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Sr Web Developer Resume

Warren, NJ


10+ years of experience in Developing Enterprise Web applications using JavaScript & J2EE technologies. Worked extensively in Jive SBS, Confluence, HTML 4.01, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, Jquery, Dojo, JSON, XML, PHP and Oracle RDBMS. A pro-active solution-oriented individual with strong communication skills.

  • Integration of Jive-based system with customer portals using Web 2.0 technologies using widgets.
  • Provide expertise to define Widgets architecture, technical dependencies, & options.
  • Strong experience with design and implementation of Collaboration solutions in a high volume environment
  • Experienced in the areas of O-O Programming technologies, Social Web applications, Jive SBS, Confluence, Liferay
  • Experienced with Scripting in Javascript, Ajax, Jquery, Dojo for web-based applications with OO Design patterns.
  • Experienced with JavaScript & CSS Optimization.
  • Experienced with HTML 5, CSS3
  • Knowledge of IBM Websphere eXtreme Scale.
  • Knowledge of Web Accessibility standards.
  • Solid knowledge of web applications Performance Improvement techniques and Caching solutions.
  • Experienced with Web/application servers as Apache Tomcat, Web Sphere, Weblogic,
  • Experience with developing Apps for Webkit, Mobile Safari.
  • Knowledge of XHTML, XSLT, CSS, Web Services, Axis-API, SOAP, SAX, DOM.
  • Exposure to System Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Possess strong analytical thinking, troubleshooting capabilities, proactive listener & team player, commitment to co-operative teamwork and excellent interpersonal communication skills.
  • Currently authoring a book on Javascript , Html.

Technical Skills:

Web Technologies: HTML 4.01, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, PHP, jQuery Packages / Tools: Firebug, Charles proxy, Rapid SVN, Ant, Beyond Compare, mvn Software: JSP, Servlets Miscellaneous: UML, MS Office. Scripting Languages: JavaScript , Ajax, Jquery, Dojo, PHP Bug Tracking: QC, Jira IDE: IBM RAD, Eclipse, Notepad++, JBuilder, Aptana Studio, Sptek Web Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, BM WebSphere V6 & V7 Databases: Oracle 9i & 10, MySQL, SQL Server, MS Access. Design Patterns: MVC, DAO Frameworks: Struts, Spring, Hibernate Other Languages: C, C++, VB Testing Tools: Junit, CJS, Firebug

Confidential Client - Confidential, San Jose, CA May 11 – Present Project: Connections Jive SBS, IWE (Integrated Work Experience) Confidential is a Social Business software which uses the best features of Social networking, Collaboration software, Community software, and Social media monitoring to extend a layer of social capabilities across every level of your business. Enabling you to produce massive business results. Connections is a web application which helps to Collaborate for sales, used extensively by Technical Sales & the Emerging Market groups within Cisco. The Connections is powered by Jive SBS hosted within Cisco.

  • Implement and integrate Jive Collaboration software with customer portals.
  • Developed a User interface Widget design using Jquery, JSP, HTML, CSS.
  • Worked with Consumers to integrated Jive-based services with their respective portals .
  • Extensive experience with applications design, Integration, and deployment in an integrated global environment
  • Migration of Jive SBS communities, knowledgebase from Jive SBS platform to IWE.
  • Working as a Connections team Administrator, Managing the Production & Staging Environments for Jive SBS.
  • Perform systems analysis and end-to-end technology solution designs for collaboration solutions programs
  • Using Jquery for Search widget & polls.
  • Providing a roadmap for migration of Knowledgebase.
  • Driving report generation for business metrics using SQLyog tool, Google Analytics.
  • Maintain & support operations for Jive Application Server Clusters & the Database server in a very high volume customer facing environment.
  • Supporting End users with training with onsite support.

