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Austin, TX


  • Software developer with over 5+ years of total IT experience with 2 years in iOS (iPhone/iPad) development experience in Objective C and COCOA.
  • Experience in COCOA and COCOA Touch frameworks for native iPhone and iPad applications development using Xcode IDE, iOS Simulator and Interface Builder.
  • Strong programming experience in C/C++,Objective-C, Java and SQL.
  • Experience in COCOA API consisted of Foundation, UI Kit and Core Data frameworks
  • Proficient in creating application user interface throught Storyboards and create custom controls.
  • Experience in communicating with web services including: JSON, XML, HTTP
  • Proficient in database technologies like MySQL, Oracle 10g, SQL, PL/SQL
  • Expertise in Development tools like XCode and Interface Builder
  • Thorought understanding of MVC architecture design pattern and other concepts likes delegation, protocols, categories etc.
  • Familiar with object oriented techonoly concept and design and how it can be use to facilitate objects reusability.
  • Experience with Xcode tools for Core Data to creating relationship and property among entities an attributes.
  • Experience in with UNIX, Mac-OS, and Window flatforms
  • Have background on Object Oriented Analysis & Design (OOAD) methodologies, Agile Development methodologies, Design Patterns and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills, excellent communication and presentation skills and excellent team player.
  • Experience in writing SQL queries, Functions, Triggers, Procedures.

Technical Skills

  • Development Tools : XCode, Interface Builder, Instruments.
  • Languages : C/C++, Objective–C, Java, SQL, XML,UML,PHP,CSS
  • Frameworks : iPhone SDK, Android SDK
  • Databases : MySQL,SQLite,Oracle 10g
  • Other Tools : Visual Studio, Eclipse,Netbean,Visio
  • Operating Systems : UNIX, Mac,Windows XP/Vista/7.

Professional Experience

Client: Confidential
Location: Malvern,PA
Duration: Aug. 2012- Dec. 2012
Role: iPhone Application Developer
Platform/OS Used: iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Languages/Tools: Objective-C, X-Code, Javascript, XML

  • Description: Vanguard iPhone/iPad application provides their customer the tools need to securely manage their accounts at the fingertips. View their balances and current asset mix, monitor personal investment performance, trade mutual funds, ETFs, and stocks in your retirement and nonretirement accounts, check recent transactions and brokerage orders, review detailed cost basis accounting information, apply a cost basis method to your mutual fund transactions, review details of your 401(k) or other employer plan, view index trends, research investment choices and follow market developments, share news, videos, and other content..
  • Involved in updating the application UI and application data structure for both Iphone/Ipad
  • Converting tab bar navigation to side menu like “facebook app”.
  • Update new UI according to “red” line specifications provided by designers.
  • Add new controllers to side menu view.
  • Update icons in side menu to support retina display.
  • Implement new navigation controller to draw navigation bar with images
  • Implement new function to populate “menu” buttons on every parent page.
  • Extensively used table views, table view delegates and table view data sources.
  • Add pan gesture to container view to hide or display side menu.
  • Used common UI elements like UITable, UIAlertviews, UITextfields, UILabels.
  • Using Instrument tool to provide some function automate testing.

Client: Confidential
Location: Hartford,CT
Duration: Feb 2012 -July 2012
Role: iPhone Application Developer
Platform/OS Used: iOS
Languages/Tools: Objective-C, X-Code,SQLite3,Plist

Description:Exploria SPS is a sale performance application for Continous Loop Marking (CLM) between pharma marketing, sales and customer prescribers. It’s the second generation of mobile device detailing platform that offer in speed, flexibility, ease of use, scalability and content development. CMS is Content Management Systen that allow users to automated processes of sharing, controlling, managing, and tracking content provides a substantial return on investment and decision making abilities using either our 100% web based or combination web and ultra thin client desktop extension software platforms.

  • Involved in upadating the application to newer version for Ipad
  • Design and code performance module to check sytem performance and saving performance data in plist.
  • Design and code debug module to ease the debugging process and record debugging statement in sqlite database.
  • Design module to access SQLites for accessing, updating, and saving information.
  • Code new module to solve long folder name and file name problem.
  • Migrating functions between Explorisa SPS and CMS application.
  • Extensively used table views, table view delegates and table view data sources.
  • Add gestures single tab, double tap, drag.
  • Extensively used common UI elements like UIAction sheets, UIAlertviews, UITextfields, UILabels.
  • Fixing previous version to adapt to rotation.
  • Solved image overlapping within tableview when scroll.
  • Use MFMailComposeViewController for sending email from performance and debugging module.

Client: Confidential
Location: Westminster, CO
Duration: Aug 2011 – Jan 2012
Role: iPhone Application Developer
Platform/OS Used: iOS
Languages/Tools: Objective-C, X-Code, Core Data

Description: This Application lets users browse all of their own photos, their contacts\' photos and any other public photos, including favorites, tags, sets, groups, interesting photos and more. Also lets users upload any photo from their saved photos or take a new photo with your iPhone\'s/Ipad’s camera. Caching makes accessing your Flickr photos as quick as possible. TWITTER integration with all of your favourite Twitter applications or the built-in web browser.

