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Director Of Software Engineering Resume

Washougal, WA


My body of work over a 13 year career includes creating high performance software, embedded/mobile ap­plications, multi - touch screen user interfaces, video games, and virtual reality video platforms. My most recent achievements include developing NYTVR for The New York Times, ExpanseVR for Confidential, and leading a Confidential software team in creating a VR video platform used to broadcast high profile events in VR. I have been promoted to lead teams of up to 15 engineers, enriching teams to meet company goals.


Confidential, Washougal, WA

Director of Software Engineering


  • Director of all software development teams including UX/UI, QA, Web, Graphics/VR, and Codec engineering
  • VR Video/GIS platform architect for graphics processing, video encoding, recording, archiving, and consumption
  • C++/OpenGL modules for video stitching, image processing, video encoding/packaging, live streaming
  • Developed iOS and Android applications for 360 video playback on VR headsets
  • Software architecture design, roadmap planning, technical strategy, agile process development/implementation
  • Project management including JIRA/Jenkins admin, resource planning, and process development
  • Product management and direction based on market research, traveling for direct sales meetings with clients

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Lead Software Engineer


  • C++/GLSL OpenGL graphics engine development on embedded Linux platforms
  • Performance optimizations for 2D and 3D engine and asset pipeline
  • Developed custom graphics performance analysis tools
  • Direct point of contact for AMD to support Linux graphics drivers for embedded GPUs
  • Developed graphics driver test applications used in AMD’s official test process
  • Developed and maintained a Jenkins build server for all graphics modules
  • Educated game development teams in graphics concepts and engine API usage

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Founder, Project Manager, and Developer


  • Developed OpenGL ES graphics engines for iOS platforms
  • Designed, developed, and documented Objective-C APIs
  • Hired and managed artists to create art assets and animations

Confidential, Elgin, IL

Game Engine Developer


  • C ++/DirectX based User interface API
  • C++/DirectX based particle system tools and rendering pipeline
  • Developed script bindings for all C++ APIs
  • Provided game testing and quality assurance support

Confidential, Peoria, IL

Electrical/Software Engineer


  • Created C# .NET based touch screen user interfaces for construction machines
  • Created machine automation systems using Matlab/Simulink for the embedded xPC platform
  • Authored embedded C software for 8/16-bit PIC MCUs
  • Circuit designer for embedded micro-controller systems
  • Integration of 3D graphics systems for real-time construction site visualization

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