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Microstrategy Resume

Boston, MA


  • 6 years of experience in building projects and creating reports using MicroStrategy 9.X/8.X/7.X product suites including MicroStrategy Desktop, MicroStrategy Web, MicroStrategy Administrator, and MicroStrategy Intelligence Server.
  • Extensively worked on building complex reports and dashboards using advance metrics, relationship filters, dynamic filters, advance prompts, templates, custom groups and consolidations.
  • Expertise in creating complex reports like Drill down, Sub Reports, implementing Conditional Formatting, Interactive Sorting, Grouping and Filtering.
  • Delivered reports in Desktop and Web and via Narrowcast Server to multiple users.
  • Used ETL methodology for supporting Data Extraction, transformations and loading processing, in a corporate-wide ETL solution.
  • Experience working with data modelers to translate business rules/requirements into conceptual/logical dimensional models and worked with complex de-normalized and normalized data models.
  • Optimized report generation with respect to Very Large Databases (VLDB) to make absolute use of Database Flexibility, Caching, Security and Scalability Issues suited for Oracle, Teradata, DB2 and SQL Server and involved in troubleshooting MicroStrategy reports.
  • Expertise in OLTP/OLAP System Study, developing Database Schemas like Star Schema and Snowflake Schema used in relational, dimensional and multidimensional modeling.
  • Expertise in the concept in Data Warehousing, Dimensional Modeling, Fact and Dimensional Tables.
  • Strong Experience in MicroStrategy Reporting Services.
  • Work Independently in MicroStrategy as a developer, Architect and Administrator.
  • Extensively worked on Administration tools like Job Monitor, User Manager, Cache Manager, Object Manager, Schedule manager.
  • Exceptional analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Excellent team player with the ability to communicate effectively.
  • Ability to work independently.

Business intelligence: MicroStrategy 9.x/8x/7.x (Desktop, Architect, MicroStrategy Agent, MicroStrategy Web, MicroStrategy Intelligence Server, MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server).
Databases: Oracle 11g/10g, DB2, Teradata, SQL Server.
Utilities: Oracle SQL- Loader, SQL Assistant, TOAD, SQL Navigator.
Languages: Oracle SQL Developer/*Plus, PL/SQL.
ETL Tools: Informatica Power Center.
Operating Systems: Windows 7/XP/2003, UNIX, UBUNTU.


Confidential,Boston, MA Mar 10- April 12
Sr. MicroStrategy Consultant


  • Involved in design of proto type of reports based on requirements.
  • Involved in the complete Life cycle of the Project.
  • Involved in Dimensional Data Modeling (Star Schema, Snow-Flake Schema) Data Architecture, Business and Data Analysis
  • Involved in installation and configuration of MicroStrategy 9.0.2.
  • Creating Schema Objects (facts, attributes, hierarchies, Transformations) and application objects (filters, prompts, metrics, reports) needed to create the MicroStrategy objects necessary for the deliverable.
  • Creating advanced metrics (level, conditional), filters, consolidations, custom groups and reports with VLDB properties.
  • Created ad-hoc reports by drilling up, down, within and across Hierarchies.
  • Involved in creating Security filters to end users to access data based on their privileges.
  • Used Apply Simple and Apply Comparison functions to develop complex Filters and Transformations.
  • Involved in creation of Datamart Reports, Partition Mappings and Aggregate tables to improve performance of reports.
  • Set-up the narrowcast environment and created services using subscription sets, schedules, Information objects.
  • Creating Dash Board Reports to view personalized reports based on user requirements.
  • Involved in the Creation Document from multiple Datasets like Map Application Diagram, Grid and graph.
  • Involved in optimization of code and tuning queries for performance.
  • Provided post production support to end-users.

Environment: Micro Strategy v9.0/8.1 Desktop Reports, Web Reports, Architect, Narrowcast Server, Administration, Dash Boards, UNIX, Oracle 11g, PL/SQL.

