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Web Design Resume

New Jersey, NJ


Skills: Java, Spring Framework, Spring MVC, Maven, Hibernate, VMware Cloud Foundry, AJAX JSP, JSTL, HTML, XML, JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, C++, and C#
Operating System : Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora)
Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, JBOSS, IIS, Cloud Foundry
Databases: MySql, MS SQL Server
IDE: Eclipse, NetBeans
Java Skills: Demonstrated the ability to quickly grasp a new technology in a very limited amount of time and apply that knowledge towards the completion of the project.
Using UML, WinForms, WebForms, Web Services, and Design Patterns for software designing and development
Good experience of Object Oriented Paradigm Design Patterns including Model View Controller (MVC), Abstract Factory and their implementation using polymorphism, inheritance and encapsulation
Experience SQL developing, Creating Views, Indexes, and Triggers
Actively participated in 3-tier web application development using JSP, HTML, Java Servlets

.Net Skills: Experience developing and testing using C++ and ASP .NET framework
Experience developing and testing using C# and ASP .NET framework
Experience SQL developing, Creating Views, Indexes, and Triggers
Expertise in creating Web applications using ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET and XML
Knowledge and exposure on .Net Framework Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

Data Structures and Algorithms: Multi-dimensional arrays, records (C++ struct), arrays of records, elementary searching and sorting algorithms, classes, data abstraction, object-oriented software development, pointers, dynamic data, reference types, linked structures, C++ templates. Understand fundamental concepts of object oriented software developments, such as base class, subclass, encapsulation, and inheritance with actual practice in C++ or Java. Apply fundamental sorting and searching algorithms such as Selection Sort, Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, Linear Search and Binary Search to sort.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Associate of Science Degree

Confidential, University of Houston-Downtown Houston, TX May 2005 – Dec 2006

Tutor and advise students on Calculus I, Calculus II, Calculus III and Differential Equations
Train students on How to Design, implement, test, execute and debug different C++ programs.

Related Experience

Confidential, (contractor with Express Personal) Mar 2011 – Nov 2011
Configure PC, Laptop, and server units as order specifies.
Install OS and Setup servers according to Environment Setup Document.
Applying security patches on various servers.
Troubleshoot Server Issues.
Password Change to Service Accounts and Update on all servers
Hardware installation, Image installation,
Conflict resolution, Bios updates, Sysprep, Burn-in, Asset Tag Application.
Document all work performed and report productivity
Re-imaging hard drives – using Norton Ghost
Reviewed and custom built computers to match requirements
Helped in network infrastructure development & implementation
Assembling CPU, circuit boards, cooling systems, wiring & power supply
Helped technicians with the installation of software, modems and drives
Data Back-up and Recovery – Restored data, OS, files, images, drivers, and configurations

Pacific Cascade Distribution: Jan 2010 – Mar 2011
I worked as Customer Service Provider for (Shipping Company)
Responsible for doing inventory
Scanning new product to the database
Verifying prices of new products
Picking Products and shipping via UPS/FedEx using a dedicated software program

Confidential, (contractor with Aquent): June 2007 - October 2009
Software and driver installation on Windows XP to Vista
Re-imaging hard drives – using Norton Ghost
Storing Images to servers for current and future testing
Shipping tested images to their intended vendors
Testing system performance using the following tools:
3D Mark Vantage Testing, WinPVT, OpenGL Tests, WinReboot
Running Acceptance Testing, Stress Testing, System Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Software Testing
System Software Management (SSM) Testing
Video/Audio Driver Acceptance Tests
Going over test plans for different platforms
Documenting existing and future systems that we are testing (HP mobile word stations, tablets, laptops)
Updating Inventories, add new products to the system database
Confidential,Testing, Stress Testing, System Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Software Testing

Confidential, Feb 2005 – May 2007
I worked as Machine Operator for a Manufacture in Houston Texas.
Responsible for operation assembly machine (making computer server boards)
Looking for error and misplaced items on the machine.
Installing micro processor and ram chip to the system boards.

Software Projects:

Application for package delivery system Feb 2008 – Oct 2008
Environment: Visual Studio, jGRASP, 3-tier web application
Designed a database using MySQL, Designed an Entity Relation diagram
Design using Entity-Relationship Model
Created complex SQL and used JDBC connectivity to access the database
Writing SQL statements combined with java code
Used Java to create to create an interface and enhancing access and GUI design

Application Developer Jan 2009 – Oct 2009
Designed and Implemented using .NET Framework based on existing application and new logic/processes.
Migrated existing VB6.0 application into .NET framework application using C#.NET and ASP.NET
Design and Development of libraries for Business Layer using C#.NET and Visual C++ (MFC)
Generated XML file to store the user shopping cart.
Developed Custom UI Controls using VB.NET
Prepared functional, design specification documents
Created backend programming using SQL Server 2000
Developed SQL stored procedures for database validations and use with Web Services.

Google Maps project: (with JavaScript and the Google Maps API V3) May 2010 – July 2010
Environment: Dreamweaver, 1st Java Script Editor pro.
A program (map) pulls marker points from an XML file.
Each marker is displayed as a single marker with a tabbed info window.
Each tab in the info window will contain the information for the particular marker.

Voting Program: (Java Applet) Feb 2010 – Nov 2010
Environment: Java, Eclipse IDE
It takes up or down command from a user
It updated the database by adding 1 to the up or down value in the voting table
It recognize the user my storing a users IP-address in the data base
And output the new value on the screen.
Implementation and maintenance of a Java GUI application using JFC/Swing

Web Application using Spring MVC Framework and Hibernate: February 2011 – still working on it
Environment: Java, Eclipse IDE, Tomcat, Heidi SQL
The web-based solution employs object oriented design patterns such as MVC, command and controller strategy.
Defining mapping between servlet and URI via web.xml file for communication between requests and servlets
Developed Servlets and back-end java classes using eclipse IDE and Apache tomcat
Established Applet-Servlet communication with Object Serialization
Generating dynamic web pages using servlets
Implemented Dynamic SQL queries to retrieve information from the database
Creating Views, Selecting Data from Multiple Tables (Joining Tables), Combining Multiple Queries
Used Java Servlets as a centralize place for handling user requests.
Create a Java class Front Controller, which handles all the input/output mechanism between the user and the database.