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Web Developer Resume

Hurst, TX

About Me:

Highly self motivated and goal-oriented professional committed to pursuing a long-term career in computer graphics and web development. Ability to learn new software and skills quickly and follow through with goals until completed. Advanced training and experience in the application and usage of Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Visual Studio 2010, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery and more.I have a very strong work ethic and willingness to work hard to achieve employer objectives.

Skilled in HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. Cross Browser Testing.

Fluent in the Windows and Mac operating environments.

Proven ability to quickly learn and apply new technologies.

Creative talent in computer graphics and web development,
offering a keen eye for quality design and web site layouts.

In-depth experience applying graphic design principles to produce
innovative and tastefully created web sites.

Strong Photoshop skills utilized to produce graphics for web or print

Qualifications Summary:

Experience in the application and usage of:

Visual Studio 2010 | Adobe Dreamweaver | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Flash
Adobe AfterEffects | Adobe Edge | 3D Studio Max | Design Principles
HTML5/XHTML | CSS3 (Style Sheets) | Actionscript 3 | Javascript
Modernizer.js | Selectivizr.js | Backbone.js(MVC) | Polyfills
jQuery | jQuery UI | jQuery Mobile \\ JSON/XML

Currently Studying:

ASP.NET MVC3 | SQL Server 2008 | Entity Framework4 | Razor ViewEngine
nHibernate | nUnit-Testing | MOQ-Mocking | WPF-WCF-WWF
Model Binders | Adapter Pattern | Factory Pattern | Repository Pattern
Domain Design | Unit Of Work | Orchard CMS | IOC Containers


Associate Degree
Computer Animation
(Environmental Modeling)
Dean's List
3 time Merit Award Winner


Web Developer

Responsibilities include creating full page designs for new games including all graphics, Flash and Javascript. Flash Take-Over pieces for Pre-Order games, banners for Midnight-Openings and Early-Openings Store locator pages. Processing of all videos for the GameStop Cinema Player.

Web Developer.

Responsibilities included the design of web pages for e|Sign Technologies.
Tools used: Dreamweaver, Photoshop, SnagIt, HTML/XHTML and CSS, Flash, Flex

Web Developer

Responsibilities included the design of web pages for the Superpages.com account. I utilized software programs such as eSitebuilder, starter templates, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, SnagIt, HTML/XHTML and CSS for the creation of those sites. Received information packets from our internal sales team regarding the material to be presented
on the sites. Collaborated with sales team for intrepration of design of the web site to
ensure customer requirements were being met and had received their approval.

Web Developer

Responsibilities included the design and development of web sites utilizing Flash. I received packet of information from our Art Director and would collaborate with him to make sure I understood information needing to be presented on the site.

Web Developer

Create websites for Want A Better Website utilizing Flash, Dreamweaver and
other programs as necessary.

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