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Senior Developer/architect Resume

Englewood, ColoradO


Web/UI Concepts & Technologies: AngularJS (1.0 - 1.4), Angular Material Design, MVC/MVVM UI Design, JavaScript/ECMAScript (3 - 5), JQuery plus HTML & CSS, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), XML/XSLT, JSON Web Tokens (JWT) authentication in Java and JavaScript, Gulp

Java/Server Concepts & Technologies: REST 2.0 JSON API development, Java 8, Hibernate/Java Persistence API (JPA), Spring, Java JAX-RS development, Java WS-Security plus SOAP XML API, Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP), Ant & Maven, Stateless server design for scalability

Database Technologies: Oracle, MySQL, HyperDB, Microsoft SQL Server

Development Tools: Eclipse, Microsoft VS Code, Postman, JIRA, BitBucket, Jenkins


Confidential, Englewood, Colorado

Senior Developer/Architect


  • Lead the development of multiple projects for internal and external users.
  • Most projects required dual responsibility of client - side Web Technologies as well as server-side development using Java and various SQL databases.
  • Recent projects have been managed via the Agile process with 3 week sprints, prior ones have been run in a traditional big design up-front style.
  • Currently evaluating Angular 2/4 and Typescript on my own time for use in next generation projects.

Confidential, Englewood, Colorado

Senior Web Developer


  • Developed multiple ASP based web apps, with extensive use of AJAX.
  • Developed Visual Basic 6 COM objects for server side support for TWC’s SLCE (Service Locator Commerce Engine) project and support of internal SQL Server and Oracle based systems.

Confidential, Kennebunk, Maine

Senior Developer


  • Developed commercial software targeted at the facilities management market.
  • Solutions included web application software developed in Microsoft .NET 1.0/C#, traditional and advanced XMLHTTP Request Javascript/ HTML/CSS ASP based apps using COM objects in IIS driven by MS-SQL Server 7.0. Created Javascript client-side UI framework to facilitate re-use and a common developer and user experience.
  • Also developed multiple Palm OS Solutions using C+ + in Code Warrior.

Confidential, Englewood, Colorado

Senior Consultant


  • Targeted customers in the financial services industry.
  • Developed multiple in-house portfolio forecast and management applications using Visual Basic, classic ASP Pages, Javascript/HTML and SQL Server.

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