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Sr. Software Engineer San Jose, California


Web Development: HTML5, OOP JavaScript, CSS3, jQuery, ExtJs, AngularJS, Ajax, MySQL, and JSON.

Confidential Technologies: AppEngine, Apps Script, CloudSQL, Confidential Charts (gViz).

Other Development Tools: Git, Perforce, Sass, FreeMaker Java Templates.

Leadership Skills: Team player, builds collaborative partnerships with cross - functional teams, creative & innovative thinker.

Data Management: Access controls, database design, analysis & visualization. Created tools to report metrics to support optimal risk - based decision - making.

PM Skills: Self- starter, good communicator, results driven, and meets deadlines.


Sr. Software Engineer

Confidential, San Jose, California


  • Worked in all phases of application lifecycle: prototyping, design, coding, unit testing, and maintenance.
  • Created new features and maintained four core products.
  • Wrote functional specification, test case and estimate documentation for new features.
  • Was available for occasional after hours support for production upgrades and troubleshooting support for escalated incidents related to assigned projects.

Codebase: HTML, CSS, Javascript, ExtJS, Java, FreeMaker templates.

App Engineer / Tools Developer

Confidential, Mountain View, California


  • Confidential required a tool to measure risk for the company.
  • Created a tool to objectively & credibly assess risks to prioritize projects & resources.
  • Met with high praise from the Chief Compliance Officer at Confidential .
  • Resulted in a meeting to demo it personally to the CCO.
  • Feature highlights:
  • Easy to use & intuitive Confidential UI.
  • Real-time residual risk Confidential visualization rendering.
  • Improved access and legal privilege controls.

Codebase: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, AppScript, CloudSQL, Confidential charts (gViz).

Principal Designer & Developer plus Site Reliability Engineer.



  • gFiber Business Operations did not have an automated way to visualize Confidential rollout progress.
  • A solution via a 100 % stack bar chart plus drill down/filter by key fields was created.
  • The data required for the chart was found in multiple databases (Salesforce, Fiber Data Store).
  • Included ability to create custom comparison/trend analysis visualizations.

Codebase: AppEngine, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Confidential Charts, CloudSQL.

Front-end designer & developer



  • Unified project management & workflow tools for gfiber sales & Biz Ops Inside Plant.
  • Integrated & automated workflows critical to the physical rollout of Fiber.

Codebase: Javascript, jQuery, AppScript, CloudSQL, Apex.

Primary contributor, spearheaded joint development



  • Marketing needed a tool to manage its marketing campaigns.
  • A marketing communication tool was created to automate multiple marketing activities including the direct mail sent to install- ready Confidential tenants. Critical to signups.
  • It also generates dynamic and animated data visualizations, with filters, to drill down by Market, Fiberhood, Project, and Batch Date.

Codebase: HTML, CSS, Javascript, AppScript, CloudSQL, Confidential spreadsheet, Confidential Charts.

Principal Designer & Developer


  • Leveraged App script’s integration with sheets and Javascript to populate a Confidential spreadsheet used for uploading data to GDW & Plx, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Confidential Apps.
  • Created code to auto import a dynamic list of sheets across multiple spreadsheets into a single master Confidential spreadsheet and programmatically created metrics and forecasting.

Programmer / Analyst

Confidential, South San Francisco, California


  • Confidential Apps Project Details
  • Created form with a scrollable list of checkboxes representing studies (spreadsheets) to load from an outside workbook repository.
  • The form copied the studies from the repository, and loaded them onto a working workbook with pre-defined research data to programmatically fill out rows for researchers.
  • Created interface to allow users to read / write to spreadsheet without interacting with sensitive data.
  • After researchers entered study information, the sheets were processed and summarized.
  • Code was developed to create a transposed raw data sheet to upload to a database.
  • Created a real time progress splash screen detailing exactly what studies the program was running.
  • Made use of events to highlight spreadsheet cells.
  • This alerted users to make more informed decisions real-time.
  • Protected specific rows and columns from accidental edits using edit events.
  • Reduced researcher work time by 300% on some studies.
  • Consolidated up to twenty Excel spreadsheets onto one Confidential spreadsheet to reduce maintenance.
  • Performed testing, other team members also tested the code.

Web Developer / Advisor

Confidential, San Jose, California


  • Developed website for the project using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Advised startup during the creative process.
  • Generated reports, charts, tables and graphs using Confidential Docs to communicate analytical research.

Santa Clara, California

Web Developer / Team Leader



  • Developed website for the project using HTML, CSS, Flash, and JavaScript.
  • Developed the complete project management plan and managed the project through the full SDLC.
  • Led meetings for our geographically dispersed team.

Information Security Analyst

Confidential, Foster City, California


  • Automated processes, and saved 5 hours of work on a daily basis using Excel Visual Basic (VBA).
  • Performed monitoring using Intrusion Detection Systems(IDS) to identify sensitive data going out of the Confidential network on a global scale.
  • Conducted a weekly server remediation meeting to inform key stakeholders of incidents approaching escalation and to discuss general server remediation issues.
  • Managed and revamped the security exceptions process for Confidential in North America.

Data Analyst

Confidential, San Francisco, California


  • Developed and modified Basic code to automate AS/400 work processes.
  • Reduced cumulative team data entry work load by 4 hours a day.
  • Ran SQL queries daily.

Systems Data Research Coordinator

Confidential, Fremont, California


  • Developed and maintained Java Applications to geared toward improving student information security.
  • Generated reports and visual aids to keep track of research statistics.
  • Managed the Systems and Print shop departments and personnel.

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