Environment: Jive SBS platform, Confluence, Hibernate, Javascript, Jquery 1.7, Ajax, Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4, Mysql 5.1.41, Charles Proxy tool, Apache Tomcat 6.1, Dojo 1.5

Confidential Client- Confidential, Warren, New Jersey Aug 10 – Apr 11 Project: My Verizon, Sync & Connect Sr Web developer Confidential is a set of Converged Communications focused features that will be accessible via Verizon Wireless device and the Web. It offers a synchronized experience with Address Book and Inbox. Customers get a unified, aggregated real time synchronized experience with the features such as Address book & Unified Inbox. Unified Inbox consists of SMS & MMS messaging from Verizon Wireless device & hub, Verizon & third party e-mails and visual voicemail from Verizon Wireless, Verizon hub & Verizon Voice services. The main attractions of this are Address book, Email and Visual Voicemail synchronization across the Verizon Wireless (handset ) and Web site (My Verizon).

  • Developed widgets for Inbox storage meter using HTML, CSS, AJAX, DOJO, Jquery, JavaScript .
  • Created custom control to be used in the web pages from the existing XHTML controls.
  • Optimized the Contact Form for faster loading.
  • Performed a Rapid prototype for Web Accessibility compliance.
  • Performed a API audit to increase the success rate of API calls. Part of the Optimization process.
  • Implemented accordian type widget using DOJO library.
  • Creating web services which were used by widget using Jquery.
  • Worked on creating Java web services which used for pulling the data.
  • Designed the Unit Test Plan according to the functional requirements, Created the test data, Tested the code and fixed before integrating with the version in CVS and sending for system integration testing.
  • Environment: IBM Websphere, IBM RAD 7.0, MKS Integrity, Dojo 1.5, Jquery, Beyond Compare (tool for File comparison), Javascript, HTML, CSS, Design patterns, Fusion One.

    Confidential, CA July 09 – Aug 10 Project: Asset Center Sr. UI Developer Confidential is a Web application providing a single point of control and single point of entry to any data associated with the 3rd party source code used in order to build Civio products. Asset Center also contains a repository of the pristine open source software assets (and in many cases commercial 3rd party software assets) for use in Civio products with the purpose of archiving the 3rd Party components and the ability to query for specific keywords associated with the components. IP/Central may be thought of as a single source of entry for all engineering data associated with 3rd party software. An additional purpose of IP Central is ensuring that the license terms are understood and approved for specific business uses.

    • Developed AJAX based web-based UI framework by extending JQuery classes.
    • Some of the main JQuery classes used in the application are.
    • JQuery For datepicker widget.
    Drag & Drop functionality using Jquery
    • Tabs using Jquery
    • Used XHTML and XML formats to transfer data from the server.
    • Optimized Javascript for faster loading of webapps.
    • Developed UI layer using HTML and CSS.
    • Used Apache POI API to generate excel document for data in each grid in the application.
    • Used PHP for a login script & an auto email sending script.
    • Used Velocity and Java Mail API to generate email notifications.
    • Developed Data Access Layer using Hibernate and DAO Design Pattern.
    • Used scrum/agile methodology software life cycle.

      Environment: Javascript, Jquery, AJAX, PHP, HTML, DHTML, CSS Java Script, XML, Servlets, Design Patterns, Web Services, Oracle, Maven, Eclipse.

      Confidential, Salt Lake City, UT July 07 – May 08 Lead UI Developer Project: Raptor – CRM Solution Confidential makes multichannel customer service software solutions. The WATERFORD Suite, which integrates phone, e-mail, Web, chat and collaboration channels with knowledge management capabilities in a unified application. WATERFORD is developing a next-generation customer service solution with IBM, called Service Experience Management. SEM begins with the notion that if you can imagine the customer service process you want, you ought to be able to make it real without reliance on web designers, IT folks, and code customizations. SEM ends the technology barriers between our customers and their vision for great service. SEM also delivers the capacity to use information, skills and services from across the entire enterprise landscape. SEM is built on top of a SOA (service-oriented architecture) framework and SOA orchestration so all of our customer’s assets can be building blocks to provide best possible customer experience at the lowest cost to the organization.

