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Cloud Engineer / Devops Engineer Resume

San Francisco, CA


  • Over 6+ years of experience as AWS Cloud Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Build& Release management, Virtualization using VMWare and worked in UNIX/Linux OS (AIX, RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu), AWS, Windows Servers environment.
  • Proficient in Amazon AWS Cloud Administration such as EC2, S3, EBS, VPC, ELB, Lambda, Glacier, AMI, SNS, RDS, IAM, Route 53, Cloud Front, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, Cloud Formation, Security Groups focusing on high availability, fault tolerance, Auto Scaling using AWS Console & AWS CLI .
  • Expertise in managing Microsoft's Azure infrastructure, Azure web roles, worker roles, SQL Azure, Azure storage, Azure AD licenses, Office 365, Azure. Virtual machine backup and recover from a recovery services vault using Azure PowerShell and portal.
  • Experience in dealing with Windows Azure IaaS - Virtual Networks, Virtual Machines, Resource Groups, Traffic Manager, VPN, Load Balancing, Application Gateways, Auto-Scaling.
  • Wrote Terraform scripts for AWS infrastructure. Enabled AWS Config to monitor changes in AWS accounts and developed AWS configuration rules to monitor for unencrypted volumes and untagged resources in accounts.
  • Experienced in System Builds, System Administration, Server builds, Installs, Upgrades, Patches, Migration, Troubleshooting, Security, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Performance Monitoring and Fine-tuning on UNIX Red Hat Linux Systems.
  • Maintained/configured various versions of ESX and ESXi (including 6.0). Experience in working on Platform Service Controllers and implemented several versions of VCenter installations like Embedded and External with high availability options.
  • Migrated from VMware ESXi to Hyper-V 2012 with SCCM SP1 R2 and other tools with VMware on clustered environment, Implemented Migration of Virtual Machines using VMotion, Storage VMotion.
  • Proficient in containerization tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift and handled several docker components like Docker Engine, Docker-Hub, Docker Compose, Docker Registry, Docker Swarm and Orchestration tool such as Kubernetes.
  • Implemented Continuous Integration and Deployment using various CI Tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, Ansible, Chef and Puppet (Configuration Management Tools).
  • Experience in understanding the concepts of OpenShift platform that are used to manage the container Docker and the clusters Kubernetes which are primarily used for maintaining the Enterprise server Nexus which manages Artifacts jar, war files.
  • Worked with Docker and Kubernetes on multiple cloud providers, from helping developers build and containerize their application (CI/CD) to deploying either on public or private cloud.
  • Deployed Kubernetes cluster using Kubespray on VMware vSphere environment, configured console cluster for service discovery, weaver for networking, performed deployments of the microservices by using Kubectl command line utility.
  • Installation and deployment Management Repository generated by Maven and Ant Artifacts and store the build process using dependency jar. Worked on resolving issues with pom.xml files, integrated Maven with Jenkins to automate the Artifacts build and uploaded them to the binary repository tools like Nexus/Artifactory.
  • Used bug-tracking systems like JIRA, Bugzilla, and HP Quality Center to monitor the daily progress and create workflows for the project.
  • Expert with SCM tools like SVN, CVS, IBM Clear Case, Bitbucket, TFS, and GIT. Strong knowledge on concepts like Branches, Merges and Tags.
  • Administering, integrating, supporting middleware technologies like WebSphere Application Server, WebLogic, WebSphere Portal Server, Tomcat, JBOSS & WebSphere MQ and Web Servers IHS, Apache HTTP on wide variety of platforms like Solaris, Linux and Windows.
  • Installed configured, Monitoring tool such as Splunk, Nagios, AppDynamics for Resource Monitoring/ Network Monitoring / log trace Monitoring.
  • Performed volume system management utilizing LVM and file system tuning for ext3, ext4 and xfs and worked on various storage technologies SAN, NAS, DAS, NetApp, RAID, NFS Server.
  • Expertise in writing Bash Scripts, PowerShell, Perl Scripts (hash and arrays), Python programming for deployment of Java applications on bare servers or Middleware tools.
  • Day to day administration of the Development environment, handling tickets, monitoring, troubleshooting and Production and Test environment systems, 24x7 on-call support.


