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Software Engineering Intern Resume

Boston, MA


Minor in Entrepreneurship; Coursework: Algorithms & Data Structures; Networks; Database Design; Graphics; Embedded Systems; Probability and Statistics; Computer Architecture; Lean Design and Prototyping


Languages: Java, C++, Python, C, Swift, SQL, PHP

Libraries: Vuforia, AngularJS, TensorFlow, OpenCV

Backends: Firebase, Google Cloud Platform, AWS

Utilities: Git, Xcode, Tableau, Unity3D, API.AI


Confidential, Boston, MA

Software Engineering Intern


  • Designed, developed and tested Augmented Reality views for iOS application that renders three­dimensional markings on products to enhance the in - store experience (Vuforia; SceneKit; Swift; Agile)
  • Collaborating with UX team to define limits and design features for a new personalized shopping assistant with a voice-enabled UI
  • Using these draft designs for the shopping assistant, writing API.AI intents for Actions on Google conversations and developing Webhook fulfillment with Firebase to provide the end-to-end link between intents and actions — both for prototyping and eventual production code

Confidential, Boston, MA

Full Stack Developer


  • Maintained, updated and added features to live SQL database and AngularJS web platform
  • Conducted training sessions and supervised other developers in charge of maintaining the database

Confidential, Boston, MA

Research Assistant


  • Reviewed and annotated research papers regarding Image Processing, CNN and Deep Learning
  • Learnt how to work with deep learning software such as TensorFlow to assist the professors in testing image processing algorithms efficiently


Developer Intern


  • Designed and developed new suite of data visualization dashboards for various clients including cellular companies with data for over 600k active subscribers (Tableau; SQL)

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