      • Worked on Form-designer module which is built on top of wavemaker studio.
      • Created cross browser UI widget using various wavemaker/XHTML widgets.
      • Used XHTML's various container layouts to design the form-designer.
      • Integrated form-designer with other designer's like experience flow designer.
      • Involved in writing extensive Javascript code to populate form fields from BO and vice versa.
      • Created Java web services to call the backend data services.
      • Extensible work on XHTML to transfer data between the UI and the services layer.
      • Worked on the FindEntry and SearchEntry Designer Using CSS javascript library.
      • Used CSS CSS selectors, toggles, hover functionality.
      • Implemented CSS Ajax, XHTML support in Experience flow Designer.
      • Worked on creating Search widget and wrote Java services for search and the find widgets.
      • Worked on creating Inbound and Outbound Email widget and Email Service.
      • Worked on creating Human Steps and Automated Steps using Java, POJO and XML.
      • Created web Services using Axis2 API.
      • Worked on creating Step definition based upon the user stories and user scenarios (UML Diagrams).

      Environment: Java/J2EE, WID, IBM WMB6.1, JavaScript, XHTML, Ajax, wavemaker, HTML, CSS, XML, Web-services, Axis2, Linux

      Confidential Mar 06 - July 07 Web Developer, JAVA Project- FTS (Feature Tracking System) Confidential is a centralized WATERFORD Feature Tracking System which supports Software Types like IOS, IOS XE, and IOS XR. This includes integration and inheritance of feature in subsequent releases, platforms and images. It introduces a workflow model to track the lifecycle of features. This system integrates the functionalities and data previously available in PDS, FIT and FLM. It also provides many more enhanced and advanced functionalities. FTS consists of a series of forms which are used to document a feature as it passes through the workflow from one milestone to the next.

      • Implemented scripting with Ajax to manage callbacks and updating the JSP file without refresh.
      • Implemented popup windows using Java Script to display data returned from server.
      • Implemented HTML Tree Structure using Java Script.
      • Worked on the UI layer coding JSP with HTML, DHTML style sheets and Java Script.
      • Worked on performance optimization by restructuring the UI, backend components and logging.
      • Created cross browser UI components using various AJAX form components, Data Stores, Data Reader and Data Grids.
      • Involved in Designing and coding of all modules using spring wiring.
      • Implemented the Session Façade, Implemented Session Beans and Entity Beans EJB Framework to interact with the database.
      • Transaction Management, Bean caching was handled using Container Managed Beans.
      • Designed and developed Message driven bean to process messages asynchronously using JMS.
      • Used Java Mail API using for email notifications.
      • Developed web-services to interact with other applications using Axis API.
      • Event handling and validations using Java Script.
      • Extensible use of Stored Procedures in Oracle 10G.
      • Involved in the Oracle 9i to 10G database migration.
      • Utilized Rational Clear Case for code management.

      Environment: EJB Framework, Ajax, J2EE 1.4, JSP, JavaScript , HTML, DHTML, XML, CSS, PL/SQL, Spring Framework, Struts, MVC.

      Confidential, Salt Lake City, UT April 05 - Feb 06 Web Developer, JAVA Project: System Compatibility Backend Application System Compatibility Backend Application enables the authorized users to easily build hardware and/or software compatibility by navigating thru MDF WATERFORD Products. SCB provides an approval cycle for the newly created or modified system compatibility information. Once the system compatibility is approved, authorized user(s) can publish the information to Unified Communications Tool to be viewed by SEs, Partners, and WATERFORD customers. System Compatibility Frontend Application System Compatibility Application will be built on System Compatibility Information provided by System Compatibility Backend Application. This application helps to find products, components and release levels that comprise particular system compatibility and also to find various release documents for products. System Compatibility Application will focus on providing a straightforward solution to a specific customer request with a limited amount of time and resources.

      • Participated in the various early sprint planning and requirements meetings.
      • Based upon the various questions asked in the early sprint meetings documented the requirement feature by feature before the development.
      • Created the SFS for the back end as well as front end application based upon the PRD.
      • Involved with the team in making design document and creating UML class diagrams.
      • Implemented the application using MVC design Pattern.
      • Created some java asynchronous processes to achieve some functionality like publishing, email notifications etc. using java multithreading.
      • Used CSS AJAX for generating asynchronous java script calls to the server.
      • Used Java Script classes and objects to store and populate view pages from data.
      • Involved with the DBA team to design the database.
      • Created stored procedure for database manipulation during the approval and publishing processes.
      • Used Oracle 10G database and Web logic server in Linux environment to deploy the application.
      • Used hibernate for the OR-mapping.
      • Used Maven to compile and package the application.