Confidential,Indianapolis, IN Jan 09- Feb 10 MicroStrategy Developer


  • Worked with business requirements analysts / subject matter experts to identify and understand requirements.
  • Worked with estimation of product deliverable, produce development project plan.
  • Development Work from requirement concepts, create solution approaches and turn these into high level designs.
  • Designed and created dimensional, data marts /aggregate tables to support the reporting needs.
  • Involved in designing the data model, analyzing the sources and creating the specifications.
  • Designed and developed of Microstrategy schema objects like Attributes, Facts and Hierarchies using Microstrategy Architect.
  • Created complex report service documents involving large number of data sets calculated at different levels.
  • Created various complex objects like dimensional metrics, conditional metrics, set filters, relationship filters and object prompts.
  • Used Freeform SQL to generate the reports from Excel.
  • Developed the solution documents and proto type for complex requirement of passing prompt values from one dashboard report to another dashboard report.
  • Created the schedule to cache the reports daily in which end user seeing the report in seconds.
  • Worked on SQL tuning of Microstrategy reports in which end user running the report in minutes instead of running in more than 10 minutes.
  • Migration Microstrategy project from development to production.
  • Up gradation of Microstrategy project from lower version to higher version.
  • Performing QA and production migrations of Microstrategy objects between development, maintenance, and production environments using Object Manager and Project Duplication process.

Environment: Microstrategy 8x, Microstrategy Desktop, Microstrategy Report Services, Microstrategy Web, Microstrategy Office, Microstrategy Intelligence Server, Microstrategy Narrowcast Server, Oracle 10g, Oracle SQL Developer, Windows XP/2000.

Confidential,Oklahoma City, OK Sept 07-Dec 08
MicroStrategy Developer


  • Involved in creation of schema objects Attributes, facts, hierarchies and transformations for development of application objects on of it.
  • Created hierarchies metrics, advanced metrics (level metrics, non-aggregate metrics, transformation metrics and conditional metrics).
  • Created filters, prompts (Object prompt, Value prompt, Level prompt, filter definition prompt) for creation of MicroStrategy reports.
  • Applied My Preferences to make changes at Project Level and Desktop Preferences to make changes for all Projects of Desktop
  • Used Explain plans to analyze the Queries generated by Microstrategy to identify the areas for Performance improvement and worked with the DBA teams in finding solution and used freeform SQL for writing queries.
  • Involved in trouble shooting report results
  • Involved in monitor the statistics about objects, reports and user sessions by using Enterprise Manager.
  • Used MicroStrategy Web to offer interactive reporting to the end users through a web browser
  • Unit tested the reports developed by the other developers

Environment: MicroStrategy 8x, Narrowcast Server, Administration, Enterprise Manager, MS SQL Server 2000, Teradata.

Confidential,Santa Fe, NM Feb 06- Aug 07
MicroStrategy Developer


  • Modeled the data warehouse by applying dimensional modeling principles. Identified source tables and columns required to create the MicroStrategy projects, which references the IBM DB2 data warehouse.
  • Developed in a conformed dimension framework to eliminate expensive redundancy and rework.
  • Evaluated and documented strengths and weaknesses of MicroStrategy 7i for implementation.
  • Created metrics, filters and templates for the reports.
  • Created reports objects such as Filters, Metrics and Templates in MicroStrategy Desktop.
  • Designed report templates to generate reports in grid and graph mode.
  • Created Drill Maps to obtain aggregated results.
  • Applied OLAP and statistical functions to calculate metrics.
  • Created user accounts and group privileges
  • DB instance for MicroStrategy and added all the tables, table prefixes and updated the table structure required for the Project.
  • Perform Daily Checks for job Monitor, User sessions and Cache Monitor to keep the system stable
  • Designed many Prompts with different options like Filters, Objects and Value to facilitate Ad hoc reporting.
  • Developing Auto prompts to give end users a choice of different filtering criteria each time they run the report.

Environment: MicroStrategy 8.1.2, Oracle 8i, SQL Server.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Bachelors in Business Administration

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