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Web Developer Resume

Downey, CA


8 + years of experience in technologies in Microsoft .NET Framework(s) 1.1\\2.0\\3.0\\3.5 involving ASP.NET, C#, Master Pages, ADO.NET, Web Services with visual studio.net ( 2008)
3 + years of experience in doing a detailed analysis and collecting requirements accordingly and creating specification.
2 + Experience with ORM(Object Relational Mapping),Linq to SQL.
3 + years of Experience working with Jquery,JSON.
2 + years of experience in using client scripting language like JavaScript and AJAX Controls and third party controls involving AJAX based Telerik RAD Controls.
2 + years of experience in Style sheets (CSS).
5 + years of experience in markup languages like HTML, XML, and DHTML etc.
5 + years of experience working with Customers and development team as per the requirement.
3 + years of experience in agile and scrum based methodology.
5 + years of experience in UI development, designing the website as per the requirement.
4 + years of experience in designing, developing database, and writing stored procedures using SQL SERVER 2000/2005/2008, SSIS, and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).



Web Developer
June 2008 –Present

Microsoft .Net-3.5, ASP.Net, C#, AJAX, ORM, Linq to SQL,ORM,SQL Server 2008, SSIS, SSRS, CSS, JQuery ,Web Services, JSON,Team Foundation Server (TFS)

Involved in collecting the requirements, designing the flow, development and testing of C# and back end on SQL Server 2008.This is a new student system called EPIC, for all the Staff at all levels related to the County and this covers the complete office of education and all the schools under it which makes itself a complex site. It covers all phases of a student life right from infant till he graduates out of school which includes not only his students, his health and meals more or else tracking ever minute of student’s life as a whole

On the other end the same applies to the staff. Be It, the teachers or the administrative staff, all their work, salaries and every part of their profession is tracked under this system. The core technologies used are C# with AJAX and Jquery and back end is SQL Server with CRM based Linq to SQL. In addition, this is a secured site which has the security shell across and involves many authentication and authorization aspects to make the data secured on the network.

In addition, I developed a student search mechanism which is all over the site. This uses Jquery with JSON to get the corresponding results. This was later extended to having staff search as well. In addition, most of the code is being written with JSON and Jquery to make it more light weight on server side.

Bellevue, WA, USA

.Net Developer
Aug 2007- June 2008

Technologies/languages/Tools: C#, ASP.NET 2.0,ADO.NET,Visual Studio 2005,SQL SERVER, Telerik RAD Controls 2005,,AJAX,Javascript,XML,CSS,SharePoint 2008,Infopath,Team Foundation server (TFS)

Working in the Windows Mobile team on an internal web based product called "BinShop" done on using C# and ASP.NET 2.0 using Telerik controls using AJAX, JavaScript with back end on SQL SERVER 2005.All the session information related to the administrative rights related to the project is placed in an XML file and used as per the requirement.

It involves working on the requirements collected from the customers, designing the work flow by interacting with the other developers in the team, designing the database, development using ASP.NET 2.0 and back end on SQL SERVER and finally testing the application involving load testing, stress testing, unit testing ( for the classes independent of interface),stability testing etc before deploying the web application on the server. In addition the SQL SERVER back end is also tested in terms of performance using SQL Profiler and Sql Trace to record the events and the data. This project used scrum based methodology to achieve the required output results.

The documentation ( involving videos, graphs, and the work flow) related to the project that the team developed over time is done with sharepoint ( specially using web parts)

Phoenix, AZ

.Net Programmer
June 2005 – Aug 2007

C#, Visual Studio 2005, .Net Framework1.1/2.0,SQL SERVER 200/2005,IIS, ASP.NET, AJAX based Telerik RAD Controls, JavaScript, CSS, XML, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, Sql Reporting Services.


Project 1:
SALT: This project has both Windows form Application and this application is for a program run by the University of Arizona called SALT. The Win form application uses C # involving Active Directory and LDAP for security using Visual Studio 2005 with SQL SERVER 2005,Infragistic controls and it also has a web application uses the ASP.NET 2.0 using AJAX, JavaScript, based Telerik RAD Controls with back end on SQL SERVER 2005.The salt application uses these two interfaces in parallel. These project covers from the inquiry about a salt program till the phase when the student becomes alumni. thus all the stages and intermediately stages involved covering courses offered by the program in a specific semester, courses taken by the student, billing statements, student life at U of A related to the salt program to name a few. Once the development is done

Project 2:
By The Numbers: The project is a job based portal done with ASP.NET on Visual Studio 2005, using Telerik RAD Controls, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and back end on SQL SERVER 2005.This is tested and deployment is in process. This is an online job portal for non technical jobs which have covers each and every non technical job from construction work to carpentry.

Albuquerque, NM

.Net Programmer
Jan-2004 – June 2005

C#/C++, Visual Studio 2005, .Net Framework1.1/2.0,SQL SERVER 2000,IIS, ASP.NET, SVN, windows-XP


Project 1:
Risk Tracker: This is a risk analysis and procrastinating tool used mainly in the health care industry. This is a huge Windows Form Application done in .Net with C# using Infragistic controls and back end on SQL SERVER. This application analysis and gives out the details of the risk and chances of risk at corporate nursing homes. This application is completed successfully and is being used by many clients related to the industry. This application has a Java based web front end(using JSP) especially dealing with web requests.

Project 2:
TICLEr: This is an application targeted for nursing homes. This is also a Windows Form application, which has four modules dealing with training of nurses, Certification associated with them, Licensing to the nursing homes, Equipment associated with the nursing homes this application is done with .net 1.1 with C#, Infragisic controls and back end on SQL SERVER 2000.This is an application written in Visual basic has to be converted in to a .NET application.

Project 3:
Therapy Machine: This project uses, C++, DirectSound (directx9.0) and back end on MS-Access.

Albuquerque ,NM

Research Assistant
January 2003 - July 2004

C++, OpenGL, Linux, Rational Rose,Html, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, Vb script, Zope, CSS

Thesis Project:
Continuous Semantic Zooming in MPI Programming: Worked in the visualization team and involved in the development of different APIs One such projects involve Visualizing the parallel programming behavior. This is my thesis project and it mainly involves C++ on Linux with OpenGL. In addition to that I have dealt with a project involving Visualization of Collision Detection with Photon-Photon Collisions. This is done with C++ on Linux using OpenGL. It mainly uses a modified version of Depth First Traversal Search (DFS) visually. These projects are from Los Almos National Laboratories, NM USA.I am involved with UML design using Rational Rose to project the work flow of the system.


Degree: Master of Science
Area: Computer Science

Degree: Master of Computer Applications

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Technical Skills:
Operating Systems:MS-Dos, Windows 9X.Windows NT, Linux
Programming Languages:C, C++, C#
Frameworks:.Net 1.1/ 2.0/3.0/3.5 Frameworks
Environments:Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008
Database:MS – SQL, Oracle-9i, SQL SERVER 2000/2005.
Internet Programming:ASP.NET, .Net Web Services, HTML, DHTML, Java Script, VBScript, XML.
Version control tools:SVN. TFS, Visual SourceSafe

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