Automation/Build Tools: Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Ant, Gradle, GIT, Jenkins, Maven, Bitbucket, Bamboo

Cloud Platform: AWS, Microsoft Azure, OpenShift, OpenStack, Google Cloud

Operating Systems: Red Hat Linux 5.x/6.x/7, Ubuntu, Fedora, Centos 5/6/7, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 , iOS

Monitoring: Nagios, Splunk, Zabbix, AppDynamics, Splunk, Clear Quest

Bug Tracking Tools: JIRA, Cucumber, Confluence, HP Quality Centre, Fisheye, Bugzilla

Web/Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss

Database: Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, SQL Server 2008/2012/2014

Scripting Languages: Shell Scripting, Perl, Python, Ruby, YAML, Bash, PowerShell


Confidential - San Francisco, CA

Cloud Engineer / DevOps Engineer

  • Managed AWS EC2 instances utilizing Auto-scaling, Elastic Load Balancing and Glacier for our QA and UAT environments as well as infrastructure servers for GIT and chef. Created Jenkins job to build the Artifacts using Maven, deploy the Terraform templates to create the stack.
  • Created AWS S3 bucket, performed folder management in each bucket, managed cloud trail logs and objects within each bucket and created highly available environments using Auto-Scaling, Load balancers and SQS.
  • Defined AWS Security Groups, which acted as virtual firewalls that controlled the traffic which allowed to reach one or more AWS EC2 instances. Worked on multiple AWS instances, set the security groups, Elastic Load Balance r and AMIs, auto scaling to design cost effective, fault-tolerant and highly available systems.
  • Creating and Managing Virtual Machines in Windows Azure and Setting up communication with the selected ports and worked on designing, building and improving cloud environments on Amazon Web Services and Azure Cloud.
  • Integrated Jenkins with Maven to build various versions of the source code, configured Ansible by developing Playbooks to deploy the Artifacts from Nexus repository on to WebSphere, WebLogic, Tomcat application servers.
  • Developed Azure Runbooks in Python and PowerShell to perform the migration of the on premise infrastructure to the cloud and Configured ARM Templates which are triggered from the Jenkins CI CD pipeline.
  • Created master-slave configuration to implement multiple parallel builds, created pipelines to pull the source code from GitHub periodically and perform builds automated unit test and code quality analysis with JUnit plug-ins, also install and configure SonarQube for static or dynamic code analysis and integrating the Maven Build tool.
  • Managed local deployments in Kubernetes, creating local cluster and deploying application containers, managed Kubernetes charts using Helm and created reproducible builds of the Kubernetes applications, managed Kubernetes manifest files and managed releases of Helm packages.
  • Configured Chef plug-in on Jenkins to do the automated deployment of the .war, .jar files from the Nexus Repository on to Dev, Test, QA and Production environments.
  • Created private cloud using Kubernetes that supports DEV, TEST, and PROD environments and implemented a production ready, load balanced, highly available, fault tolerant Kubernetes infrastructure.
  • Worked on creation of Docker containers and Docker consoles for managing the application life cycle. Implemented Docker automation solution for Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery model. To achieve Continuous Delivery (CD) goal on high scalable environment, configured Docker coupled with load-balancing tool Nginx.
  • Integrating Jenkins with Ansible, setting up the environment to applications to be containerized, implementing and configured Kubernetes to manage containers and to provide a platform for automating deployment, scaling, and operations of application containers across clusters of hosts.
  • We are developing Ansible roles and Ansible Playbooks for the server configuration and working with GIT to store the code and integrated it to Ansible command line to deploy the playbook.
  • Wrote several Ansible playbooks for the automation that was defined through tasks using YAML format and run Ansible Scripts to provision Dev, QAservers.
  • Design, installation, configuration and administration of Linux 5,6 and 7 servers and support of OpenShift Enterprise and non- OpenShift support. The operation and support of OpenShift Enterprise and Docker Cloud services.
  • Good hands on experience of creating Web Apps using Python and Deploy the Web-Apps as Docker images in OpenShift Platform.
  • Created CI / CD pipelines and setup auto trigger, auto build &auto deployment with help of the CI/CD tool like Jenkins , used Ansible Control server to deploy Playbooks to machines & systems in inventory.
  • Setup the Splunk server and configured AWS for Splunk Add-on, Install Splunk Agents and configured/Integrate Splunk to receive logs.
  • Developed a Power Shell script to automate Active Directory and server tasks and Generate reports for administrators and management.
  • Used HP ALM, UFT, Rally, groovy, Jenkins, Control-M, Artifactory, Kubernetes, Version1, Spew, Docker, SoapUI, Load runner on this project for testing reporting and other processes at different stages.
  • Worked with Atlassian tools like Confluence, Jira and Skilled in Test Driven Development (TDD) and Agile Development. Experience customizing JIRA projects with various schemas, complex workflows, screen schemes, permission schemes, and notification schemes.

