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Web Developer Resume


Obtain a position that will enhance my understanding of the technical aspects of software development, and the communication skills required to deliver the results. I strive to continue my obsession with technology, and to put myself around highly motivated people with similar goals. To be around people that challenge me and inspire me to “try harder" is exceedingly valuable to me. Overall, my objective is to produce software as a team that impresses the user.


  • OS's ( Linux, Unix, BSD, OSX, Windows, Android), and their corresponding command line terminal. Prefers Linux OS, gnome, and a bash shell.
  • Perl, Bash, Python, and even Powershell/Cmd Prompt. text editors and IDEs similar to SublimeText, VIM, and Eclipse.version control (SVN or Github), and able to diagnose moderately complicated software and hardware problems using the OSI Model.
  • Laravel Framework or Ruby and Rails (backend)
  • Reactjs - javascript/JSX (front end )
  • JSON and XML (data transfer)
  • Postgres and Mysql - (Database)
  • Aspects of web security like sqli, xss, csrf
  • Android SDK (java), CSharp, Win32C++, and DirectX/OpenGL.
  • Perl, Php, Bash, Python, Ruby, Java, Javascript, and CSharp
  • Actionscript, C/C++, PL/pgSQL, Arduino. Ansible



Web Developer


  • Helped impro ve the array of analytics and software solutions that BEI provides to dealerships in the imaging industry.
  • This software is designed to enhance every aspect of a dealership's performance and profitability.
  • Meter Prototype - Created a backend Perl module that detects different types meter reading errors, and makes predictions to account for these errors.
  • Implemented a front end browser/search engine with React.js, Reflux, and Laravel.
  • This tool is used to view the data integrity issues generated from the meter prototype.
  • Created a backend tool for generating Vtiger CRM tickets based on threshold rules using Perl and Mysql.
  • These tickets greatly help the team provide solutions before the dealer even knows that there was a problem.
  • I kept the Nas, Pfsense, and Vtiger production server's firmware up to date.
  • Used Perl to detect and make corrections to timestamps containing data integrity issues, then rendered the corrections on a Nginx Perl CGI front end.
  • Tested Laravel and React.js components in the most widely used top three browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and IE) for appearance, functionality, and security flaws.
  • Generated various CSV documents using PHP and Perl.
  • The hash data structure makes it possible to quickly congregate data across multiple databases ( Postgresql and Mysql).

Confidential, Minneapolis

Software Engineer


  • Developing software with Confidential to help non profit companies manage fund-raising events through the use of technology.
  • Maintaining the event day software by correcting bugs and coding new feature requests that are posted as a ticket in SVN Bugzilla.
  • The event day software used a PHP backend and an Actionscript front end.
  • Assisted event managers with technical issues such as csv import errors & browser quirks.
  • Set up networking equipment at venues throughout Minnesota to allow bids and donations to be wirelessly transferred from Android tablets and touchscreen kiosks to the server in live time.




  • Prepare food according to FIFO for optimal temperatures, cooking orders, and interacting with the customers.
  • The development of an Confidential menu item training/instruction guide with the Android API.

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