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Application Developer Resume



David Thompson is an Application Developer with 5+ years in Website Application Development, including the use of the new Net framework using C#, .ASP.NET, SQL Server 2005 database.


Programming Skills: C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net 3.5/2.0/1.1, ASP Classic, CSS, HTML, SQL/T-SQL, Java, Servlets, JSP, XML, XML Web Services, XSL, JavaScript and AJAX

Programming Environments and IDE: (9) yrs Visual Studio 2003 / 2005 / 2008, (2) yrs Visual Interdev, DotNetNuke.
Graphic design and Multimedia: Photoshop 7.0, Fireworks MX, basic knowledge of Flash.
Web Servers: IIS5, Tomcat 4.0., IBM Websphere.
DBMS used: SQL Server 2000/2005, MySql, Oracle 8I, Access
ORM (Object Relational Mapping): Subsonic, Entity Spaces, Framework 3.5 ‘Linq to SQL’.
Analysis/Design Methodologies: UML, OOAD, Unified Modeling Process.


Studied Object Oriented Programming concepts for C++ and Java. Visual Basic for Applications; electronic engineering and advanced math.

Studied carious electrical trades and computer operations, such as z8080 EPROM chip programming and pick-n-place robotic programming,


04/1997 To 01/2009 Confidential,
Cleveland, Ohio

Confidential,Ohio Senior Developer (April, 2008 - January, 2009)

  • As Senior Developer, authored (Content Management System) which enables editors to manage website content 24 hours a day developed utilizing C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2005, AJAX, and consumed WebServices.
  • Support for the advertising department by developing a lead capture application. By use of the online forms application, potential advertisers apply for advertising and the advertising director receives notice by email and phone of all leads to be dispersed throughout the company C#, ASP.NET and SQL Server 2005.
  • Developed site subscription model to enable public users to setup individual accounts which include the ability to post online events for their organizations C#, ASP.NET, and SQL Server 2005.
  • As lead programmer, developed and implemented online print ad request application which enables advertisers to setup print ads online C#, ASP.NET and SQL Server 2005..
  • UPRIS CORP. Universal Patient Records Systems Web Application Developer (October 2006 - March 2008)
  • MyUpris.com
  • VB.Net/ASP.Net multi-tier programming within the \'DotNetNuke\' environment. (DAL)
  • VB.Net/ASP.Net module programming that involved the use of multiple user controls for the system (DAL)
  • Content Development for \'MonitorMyDiabetes.com\' and \'MyHealthDashboard

Confidential, (January 2006 - March 2006)
Content Management Web Replication System

  • Functioned as the lead developer in charge of the overall planning and architecture which includes, database planning and schema development, VB/C# business layer development, data access layers, webforms, and graphics.
  • Utilized ASP.Net and C# to develop the multi-tier ecommerce website replication system on top of a SQL Server backend which utilized stored procedures for the data access layer (DAL)
  • The inGlory replication system has over 40 content management features to be replicated with each new registration and/or signup.
  • Plant Automation and Control System Integrators ( TEGRON )
  • VB.Net/ASP.Net multi-tier programming for an Oracle database based \'Profile Configuration Application\' for the Cooper Tire Company. Involved the use of stored procedures accessed by a data access layer (DAL)
  • VB.Net/ASP.Net programming for a SQL Server database based RFID "Smart Cart Tracking System". Involved the use of stored procedures accessed by a data access layer (DAL)

Confidential, (June 2003 - July 2005)
APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER (Web Applications Developer – Microsoft Technologies)

Was a team member for the design and development of an IBM WebSphere Technology Education Center course and class scheduling CMS web interface project. This project gave the Education Center a web interface to enable administrators and instructors to manage content, manage certifications, add and schedule courses for prospective students interested in Java/WebSphere Application Server Training. As senior developer, for 1 year project, duties included the design and development of the front end commerce application, using ASP.NET / C#, HTML, and JavaScript to interface to the company database backend. This system, upon user authentication, allows administrators and instructors to manage site content, follow up on leads and update and add to class schedules.
It also allowed new users to register for classes, search through up-to-date course offerings, download Java development software SDKs and receive periodic email newsletters and announcements. It resulted in 50% reduction in the sales cycle and the ability to close a sale online through direct e-commerce and/or via signed purchase orders.

