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Director, Information Technology Resume

Chicago, IL


  • Looking for an Architect, Project Manager or Senior Developer position where I can build infrastructure to support web, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
  • Experienced Solution Architect, Project Manager, Web, Mobile and Device Developer, Infrastructure Developer, Linux, Database and Cloud Administrator.
  • I have performed pre - sales design, post-sales implementation and life-cycle support of multiple projects.
  • The wide variety of my Industrial, Business and Internet based projects has allowed me to develop a broad skill set in Information Technology.


Front End: JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, AJAX, JSON PHP, Python, C/C++, PERL, Shell Scripting, XML/XSLT Frameworks Kohana, Zend, Joomla

Back End: Laravel 5/Homestead, Electron, Node.js, Bootstrap Git, Redmine, JIRA, Bitbucket, Subversion, Eclipse

Tools: Linux (Red Hat, Oracle Enterprise, CentOS, Ubuntu), Solaris, AIX, Windows

OS: DBA Oracle 12c, 10g, PostgreSQL, MySQL PGAdminIII, MySQLWorkbench SQL (PL/SQL, PL/PgSQL)

Databases: VMWare ESXi Hypervisor, Workstation and Player, Oracle VirtualBox, KVM Amazon Web Services (AWS) - S3 and EC2 Administration and Implementation

Tools: Cisco Router and Switch Configuration (IOS), LDAP/S, SAMIL, Firewall (Sonicwall, IPTABLES, IPCHAINS), DNS (BIND), SNMP, Wireshark, Sendmail, VPN, Apache


Confidential, Chicago, IL

Director, Information Technology


  • AROworks Project - A cloud based SaaS distributed data collection, business intelligence and reporting tool.
  • Implemented on Amazon AWS EC2. Also implemented as a VMWare guest image and a physical web appliance version (Linux and Win Server 2003 based).
  • Originally implemented in JavaScript, XHTML/CSS2 with back end PHP and PostgreSQL on Apache (LAPP), we used a top-down design because the PHP 4 object model was somewhat weak.
  • With our modular design new modules were developed using the evolving capabilities of PHP and the latest modules were developed using jQuery, and Kohana (MVC Framework).
  • Implemented basic access authentication, Secure Sign On via Samba/AD, SAML, LDAP, and AD.
  • The application was CRUD data storage through HTML forms but also implemented business processes and workflows.
  • Built graphical data access methods using HTML Canvas to visually show that data had been entered, verified and locked.
  • Any data point spanning 10+ years of data was accessible in 4 clicks. Built a business intelligence and reporting module so users could create their own data analysis algorithms and generate their own reports using LaTex.
  • An advanced app, AROworks Enterprise Manager provides the ARO Management Team a global view and real time status of all customer sites. Built on Zend Framework and integrated Google Maps / Leaflet and a web services interface to the AROworks servers, Enterprise Manager, would collect and analyze data between customer sites to provide a North American map displaying the status of all customer sites across the US and Canada.
  • The user could compare sites or drill down in the data and actually log in to the site from the Enterprise Manager interface.
  • A mobile version of AROworks is used for mobile data collection.
  • A ruggedized PDA (Unitech PA692, MS Win Mobile 6.5, .NETCF, VB.NET application) is used to collect data for upload via 4G, WiFi, Ethernet or USB tether. Used the PDA for 1D/2D bar code scanning and signature capture.
  • ARO started a build from scratch replacement of AROworks based on HTML5/CSS3 Laravel 5/Homestead including packages; Eloquent, Guzzle.
  • This version uses MySQL and Nginx. This was implemented as an AWS EC2 load balanced cluster with RDS Aurora database.
  • The new design uses a REST approach and the MVC structure built into Laravel.
  • Implementation of the AROworks project standardized the business operations of ARO and provides a model that all ARO operations are based on today.

Independent Developer

Confidential, Pell City, AL


  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

Confidential, Garland, TX

Linux System Admin / Developer


  • Data Center Operations, Linux System Admin, Network Admin
  • Developed web based E-Mail management system.

Confidential, Richardson TX

Senior Oracle DBA


  • Oracle DBA - Production databases supporting web site acceleration.

Confidential, Richardson TX

Software Developer / Team Leader


  • Developer, Microsoft and Unix environments - interface for e-commerce support providers.

Confidential, Dallas TX

Project Manager / Product Development Manager


  • Project Manager for nationwide ISP, Product Development Manager for Set Top Box.

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