  • Involved in all aspects of application development including design and development and testing.
  • Actively involved in mockups, prototyping, and design with other members of the design team.
  • Designed the app based on the Apple Human Interface Guidelines.
  • Used the Tab based application template for better access to all functionalities and features.
  • Extensively used table views, table view delegates and table view data sources.
  • Worked with UIviews and view customization.
  • Regularly used gestures single tab, double tap, zoom, drag.
  • Extensively used common UI elements like UIAction sheets, UIAlertviews, UITextfields, UILabels, UIScrollvies etc
  • Created the data model using Core data editor, define relationship among entities, defined entity attribute and its’ property.
  • Added custom code to support device orientation.
  • Built numerous hierarchical set of views using UINavigationController to allow the user to move back and forth between screens
  • Implemented animation with NSTimer and handled Drag Events and gestures.
  • Developed the application flow including the different views and transitions using UIScrollView.
  • Coded FlickrAPI for searching and downloading online photos.
  • Created grid view to display searching result
  • Adding chrome effects using NSTimer so that the UI looks smoother
  • Use MFMailComposeViewController for sending email

Client: Confidential
Location: Melbourne, FL
Duration: Jan. 2011- July 2011
Role: iPad Application Developer
Platform/OS Used: iOS
Languages/Tools: Objective-C, X-Code
Description: Application provide JetBlues customer with flight status information, weather alerts and even our inflight entertainment and snacks. App allow customer to search for and book flights, get check-in reminder 24 hours before flight, receive real-time flight updates within the app and via push notifications,based on where customer current location are in travel window, see relevant details about upcoming flight on the app\'s home screen,sign in with TrueBlue account for a more personalized mobile experience, share travel plans with people, and use the Pick Me Up feature to help people picking you up plan their ride to and from the airport.

  • Participate in all aspects of application development including design and development.
  • Involved in user interface design with other members of the design team.
  • Designed the app based on the Apple Human Interface Guidelines.
  • Parctipated in design custom button, toolbar items, and view images using Photoshop editing software
  • Developed main user interface for the application based on screen designs from the team.
  • Extensively used common UI elements like UI View, UITextfields, UIButton, UIScrollviews,UILabel, etc.
  • Using Cocoa classes extensively: NSURL,NSURLRequest,NSURLConnection
  • Implemented REST client to communicate with the back-end REST web services over HTTP to retrieve data.
  • Using gesture recognizer for pan and tap
  • Extensively used table views, table view delegates and table view data sources.

Client: Confidential
Location: Ridgefield Park, NJ
Duration: Jun. 2008 – Oct 2010
Role: Android developer
Platform/OS Used: Android
Languages/Tools: Android SDK, Java, JSON, XML
Description: Involved in the development of a collaboration application in which allows multiple users to join a brainstorm session from an android device. Each user can post, edit, delete an idea from presentation screen. Each brainstorming session data is stored on a server. I was involved in the coding of the post and save functions and user interface.

  • Working together with other developer in all aspect of the Agile development process.
  • Collaborate with other team member to define system functional.
  • Develop a mockup app and protype to presented to the manager.
  • Create Post, Saved,Draw idea using XML
  • Create Tab Bar for each Post, Saved,Draw
  • Create Grid View display to display difference ideas acquired from server
  • Code Post function to display new idea onto the presentation screen
  • Code function to save ideas to the server

Client: Confidential
Location: Austin, TX
Duration: Nov 2007 – May 2008
Role: Web Developer
Internet REIT (www.iREIT.com) is a next-generation Internet Media Company that acquires develops and monetizes high-quality domain names and web properties. IREIT’s domain portfolio includes such as Favorite.com, Netster.com portal, Bands.com, CreditReports.com, Shows.com, eBuy.com, Recipe.com, GoCarts.com, VietnamWar.com, OfficeSupply.com, and many others. A leading supplier of high-value Internet traffic to advertisers, iREIT receives more than 40 million visitors per month through its growing network of media properties.

  • Redesigned Sites Layout for company’s sites.
  • Implement HTML, DHTML web pages using CSS and JavaScript for sites.
  • Implement PHP code for application.
  • Used Java script for client side validations.
  • Maintained and manipulated databases for XML parsing for applications in MYSQL.
  • Used simple XML to build/process XML documents.
  • Recreated and implemented PHP code for some application in PHP 4.0.
  • Involved to upload application and database by using Client Software.
  • Involved to manage Domain Name Server by using FTPclient client software.
  • Upload the code and do necessary changes and test the application in server, if needed then fix the bugs and test again.

Technical Environment: PHP 5, JavaScript, MySQL, Apache, WAMP, CSS, LAMP, XML, HTML, DHTML.

Computer Science/Software Enginneering

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