Confidential - Houston, TX

DevOps Engineer

  • Involved in deploying the content cloud platform on Amazon AWS using EC2, S3, and EBS. Evaluate Chef and Puppet framework and tools to automate the cloud deployment and operations.
  • Build AWS infrastructure various resources IAM, VPC, Security Group, Auto Scaling, Cloud Watch, RDS, NACL, NAT, Firewall, Route 53, and Cloud Formation JSON Templates.
  • Experience in AWS services for deploying EC2 instances with various flavors including Amazon Linux AMI, RHEL, SUSE Linux, Ubuntu as well as creating ELBs and auto scaling to design cost effective, fault-tolerant, and highly available systems.
  • Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) console and AWS CLI to launch and manage VM's with Public/Private subnet and setup load balancing, security groups etc. Created Cloud Formation templates and deployed AWS resources like EC2, Auto scaling, EBS, S3.
  • Worked on setup up and maintenance of automated environment using Chef Recipes & cookbooks within VMware and AWS environment.
  • Deployment, implementation of Subversion (SVN) as source control, collaboration and QA tool. Project management, versioning and blame/issue tracking using Subversion (SVN) created scripts for Backup and restoring Subversion (SVN) repositories also migrated source control tool from Clear Case to Subversion (SVN) and build tool from Ant to Maven.
  • Installed and Implemented Ansible configuration management system. Used Ansible to manage Web applications, Environments configuration Files, Users, Mount points and Packages
  • Currently working on cluster and network configuration for Docker containers running on multiple hosts and configuring a local Docker hub for storing Docker images internally using the Docker registry.
  • Installing, configuring and administering Jenkins Continuous Integration tool on Linux machines along with adding and updating plug-ins such as GIT, ANT, and Chef.
  • Implemented Jira with Maven release plug-in for tracking bugs and defects and created ANT and Maven POMs to automate the build process and integrated them with tools like SonarQube, Nexus.
  • Involved in writing and organizing Shell and Perl scripting for building complex software systems written some Shell scripts to automate the process like node federation for distributed platforms.
  • Created and configured jobs, script builder, custom command builder, agents in Bamboo. Configured Git with Jenkins and schedule jobs using Poll SCM option deployed the EARs and WARs in JBOSS Application server using ANT script.
  • Wrote Json templates for cloud formation and ruby scripts for chef automation and contributing to our repository on GitHub (sub version control).
  • Deploy and manage servers through Puppet and scripts, use cloud providers as uninterrupted substrate for implementation. Experienced with working on Puppet Master and Puppet Agents to manage and configure nodes.
  • Deployed and configured Elastic search , Logstash and Kibana ( ELK ) for log analytics, full-text search, application monitoring in integration with AWS Lambda and Cloud Watch.
  • Implemented Docker-maven plug-in in and maven pom to build Docker images for all microservices and later managed Docker file to build the Docker images from the java jar files.
  • Created Docker Images using a Docker file, worked on Docker container snapshots, removing images and managing Docker volumes, also deployed Docker Swarm.
  • Deployed code on Web Logic servers for Production, IT, Performance and Development environments using ANT scripts. Making DB deployments thru Oracle SQL, MS SQL.
  • Integration of ANT/Nexus, Jenkins, Atlassian (Bamboo), Urban Code Deploy with Patterns/Release, GIT, Stash, Confluence, Jira and Cloud Foundry.
  • Worked in designing and implementing continuous integration system using Jenkins by creating Python and Perl scripts.
  • Deployed and configured Elastic search , Logstash and Kibana (ELK) for log analytics, full-text search, application monitoring in integration with AWS Lambda and Cloud Watch.
  • Installed and set up Nagios monitoring system on a dedicated Amazon EC2 server, developed several custom plug-ins for monitoring availability and performance of AWS EC2 instances, integrating Pingdom checks, monitoring MySQL databases and results of execution of certain queries, etc.
  • Closely working with Developers, QA, Performance, UAT testers, IT Team. Provided 24*7 supports on call.

