance Engineer


  • Actively involved in gathering and analyzing of business requirements along with developing testing strategy in various clients.
  • Developed Performance Testing Plan, Performance Testing Strategy based on the business specifications requirements and user requirements and prepared Close out Document and Executive level summary.
  • Manual tested the requirements using Fiddler to verify Response Time of the single user on the system.
  • Created LoadRunner scripts with Web (HTTP/HTML) and Web Services protocols based on the user workflow.
  • Testscripts development in VuGen and modifying scripts with required Correlations, Parameterization, logic, think times, iterations, pacing, logging options and preferences.
  • Created the load test scenarios using LoadRunner Controller from scratch, which includes Creating the VuGen Scripts and Assigning Vuser for each script.
  • Performance/ Load testing using HP ALM Performance center 12.1 & 12.5
  • Performance testing of customer end applications using Neoload 5.1
  • Perform the monitoring performance of the application and database servers during the test run using tools like AppDynamics and SiteScope
  • Monitoring and bottleneck analysis using Dynatrace and Wily Introscope
  • Good expertise in development of Scripts using various protocols like Web (HTTP/HTML), Ajax TruClient , Web Services and Citrix protocols
  • Developed Web (HTTP/HTML) & Truclient scripts using HP Loadrunner 12.0 & 12.5
  • Had Performed Stress Test using 1300 virtual users.
  • Analyzed IBM Rational Performance Tester on-line graphs and reports to check where performance delays occurred, network or client delays, CPU performance, I/O delays, database locking, or other issues at the database server.
  • Performed Performance Test on Cloud Test using SOASTA. Used SOASTA Mobile Test to record and customize complex motions, gestures and context, with high precision
  • Used JMETER for testing web applications
  • Defined transactions to measure server Performance under load by creating rendezvous points to simulate heavy load on the server.
  • Executing the LoadRunner scripts in Controller, Booking timeslots in HP Performance center
  • Testing AJAX web site application, implementing Selenium testing platform and using test scripts with Eclipse IDE .
  • Writing Selenium scripts, using JUnit and Selenium RC for automated testing.
  • Developed and maintained release acceptance tests using Selenium IDE , JUnit , and Eclipse IDE .
  • Analyzed the Transaction Summary Report and graphs generated in a LoadRunner Analysis session.
  • Monitored different graphs like transaction response time and analyzed server performance status, hits per second, throughput, windows resources, database server resources.
  • Expert in finding performance bottlenecks in both client side and server side and making recommendations for Performance Profiling or Tuning.
  • Analyzed Software and Hardware components using LoadRunner Analysis Graphs
  • Identified Performance issues using Load test results using LoadRunner Analysis and online monitors.
  • Used Splunk to monitor long running transactions.
  • Validated data by writing SQL Queries on different Environments.
  • Maintained defects in Rally and participated in defect triage meetings.
  • Interacted with developers during testing for identifying memory leaks, fixing bugs and for optimizing server settings at web, application and database levels.
  • Co-ordinated meeting for determining production readiness of applications and Involved in Project meetings and interacted to other team members to resolve the problems.

Environment: Quality Center, LoadRunner 12.5 & 12.0, HP Performance center 12.5, C, C#, .Net, MS Office Tools, Microsoft SQL 2012/2014, JMeter, Splunk and SOASTA

