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Software Development Manager Resume

Baltimore, MD


Languages: R, Python, SAS, SQL, Javascript, CSS3, HTML5, C++, Java, Cache Objectscript/M, HL7

Systems: Node.js, Linux/Ubuntu, Windows Server, Microsoft IIS, Apache

Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB (NoSQL), Intersystems Cache


Confidential, Baltimore, MD

Software Development Manager


  • Served as data and applications architect and project manager for the oncology information system at the Confidential .
  • Designed and developed a patient - facing web and mobile application for minimizing patient wait times for chemotherapy treatments.
  • Designed and implemented automated ETL processes of exporting blood transfusion data from a Microsoft SQL Server 2014 and importing into a multidimensional Cache database.
  • Prototyped clinical tool of data visualizations of research protocols and patient vitals with D3.js.
  • Designed and developed a web application for the electronic signing and management of chemotherapy order documents.
  • Led and deployed the full migration of oncology clinical and patient data from a Cache multidimensional database to Microsoft SQL Server 2014.
  • Prototyped a dashboard of clinic-centric metrics including scheduling and patient volume using Raphael.js.
  • Designed and developed a single-page application (SPA) of the querying of all oncology patient data.
  • Integrated the existing enterprise Shibboleth/SAML authentication into a custom JSP instance of the cBioPortal web application running on Ubuntu and Apache.
  • Designed and developed a single-page application (SPA) of an electronic concierge kiosk for patient wait rooms.
  • Led and implemented system-wide conversion from ICD-9 to ICD-10 of patient data and order-entry applications.
  • Served as database administrator for Cache, Oracle, and MS SQL databases.
  • Served as Windows Server 2012 administrator.
  • Provided project management planning for staff and resources.
  • Provided planning and support for transition of patient care operations to Epic.
  • Led decommissioning efforts of the Oncology Clinical Information System.

Technologies: Node.js, Express.js, Lodash.js, D3.js, Raphael.js, jQuery/Ajax, JSON, Bootstrap, CSS, SQL Server 2014, Oracle 12c, Windows Server 2012, Intersystems Cache, Cache Server Pages (CSP's), Microsoft IIS, Ubuntu, Apache.


Applications Project Leader


  • Provided technical direction and resource planning for the oncology clinical decision support system at the Confidential .
  • Designed and developed a point-of-care billing single-page application (SPA) for physician charge capture.
  • Designed and implemented automated ETL processes of exporting patient pathology lab data from vendor's MySQL Server into an internal Cache database.
  • Led and designed an enterprise-wide patient room lookup application.
  • Designed and developed a single-page application (SPA) for physicians to manage a patient's list of medications, problems, and allergies.
  • Planned and performed Windows Server 2008 and Cache databases upgrades.
  • Designed and developed a comprehensive order entry system for scheduling and management inpatient admissions.
  • Generated monthly report on application usage and payment metrics.
  • Prototyped a patient portal web application for electronic record access.
  • Designed and developed an electronic prescription web application.
  • Performed as de facto server and database administrator of Windows Server (2003, 2008, 2012) and Cache database environments.
  • Provided project management planning for staff and resources.

Technologies: jQuery/Ajax, CSS, MySQL Server, Windows Server 2008, Intersystems Cache, Cache Server Pages (CSP's), Microsoft IIS.


Senior Applications Developer


  • Served in lead software role for the development of new web applications for the oncology electronic medical record system.
  • Designed, developed, and deployed a patient kiosk for self-registration, the credit card payment of copays, and sale of parking coupons.
  • Established PCI-compliant payment interface to backend financial institutions.
  • Designed and developed a comprehensive financial clearance application with credit card processing and cash-drawer reconciliation functions.
  • Designed and deployed the electronic conversion of patient registration forms.
  • Introduced web standards and separation of concerns for front-end team.
  • Led and set up two disaster recovery sites both in server architecture and web and backend application failover.

Technologies: jQuery/Ajax, CSS, VBScript, Intersystems Cache, Cache Server Pages (CSP's), Microsoft IIS.


Programmer Analyst


  • Served as an application analyst and developer for EMR/EHR at the Confidential .
  • Architected and established a three-tier server configuration for a web solution with Cache database, Cache application server, and Microsoft IIS layers.
  • Developed a pre-jQuery dynamic patient lookup web module.
  • Architected and built a web front end for the existing character-based oncology information system.
  • Designed and developed a provider order entry system for appointments, labs, chemos, and imaging scans.
  • Designed and deployed a web application for automated conversion of faxes containing blood product orders.

Technologies: Javascript/Ajax, CSS, Intersystems Cache, Cache Server Pages (CSP ' s), Microsoft IIS.

Confidential, Washington D.C.



  • Implemented an online storefront for Cable & Wireless.
  • Responsibilities included web development, messaging interface integration, and UNIX administration.


Systems Analyst


  • Prototyped and developed an online brokerage for UBS.
  • Responsibilities included web development and application modeling of middleware & back-end systems.

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