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Software And Devops Engineer Resume


  • Engineer seeking opportunities to write beautiful code and make the world better through test - driven software.
  • Experienced in developing and maintaining robust back-end scripting solutions and APIs.
  • Open to wheelhouse expansion and new problem spaces, particularly in applying good habits and passion to systems development.
  • Security-conscious and dedicated to best practices of software development, particularly readability and extensibility of code and shared investment of knowledge capital through thorough documentation.
  • Thrives in high-communication agile work environments with rich collaboration and knowledge sharing across teams.
  • Stalwart open-source steward, including contributions accepted by Confidential library Zenpy and cloud configuration manager SaltStack.


Languages: Python, sh, SQL, JavaScript/jQuery/AJAX, HTML5, CSS, C#, Java, C, Rust

Software: Subversion, Git/Github/Gitlab, Mercurial, OSX, Linux (CentOS and Debian), Windows, AWS, Nagios, MySQL, bash, Salt, Flask, .NET Core


Software and DevOps Engineer



  • Improved deployment automation of flagship application on AWS using SaltStack
  • Reduced Ops labor time from six-plus hours to thirty minutes per deployment
  • Devised asynchronous task framework to connect Flask webapp and Salt master server
  • Reduced customer onboarding delay from two weeks to potentially one hour when used
  • Extended internal analytics framework to schedule wider variety of pipeline jobs
  • Enabled access to wider variety of daily customer business intelligence data sets

Software Engineer



  • Leveraged Python to build labor-saving solutions for ad auditing and customer enrollment
  • Vastly reduced labor hours required for setup
  • Prevented theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars of ad space
  • Participated in development of open-source libraries on behalf of Confidential
  • Enriched customer integration by enabling customers to script around Confidential API

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