Confidential, Irving, TX

Sr. Performance Test/ Engineer


  • Working as a Sr. Performance Tester handling multiple applications across LOB for a migration project.
  • Gathering requirement from Business/Stakeholders, analyzed requirements and designed Workload Model and Test Plans accordingly.
  • Worked on finalizing requirement Gathering Template, Test Plan Template and Scripting Standards templates to follow up by team.
  • Working with SDLC team to troubleshoot root cause of the issues related DB and Application servers using Dynatrace Tool.
  • GC monitoring to understand if there are any memory leaks during the Capacity & Endurance Tests.
  • Used Dynatrace to measure web site performance in test environment to capture performance metrics of key product features
  • Good experience in using APM tool Dynatrace, AppDynamics in monitoring business transaction across all tiers (web/app/DB) of the applications. Adding Dynatrace headers to the VuGen scripts to monitor response times closely
  • Created Bench Marking/Baselines, Load testing Harness, Load Model and worked on Citrix Server
  • Gathering requirements from application team and delivered it offshore as a part of on and off coordination.
  • Perform the monitoring performance of the application and database servers during the test run using tools like AppDynamics and SiteScope
  • Created Effort Estimation, Scheduling, and Performance Test Planning and Stakeholder management.
  • Monitored Different kinds of Graphs including Throughput, Hits/Sec, Transaction Response time, Windows Resources (Memory Utilization, CPU Utilization, Threads, etc) while executing the scripts from load Runner, Performance Center.
  • Created Test Cases based on the requirement and identified Test Data to match with requirements.
  • Developed Vuser scripts in Web HTTP/HTML and Web service protocols in LoadRunner using LoadRunner VUGen.
  • Inserted transactions, checkpoints into LoadRunner Web Vugen Scripts and Parameterized, Pacing and correlated the scripts.
  • Validate tests for Benchmark, Peak and Stress Testing and Created Single User, Base line and Soak Test Scenarios.
  • Analyzed Results using LoadRunner Analysis tool. Responsible for analyzing application and components behavior with heavier loads and optimizing server configurations.
  • Interacted with developers during testing for identifying Memory Leaks, Fixing Bugs and for optimizing server settings at Web and App Levels.
  • Executing the scenarios, analyzing the Graphs and coordinating with the DBA’s and network admin to ensure optimum performance.
  • Creating Business Transactions, dashboards and reports in Wily Introscope. Creating and maintaining profiles in Wily Introscope.
  • Used SOASTA for cloud test for web and mobile application
  • Created Reports/Graphs using LoadRunner analysis and Splunk tools
  • Devise plan to stretch the data centers by running load tests in Prod and UAT environments.
  • Continuing the regressive testing in Prod and UAT environment as well as developing/modifying any tests scripts.
  • Provided team with analysis reports and recommendations, which resulted tuning of the application.
  • Work Closely with Project Stakeholders in product hierarchy to ensure deliverables met as per the requirements. Involved in support activity and code fixes.

Environment: HP LoadRunner 12.5, Performance Center, Wily Introscope, Quality Center, C, C++, MS Excel, Web service, HTTP/XML, Linux, java, Splunk, SOASTA, Dynatrace application monitoring tool.

Confidential, Pleasanton, CA

Sr. Performance Engineer


  • Gathered the requirements and strategize a Test Plan, design scenario and execute test and reports and Results.
  • Preparation of Business Process Flow Documents for the identified transactions.
  • Developed all the Vuser Scripts using the LoadRunner 12.0 Vugen.
  • Involved for setting up and executing of the test cases, and capture data related to performance testing.
  • Developed scripts and scenarios for automated testing new and enhanced web based products using LoadRunner.
  • Performed load and performance testing using LoadRunner12.50 by creating rendezvous points to simulate heavy user load, and transaction points to test application response time
  • Responsible Performance testing, debugging, executing, analyzing complex applications using HP LoadRunner and ALM HP Performance Center.
  • Creating and modifying tested externally on a global location.
  • Execution of scripts in Controller and Performance Center.
  • Used Rendezvous point, Start and End Transaction, Parameterization, Correlation features in Virtual User Generator of LoadRunner.
  • Used VisualVM to generate and analyze thread dumps and heap dumps, track down memory leaks, and do lightweight memory and CPU profiling
  • Tested extensively on Application Messaging, PeopleCode, Application Engine, Integration Broker, Component Interface, Workflow, Oracle PL/SQL.
  • Enhanced script by inserting Checkpoints to check if Virtual users are accessing the correct page which they are supposed to be accessing.
  • Help application team identify bottlenecks on Apache Tomcat servers.
  • Performance measurements on different user load scenarios.
  • Coordination with the application team to resolve the application issues.
  • Performed performance stress/load test on web and windows based applications using LoadRunner.
  • Developed Loadrunner Scripts in PeopleSoft Enterprises, Web, Web Services and Citrix protocols.
  • Created a scenario with certain amount of Vusers giving ramp up, ramp down and run time in the controller of Performance center.
  • Created Reports/Graphs using LoadRunner analysis tools.
  • Perform the monitoring performance of the application and database servers during the test run using tools like AppDynamics and SiteScope.
  • Good experience in using APM tool AppDynamics in monitoring business transaction across all tiers (web/app/DB) of the applications.
  • Analyzing the results bases on benchmark and publishing the Analysis Report at the end of every performance
  • Closely working with performance management team in tuning the identified performance bottle necks and Retesting the application till these are either eliminated or minimized.