Confidential - Los Angeles, CA

Build Release Engineer

  • Configuring/Maintaining/tuning/upgrading Web logic/Web sphere/JBoss and Web based applications like Java & Tomcat/Apache. Deployed Applications into PROD & Pre-Prod environments with various application server technologies like Web logic, JBoss & Apache Tomcat.
  • Created CI/CD pipelines and setup auto trigger, auto build and auto deployment with the help of the CI/CD tool like Jenkins . Implementing new projects builds framework using Jenkins &Maven as build framework tools.
  • Integrated SVN/Git repositories with Jenkins so developers can deploy their code and created various Jenkins jobs in different regions to propagate code through QA, prod and production environments.
  • Administration skills in Version Control Management tools (GIT) like tagging, branching, merging, stash, patching and user access control.
  • Experience working in CI/CD model and able to create a complete Jenkins pipeline for auto deployment for the different environments like Dev, QA and Prod.
  • Configuration of various plug-ins for Jenkins for automation of the workflow and to optimize and smooth running of build jobs. Implementing a Continuous Delivery framework using Jenkins, Puppet, Maven & Nexus in Linux environment.
  • Installed Jenkins plug-ins for GIT Repository, setup SCM Polling for Immediate Build with Maven Repository and Deployed Apps using custom ruby modules through Puppet as a CI/CD Process.
  • Installing, configuring and administering Jenkins on Linux machines along with adding and updating plug-ins such as GIT, ANT. Used ANT and MAVEN as a build tools on java projects for the development of build Artifacts on the source code.
  • Deployed the applications on multiple WebLogic/WebSphere Server instances and maintained Load Balancing, high availability and Fail over for the servers.
  • Created and configured new JIRA projects and worked with departments to maintain existing JIRA projects. Manually migrated JIRA from 4.1 to 5.8 standalone JIRA on Linux server and created custom workflows, screens and Custom fields for JIRA.
  • Installed and Configured the Nexus repository manager for sharing the artifacts within the company. Maintained and deployed the Artifacts, used UDeploy (UrbanDeploy) release build and produce products for testing and use in production.
  • Installed & enabled Firewall/IP tables rules on new servers to secure the network, also designed Firewall rules for new servers to enable communication with application servers.
  • Creating volume groups , logical volumes , extending logical volumes based on the requirements using Logical Volume Management (LVM) commands, also c reated and activated SWAP volumes to enhance system Performance and Tuning.
  • Configuration & administration of NFS, NIS, FTP, SSH Server. Maintaining security groups assigned to Production and Test Linux Servers. Installed, configured and maintained SAMBA server for transferring files between windows and the LINUX environment.
  • Configured Networking Concepts DNS & DHCP, troubleshooting network problems such as TCP/IP, providing support for users in solving their problems.
  • Administrating Active Directory Services on Windows Server. Installation, Configuration and administration of Windows Servers.


Systems Administrator

  • Installed and configured ESXi servers and app software across the network mostly Dell, HP and IBM hardware for virtualizations. Implemented and enhanced existing scripts developed in Shell and Ruby Managed server on VMware vSphere, vCenter.
  • Linux/Unix IT Administrator experience specialized in Application Support on Redhat- Linux, CentOS, Solaris, IBM-AIX. and Windows environments.
  • Monitoring and log management on UNIX, Linux, and Windows servers, including processes, crash and swap management, and performance tuning.
  • Maintained and monitored all of company's servers operating system and application patch level, disk space and memory usage, user activities on day-to-day basis.
  • Maintained/configured virtual servers, Creation of VMs, cloning and migrations of the VMs on VMware vSphere 4.0, VMware ESX 4.1, HyperV.
  • Planned and worked on design with Network team to re-architect F5 load-balancers to load-balance traffic anywhere in the company network.
  • Implemented System policies and hardware profiles, hard disk configuration for fault tolerance, disk mirroring and back up the data using BACKUP devices.
  • Used bash shell scripting to schedule and automate processes including full and incremental backups using tar, crontab, ufsdump and snapshots.
  • Knowledge in Logical Volume Management on Linux with LVM Knowledgeable in HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, DHCP, DNS, SNMP TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP, VPN, POP3 protocols.
  • Knowledge in DNS, NIS, NFS, FTP, NIS, Samba Server, LDAP, remote access, security management, and system troubleshooting skills. Troubleshooting and packet capture with Net scout probes, Sniffer Pro, and TCP dump. Use of network monitoring tools including Cisco Works and Wire shark/Ethereal.
  • Comfortable in working in a Data center environment - swapping of disks, Attaching/Detaching storage, increasing Utilization.
  • Performed backend development using open source toolset LAMP stack ( Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).

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