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Web Design Resume

New York, NY


Skills: C#.NET, SQL Server, Sybase, MVC, Entity Framework, LINQ, HTML, JavaScript, ASP, Perl (CGI), C++

Work Experience:

Confidential,New York, NY (Oct 2011 – Feb 2012)
Web and Database Developer (T-SQL / SQL Server, DOS CMD, VS 2010, Web Forms, MVC)

Worked on integrating and supporting ICS product JReview with MediData flagship product Rave

  • traced through Controller logic to find relevant T-SQL queries
  • tested installation scripts (T-SQL) of JReview to Rave installation
  • altered tables and stored procedures (T-SQL) to fix errors in integration
  • created VBS scripts and CMD scripts to test new versions of installation process
  • created Viziodiagrams toillustrate the integration process andwhere inefficiencies and errors existed

Supported current users anddevelopment team trouble shooting issues

  • traced Controller logic
  • ran SSMS Profiler reports to trace errors
  • altered view and stored procedures (T-SQL) to fix installation or error logic


Confidential,New York, NY (July 2011 – Sept 2011)
Web & Database Developer (C#.NET, MVC RAZOR, Datasets, Entity Framework, JQuery, T-SQL / SQL Server)

Worked on existing Mobile E-book E-Commerce site (MVC-Razor) and Admin backend (Webforms), tuning features such as Registration and creating robust features such as Free-Book-Giveaway upon Registration and CMS group ability to customize which titles are available.

Worked hand in hand with development team in India.

  • Altered Controller logic to fix Login logic
  • Created Controller methods for User Profile functionality
  • Edited Views (.aspx and RAZOR) and User Controls
  • Created Data entry and Edit screens (Web Forms)
  • Created Stored Procedures (T-SQL) and Data layer
  • Tuned SQL performance (T-SQL) stored Procedures


Confidential,New York, NY (Apr 2010 – June 2011)
Web & Database Developer (C#.NET, AJAX, T-SQL / SQL Server, CSS, Sharepoint)
Designed and Developed Marketing Management System
This Project involves full SDLC ownership. Both front end and back end are in constant flux and redesign, straining the very idea of development agility.
Report Screen proto-types were created in very bland format using grid controls. As customer was able to visualize functionality, customer wireframes were replaces with aesthetically pleasing designs. Conforming standard .NET
Master Pages into a pleasant design involved constant CSS tweaking.
Greatest challenge involved introducing AJAX to a hierarchical Project view allowing customer to drill down or summarize up from Project view to Goal to Milestone to Task level view while maintaining relational integrity.

  • Designed Database Schema (SQL Server): Tables and schema tic relationships
  • Designed Report Screens (C#/.Net): Master Page Layout, Heavy CSS adjustments, Ajax Controls
  • Created Data entry and Edit screens using

Confidential,New York, NY (Sep 2004 – Jan 2010)
Principal / Project Manager / Developer (ASP, C#.NET, JavaScript, HTML, T-SQL /SQL Server)
Designed and Developed web store platform

Principal involved in full SDLC designing, developing, enhancing and supporting Web-store platform. Application was designed with agility, meant to be constantly tweaked and re-designed as customer needs changed. Backend SQL tables were designed hierarchically or to support dynamic many-many relationships. Often utilized “hinge” tables to enhance flexible relationship.

Mentored and trained co-workers to develop and support platform. Dealt with client needs in sales and support capacity.

Web Store Platform

  • Designed Database Schema (SQL Server): Tables, schematic relationships, Indexes, Triggers and Stores Procedures
  • Designed Store front screens (ASP). Developed customizable web-store including: Catalog like-pages, Cross reference sales listings, Buying guide/Article.
  • Designed Shop Cart: PayPal« Payments Standard interface, PayPal« Payments Pro CC Processing Interface (WSDL), Cart Contents tracking: Session and related SQL Table
  • Designed Admin Screens (ASP). Redesigned Admin screens (VB.NET 3.5) utilizing Server Side Controls, AJAX, DataGrids and DataViews
  • Trained co-workers in ASP, JavaScript, ASP.NET, T-SQL
  • Delegated and managed co-workers


