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Senior Software Developer Iii Resume

Irvine, CA


  • 10 years experience developing web applications and services.
  • Expert knowledge of front - end technologies.
  • Experience constructing scalable and highly available systems on n-tier architectures.
  • Experienced in relational database systems and caching mechanisms.
  • Experienced in object oriented design, design patterns and the concepts of code reuse.
  • Proficient in system administration on Linux environments.


  • JavaScript, JSON, AJAX, WebSockets, HTML, CSS, SASS
  • NodeJS, PHP
  • RESTful Web services
  • React, AngularJS (1 & 2), Bootstrap
  • Redux, Material UI, React Bootstrap, Express, KoaJS
  • Zend, Slim
  • Jasmine, Mocha, Karma, Webdriver, Sauce Labs
  • PHP Unit, pytest
  • Selenium
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis
  • EC2, ECS, EBS o S3, CloudFront o RDS, ElastiCache o VPC, Route 53, API Gateway
  • Git


Senior Software Developer III

Confidential, Irvine, CA


  • Architect and fully develop rapid applications for internal business units.
  • Manage the full software development life cycle including design, development, test, product and project management .
  • Responsible for maintaining scrum methodologies for the projects I am responsible for in an agile environment.
  • Produce innovations and patents for the global organization.
  • Fully managed and developed a web-based application delivering fire protection training materials to customers who maintain their own fire equipment utilizing Node.js, Angular 2+, Redis and integrations with Salesforce and Cornerstone LMS.
  • Maintained a web application responsible for sharing mobile apps and dependencies across the organization utilizing Angular 1, Node.js and integrations with backend RESTful services.
  • Assisted multiple groups within my team to deliver new innovations to the company using Confidential Echo, smart devices, mobile applications, web services and supporting infrastructure.

Senior Software Developer

Confidential, Irvine, CA


  • Building web, flash and mobile user interfaces across several media properties.
  • Prototyping of new initiatives for existing products and new live streaming video products.
  • Maintaining all layers of the technology stack.
  • Improved engineering efficiency by creating processes, documentation, automation and tools.
  • Architected a highly scalable system for transcoding live video streams into images for consumption by browsers with video limitations utilizing NodeJS and FFMPEG.
  • Built a fully responsive mobile version of the flagship web property
  • Constructed several prototypes for real time event driven products such as chat and live video streaming utilizing NodeJS and React.
  • Researched and provided a general technological direction for a variety of initiatives including build, provisioning, deployment, configuration, logging, metrics collection, collaboration and general scalability.

Sr Web Engineer (III)

Confidential, Irvine, CA


  • Interacting with cross-functional engineering teams to develop and implement highly scalable micro-services.
  • Building heavy-event-driven user interfaces on top of a robust IoT platform.
  • Collaborating with peers to create and document efficient agile processes.
  • Maintaining and administrating development and QA resources and infrastructure.
  • Utilized React and NodeJS to construct a web application for managing IoT enabled devices such as fire panels, gateways, alarms and sensors.
  • Created a metrics collection infrastructure utilizing StatsD, CollectD and Graphite.
  • Supported development and quality assurance teams by provisioning and maintaining host resources with Confidential vCloud Director.

Front-End Infrastructure Engineer

Confidential, Mountain View, CA


  • Deciding the technical direction for front-end architecture and features.
  • Interacting with cross-functional engineering teams to architect and develop high-performance and scalable user interfaces.
  • Ensuring the quality of all client side functionality by building tools and testing infrastructures.
  • Leading a group of engineers to innovate and develop the next generation of Confidential features.
  • Took leadership of the entire client infrastructure team (4 developers) within my first quarter of employment.
  • Lead an overhaul of the company’s client-side technology stack from a proprietary solution to modern frameworks such as AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Defined coding and testing standards on the new technology stack, built a re-usable components library and developed multiple themes to create a consistent look and feel across all company web properties.
  • Wrote extensive documentation and code samples of the modernized components framework.
  • Created a build and release infrastructure for themes and components; created semantically versioned component and theme packages for distribution on an edge.
  • Worked with cross functional teams to implement the new technology stack in individually deployable applications.
  • Collaborated with infrastructure teams to move our products to single page application architectures.

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