Environment: LoadRunner 12.5 & 12.0, Performance Center 11.5, DynaTrace, SiteScope, Perfmon, Windows 7, Web (http/html), Splunk, SharePoint, UNIX, Web Services, SQL.

Confidential, Thousand Oaks, California

Performance Tester


  • As a performance testing lead my job was reviewed the business requirements documents and technical specifications to understand the SAPGUI and SAP web Application for different workflow
  • Attended meetings with business analysts, financial advisors, developers, managers, and other project related personnel to understand more facts about the product and user interface issues
  • Involved in writing test plans, test cases, and test scenarios necessary to plan the testing processes
  • Involved the daily status meeting with project manager and offshore team members about progress of the Project
  • Involved for setting up and executing of the test cases, and capture data related to performance testing
  • Worked closely with the project team in planning coordination and implementing testing methodology and writing business function for specific test
  • Performed integration testing between various modules and with hardware interfaces
  • Gathered, consolidated requirements for generating performance goals and test plans
  • Responsible for designing of test plans, test procedures and test cases and execution of test cases
  • Generated VuGenscripts, testing scenarios, ran the scripts and analyzed the results using LoadRunner
  • Used rendezvous point, start and end transaction, parameterization, correlation features in virtual generator of LoadRunner
  • Designed scenarios for performance testing, generated scripts and handled correlation as well as parameterization using LoadRunner generator, executed scenarios using controller and analyzed the results using analyzer and performance center
  • Performed performance stress/load test on web and windows based applications using LoadRunner
  • Enhanced script by inserting check points to check if Vusers were accessing the correct page which they were supposed to be accessing
  • Created a scenario with certain amount of Vusers giving ramp up, ramp down and run time in the controller of Performance center
  • Analyzed the LoadRunner reports to calculate response time, transactions/minute, hits/sec and throughput
  • Met with managers, business analyst, work steam lead and developers to discuss the performance test analyzed report, real world use cases and appropriate workflows

Environment: SAPGUI 7.01, SAP NetWeaver, SAP ECC 5.0/6.0, LoadRunner, Performance Center 9.1/11, QTP10, QC10.0, HP SiteScope, JIRA, Share point, C, MS Office, HTTP/HTML, Web Services, XML, Windows.


Performance Tester


  • Reviewing and analyzing design documents for performance testing of the application
  • Developing test cases and mapped test cases to requirements using RTM
  • Performing integration testing to test the functionality of the modules
  • Executing functional testing, regression testing and integration testing extensively
  • Creating scripts in VuGen and emulating the behavior of real users
  • Designing performance test scenarios using LoadRunner, running the tests and analyzing the results
  • Conducting load and reliability testing on website’s workflows to identify and reporting performance bottlenecks
  • Enhancing the script using parameterization, correlation and user defined functions
  • Performing in-depth failure analysis against thousands of automated test executions
  • Using performance center for analyzing the performance of the application also followed up with the development team to verify bug fixes and updating bug status
  • Developing various scenarios and performing performance and volume tests using LoadRunner
  • Involved in NFR document preparation based on the SLA and involved in project estimates, project architecture analysis for the scope of the performance in the project
  • Preparing the Detailed test plan document and involved in Client calls
  • Preparing the traversal flow document for identified business scenarios
  • Involved in preparation of LoadRunner scripts for the simulation of user behavior, Customization of the scripts and execution of the scripts
  • Design/ Execute the Load Test Scenario based on the workload mix
  • Executing the LoadRunner scripts in Controller, Booking timeslots in HP Performance center
  • Design/ Execute the Load Test Scenario based on the workload mix using HP ALM tool

Environment: LoadRunner, Performance Center, C, HTML, MS Office, Web, XML, Windows and Mainframe.

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