      Environment: Java, CSS, Spring MVC, IOC, AOP, Hibernate Framework, Ajax, J2EE 1.4, Web Logic, Java Server Pages, Oracle, HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, PL/SQL, Agile (Scrum) methodology.

      Confidential, Mumbai Aug 04 to Apr 05 Java Developer Project: Rundown Confidential is a rich UI web application, provides a web-centric solution that allows users to access the data and reporting tools through the intranet, provides sufficient information storage to centralize data from multiple external sources. Also allows users to perform statistical analysis from within the application. Facilitate reporting from the centralized data repository with dynamic view drill down and ad hoc querying capabilities. Allows export of data to other external systems and provides interface to run statistical software with in the Rundown System. Store reports and data in a real time. It also facilitates the business expansion with ability to add models, series, plants to the database and the reports.

      • Part of the Agile development team and involved in cyclic sprint meetings.
      • Also participated with the testers in the sprints to clarify the requirements.
      • Worked on the UI layer coding JSP with HTML, DHTML style sheets and Java Script.
      • Used JSP, JSTL, JSP tag libraries and custom tags to design various report.
      • Used IFrame to display data and implemented scrolling and freeze panes using JavaScript code. Provided scrolling for the tabs on the various reports
      • Generated Excel and PDF views for the reports using third party libraries and tools.
      • Used Spring View Resolvers to display various views for the report.
      • Designed tree view for some of the reports, user input validations and runtime update of various calculated fields using JavaScript library methods.
      • Implemented scripting with Ajax and XML to dynamically refresh the page contents.
      • Created and used various java script objects to store data to be used by the scripting code using various object’s methods to retrieve and manipulate data in the script objects.

      Environment: Spring Framework, Ajax, J2EE 1.4, Web Logic, Java Server Pages, Oracle, Java, HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, PL/SQL and Agile development methodology.

      Confidential, Mumbai, India Oct 03 to Aug 04 Java Web Developer Project: eLearning The project eLearning promotes concept of online teaching. The basic idea behind the eLearning is to provide the users with online courses, tutorials and exercises along with the self-test, discussion forum and online testing. This web application provides various e-learning services like request an e learning class, check schedules, free webinars, free demonstrations and cancellation processes. It also provides self study tutorials on computer’s browser (both IE and Netscape are supported).

      • Developed presentation layer components using JSP and Servlets.
      • Created Data Access Objects (DAO) using JDBC to interact with the database.
      • Implemented and designed required value objects with proper names and comments.
      • Developed screens using HTML, DHTML, and CSS.
      • Used JavaScript for client side validation.
      • Implemented the necessary infrastructure to parse XML documents using DOM/SAX.
      • Played an active role in testing the application by writing test cases for different scenarios.
      • Created use cases, class diagrams, activity diagrams and collaboration diagrams.
      • Involved in System documentation, object documentation and User documentation.
      • Developed some scripts using PERL for loading data periodically from certain URLs.

      Environment: J2EE (JDBC, Servlets and JSP), Apache, Linux, PERL, SQL, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Design patterns, MySQL.

      Confidential, Mumbai, India Jan 01 to Sep 03 UI/Java Developer Project :Mass Emailer Confidential is a web tool, which allows user to send emails in bulk and also personalize them accordingly. It manages the contacts, accounts and groups, which further has many import/export options from different modes. User can choose from the different templates and can also refer its personal template for sending the mails. Also it provides user to personalize the contents and send the mails in bulk to different contacts.

      • Developed web components using JSP, Servlets and Struts Framework.
      • Developed screens using HTML.
      • Designed a tool for fetching content from text files.
      • Involved in Low Level Design and Development of Business Layer & Data Layer.
      • Used JavaScript for client side validation.
      • Involved in Designing and coding of Actions for all modules using Struts framework.
      • Prepared Development Environment using Eclipse, Ant and JBoss.
      • Involved in designing the Database Model diagram.
      • Implemented the Background Worker using Multi-threading which sends mails in bulk behind the scene.

      Environment: J2EE (Java, JSP, JDBC and Servlets), Apache Tomcat, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, Eclipse.

      Education: Masters, Business Administration (Systems) Bachelor of Science (Information Technology)

      Interests: Biomimicry, Design, Aviation

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