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Web Design Resume

Charlotte, NC


Highly self-motivated and goal-oriented professional committed to pursuing a long-term career in Web Design, Web Development, and Information Technology. Offers an 11-year track record demonstrating strong analytical and problem-solving skills, software proficiency, and the ability to follow through with projects from inception to completion.


  • Seasoned Web Designer and Web Developer who applies a comprehensive business and technical skill set in business processes for applications on the Web.
  • Expertise includes code generation, conceptual modeling, data models for Web information systems, development process and process improvements, integrated development environments, multimedia authoring tools and software, performance of Web-based applications, personalization and adaptation of Web applications, process modeling, prototyping methods and tools, quality control and testing, requirements engineering, semantic Web applications, usability, Web accessibility, Web design methods, and Web interface design.
  • Proficient problem-solver who envisions the business and technical perspectives to develop workable solutions.
  • Aptitude for Web project management and risk management, Web services development and deployment, leadership, and customer service.
  • Motivated achiever who guides organizations in applying technology to business settings, provides added value, and creates project deliverables in a timely manner.


HyperText Markup Language, extensible HyperText Markup Language, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, ActionScript, Flex, extensible Markup Language, extensible Stylesheet Language, ColdFusion Markup Language, Structured Query Language.
Design / Development Applications (Mac & Windows):
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, Adobe Flash CS5, Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5, Adobe ColdFusion 9, Adobe Flash Builder 4, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5, Adobe Captivate 4, Adobe Contribute CS5, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Presenter 7, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.


Senior Web Designer / Web Developer
Confidential,Charlotte, NC
Confidential,March 2003 – February 2011
Web Responsibilities

  • Designed, developed, and launched 4 different versions of the Charlotte AHEC Web site. Each Web site version included improved information architecture, simplified Web interface design, Web accessibility, and semantic Web code (front-end and back-end).
  • Web application design and development, as well as day-to-day maintenance for the Charlotte AHEC Web site, including Web page creation, updating and replacing content, Web page design, and Web site / page layout.
  • Programmed a custom class schedule / registration Web application to integrate seamlessly with the North Carolina AHEC – Centralized Administration System for Continuing Education (CASCE) and the Charlotte AHEC database server, enabling real-time workshop content updates for the Charlotte AHEC Web site. Increased staff efficiency as a result, where the process of managing workshop content is now facilitated dynamically.
  • Performed on-going quality assurance testing of all Web site design and development to ensure a consistent graphical user interface, as well as a standardized back-end with optimized, organized, and semantic code.
  • Designed and developed multiple internal forms to enable support staff the ability to efficiently and effectively gather online requests, information, and feedback. Increased staff efficiency as a result, where the process was streamlined through automation.
  • Designed various mini Web icons for external linking, documents, and applications, to enhance Web site usability and functionality.
  • Designed, developed, and launched an Internal Medicine mini Web site (application / intranet) for Carolinas HealthCare System Medical Education & Research. This Web site included improved information architecture, simplified Web interface design, Web accessibility, and semantic Web code (front-end and back-end).
  • Designed, developed, and launched a re-occurring Campaign fundraiser mini Web site (application / intranet) for Carolinas HealthCare Medical Education & Research / Charlotte AHEC. This Web site included improved information architecture, simplified Web interface design, Web accessibility, and semantic Web code (front-end and back-end).
  • Created a “Writing for the Web Style Guide” as a list of considerations for Web content authors, including overall suggested guidelines and good practices to ensure consistent and well-written content for the Web.
  • Developed a standardized Web traffic report using server logs and SmarterStats. Generated Web-based reports on a monthly basis to measure Web site traffic and search engine optimization. Used this data to further enhance the Charlotte AHEC Web site for improved functionality and visibility.

eLearning Responsibilities

  • Spearheaded Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro, a Web conferencing, eLearning, and Web seminars software solution for Charlotte AHEC.
  • Created over a 150 Continuing Medical Education (CME) / Continuing Education (CE) eLearning modules within multiple healthcare disciplines covering various healthcare topics.
  • Edited audio, video, and PowerPoint templates for a consistent look and feel, thus providing a polished eLearning product, which represented the online and offline presence of Charlotte AHEC.
  • Analyzed, designed, developed, and implemented a standardized workflow process of publishing eLearning modules.
  • Developed best practices and a standardized naming convention for folders, URLs, and file structures.
  • Established measurement goals each quarter for the eLearning team, and continually met, as well as exceed each of these goals.
  • Initiated Web conferences by traveling to various facilities, meeting with physicians and business partners, installing and setting up equipment for remote participation.
  • Provided technical support and customer service on different levels through various methods such as online, phone, and desktop sharing.
  • Managed equipment for off-site recordings, Web conferencing, and Webinars by ordering new equipment, as well as keeping track of break / fix issues.
  • Partnered with external and internal clients to extend brick-and-mortar workshops through Web conferencing and eLearning modules, thus extending video and teleconferencing to outlining healthcare facilities and rural areas.
  • Worked with video and audio editing software to enhance live recordings for the purpose of creating professional eLearning modules.
  • Originated the idea of creating Webinars to coincide with brick-and-mortar workshops. Developed the process and facilitated the execution of each Webinar. Increased revenue by doubling participation for Charlotte AHEC.
  • Designed and development multiple custom Web pages off of the Charlotte AHEC Web site for various healthcare departments to access their specific eLearning Web-based curriculums.

Human Resources Content Management Specialist
Confidential,Charlotte, NC
November 2001 – February 2003

  • Provided communication and content management consulting in support of all projects and initiatives.
  • Provided continued partnership with the Program Management and Technology Support Director on technology strategy for HR with particular emphasis on Internet strategy and employee portal.
  • Managed the Wachovia Exchange Intranet and the HR Communication Network Intranet, by collaborating with the online communication team to develop and implement a “Writing for the Web Style Guide”, design and implement commonly used content templates, design overall information architecture, analyze site usage reports, end-user feedback, HR support center call, usability engineering, and other data sources as available for ongoing site improvements, consult on content organization and presentation.
  • Managed the Wachovia Exchange Intranet, by maintaining a strong relationship with the eCommerce division as it relates to HR’s involvement and sign-off on various initiatives, own the Benefits and Career Development channels, monitor and maintain the HR homepage and archived news.
  • Managed the HR Communication Network Intranet, by collaborating with the online communication team to design and implement a new electronic communication solution for HR, ensure proper positioning of HR, analyze Web site usage reports, end-user feedback, usability engineering, and other data sources as available for ongoing Web site improvements, consults with HR departments to ensure proper use of the HR Communication Network.


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Major: Web Application Development

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