  • Managed PPC Campaigns (Adwords / Analytics)
  • Created back-links (Blog and Forum posts)
  • Created and Edited product articles

Confidential,New York, NY (Nov 2001 – April 2002)
Applications Consultant (Visual Basic, SQL Server)

Repaired and redeveloped Custom Mail-out System (Visual Basic)

  • Altered system to fetch customer email addresses from MS Exchange (instead of user entry)
  • Added database (MS Access) tracking of customer information
  • Mailout status reports

Confidential,New York, NY (Mar 2000 - Aug 2001)
Applications Consultant (Perl-CGI, JavaScript, HTML, SYBASE T-SQL)
Developed Autosys Error tracking and reporting system
Autosys is a scheduling system used at Goldman Sachs to start daily tasks such as data-loads. Project involved creating a system to parse Autosys Error logs and create reports.

  • Designed and developed Autosys error tracking system (Perl, Sybase). System would:
  • Parse daily error logs
  • Perform db lookups (SYBASE) error responsibility based on which system failed and who was designated contact
  • Insert errors and responsibility information
  • Send email regarding each error to responsible party and Autosys group
  • Developed Web (HTML, Perl-CGI) reports for errors and ability for responsible users to update error status
  • Used JavaScript for validation and to manage controls
  • Coordinated and assisted maintenance of system with Autosys team

Confidential,New York, NY (Aug 1999 – Jan 2000)
Applications Consultant (Perl-CGI, HTML Bourne Shell, T-SQL)

  • Developed Holiday Calendar loading interface to SUMMIT Mortgage Swap valuation system (Perl)
  • Parsed Holiday schedule from text files
  • Loaded holiday information into staging table (SQL server)
  • Used SUMMIT batch tool to perform transfer from staging table to SUMMIT calendar table
  • Tested new calendars by performing basic swap valuations for each

Confidential,New York, NY (Jan 1999 – Aug 1999)
Y2K Consultant (C, Perl, Bourne Shell, PERL, T-SQL)

  • Scanned and tested C, Perl, and Shell code for Year 2000 compliance
  • Coordinated as many as 8 simultaneous projects (30 total), staffed by as many as 15 people
  • Documented results and occasional changes by GS-Y2K standards

Confidential,Boston, MA (Feb 1998 - Aug 1998)
Y2K Consultant (C, Sybase T- SQL, Perl, Korn Shell)

  • Scanned and tested C, Perl, and Shell code for Year 2000 compliance
  • Documented results and occasional changes by SSGA-Y2K standards
  • Developed Swift parser (Perl-CGI, Sybase T-SQL)
  • Script to read in Swift instructions and make entries to database
  • Sort-able Reports or transaction


Confidential,Reading, MA (Aug 1997 - Jan 1998)
Database Optimization Consultant (Informix T-SQL, Korn Shell, Perl)

  • Tuned Informix queries, stored procedures for efficiency
  • Altered indexes
  • Changed 3-table queries to iterative 2-way queries
  • Altered queries using ‘IN’ clause with too many elements
  • Changed queries to stored procedures
  • Split insert processes to multiple processors
  • Removed clustered indexes for improved insert performance
  • Tested changes and created milestone reports
  • Queries and inserts were run multiple time in random order
  • Recorded results and presented change suggestions

Confidential,Braintree, MA, Nov 1996 - Aug 1997
Project Manager/Architect (Pro C / OCI, Oracle, Sybase)

  • Developed Sybase Security Product (T-SQL)
  • Altered sp_login stored procedure:
    • Altered password changing rules to not allow old passwords or weak passwords
    • Extended stored proc so that managers have the ability to change user passwords
  • Altered sp_adduser, sp_addlogin, sp_dropuser, so that supervisors (not just sa) can create and drop users and logins.
  • Developed password cracking application to detect weak passwords (Pro C)
    • Application creates password variations from table of dictionary words and user name
    • Application attempt to connect with alternate password
  • Created encryption algorithm for storing old passwords
  • Developed Password synchronization system to mirror passwords between database instances
  • Altered sp_password to record new passwords in “new password” table
  • Created (Pro C) application to check for new password and mirror changes across database instances
  • Developed installation scripts (Bourne Shell)
  • Documented product features and implementation guide

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