  • Confidential,

SENIOR APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER (Web Applications Developer – Microsoft Technologies)

Team Unity lacked a total internet presence. Without a vehicle to register affiliates, capture and manage leads, it became almost impossible to keep and track records for the individual associates.
As project leader and senior developer, created an automatic site replication system using ASP.NET / C#, which replicates and generates websites upon the purchase of a "Team Unity" account. Each affiliate has the ability to manage individual accounts, manage communications, track and manage leads. There were over 100 affiliates that are now ready to purchase accounts, add their replicated to search engines and manage their down lines.

  • Confidential,
  • MAINTENANCE APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER (Web Applications Developer – Microsoft Technologies)

The Call and Post Newspapers of Ohio was in need of a CMS (Content Management System) that would enable news editors to add and edit news stories on demand. There was also a need to provide the tools that would involve the community in the growth of the newspapers as well. Was responsible for the design and development of the CallAndPost.com using Microsoft technologies such as ASP, and SQL for the database. The CallandPost.com news website is a Content Management System that is driven by a RDMS. Upon authentication, editors have the ability to add and edit content, add classifieds on demand, and check users through the use of a web interface backend.

Confidential, October 2000 - May 2001

As part of the Nortech Award Winning NEBS application and design team, designed and implemented a front end GUI for nebsonline.com through the use of ASP and JavaScript. Also, designed the company intranet utilizing COM and DCOM and designed and programmed the Online Demo through the use of Shockwave animation which describes online financial trading.

  • Confidential, March 2000 - Sept 2000

This role was responsible for the design and implementation of the jbdollarmagazine.com and the 411Marketplace.com websites. The Jbdollarmagazine/411Marketplace.com projects were based on the JB Dollar Magazine Direct Mail business model. It gave merchants, on-line coupon configuration ability as well as gives the JB Dollar Stretcher managers, content management ability. The internet public will have the ability to subscribe to various web services such as scheduled e mail promotions by merchants, downloadable and printable coupons in which to choose as well as new business services for their own businesses. The project has an e-commerce payment system based on internet standard practices and business rules.

Project Specs: Scripting languages such as ASP, JavaScript, VB script and HTML, Visual Basic 6.0 for various server side components, NT Server and IIS 4.0 server-side administration. Cold Fusion markup for various coupon services, Director 8 and Flash 4.0 and Generator for multimedia production and enhancements, various graphic tools such as Photoshop 5, canvas 6.0.

Developmental Tools: Visual Interdev SQL 7 RDMS Data Base, Allaire Homesite, Visual Basic 6.0, Internet Information Server 4 and the Cold Fusion Application Server with NT Server 4 OS.

Confidential, (Jan 2000 - March 2000)


This position was responsible for the design and development of multimedia front-end designs for the ABS system, as well as content development with instructional designers on the various online learning
systems. Tools used are Flash 4.0, the Lingo Syntax language, HTML, and JavaScript.

Confidential, Nov 1999 - Jan 2000


Functioned as an Intranet developer for Camp, Inc. (Cleveland Advanced Manufacturing Program), which included the front-end design for the company intranet/project management system, using ASP, JavaScript, and MS Visual Interdev. The database was designed using SQL Server 7.

Confidential, Sept 1998 - Oct 2003


Provided commercial web development and implementation of e-commerce packages including the design, and maintenance utilizing technologies such as ASP, CFM and NT/Internet Information Server (IIS), SQL Server 7 Database administration. Performed graphic design using Director 7, Flash 4, Photoshop, and other 3D tools.

  • Confidential,


Commercial web development, which include database programming, ASP (VB Script), domain registration, graphic design and multimedia, implementation of e-commerce packages, server and application server configuration, website and dial-up customer support.

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