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Webmethods Developer Resume

Boston, UsA


  • Holds a Bachelor degree in computer engineering.
  • Five years experience as WebMethods Developer (BPM/B2B/EAI).
  • Six years recasting and implementing business management system (ERP) as well as designing and programming interfaces with different mainframe systems
  • Demonstrated competence in synthesis and of problem solving
  • Dynamic, flexible, organized, suited to work under stress. Has good communication skills; open to new ideas and feed-back.
  • Focused on the results.

Technologies : webMethods 6.x/7.x (IS, Developer, Designer, Broker, TN, MWS, Process
Engine, Task Engine, Deployer), Tibco Business Works, Tibco Business Connect, Tibco Administrator,

Languages : Java, Visual Basic, PHP, SQL

OS : Win XP, Win2000, Unix, AS/400

Data Bases : Oracle, SQL Server, MySql, Ms-Access, DB2.

  • Bachelor in Computer Engineering

Applied Engineering


TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.x Integration Boot
WebMethods 7 Portlet and UI Development
Advanced Java
JSF Fundamentals
WebMethods 6.5 Advanced Development
WebMethods 6 ANSI X12
WebMethods 6 Fundamentals


Confidential,webMethods Developer 2004 – 2009

Client: Confidential,Boston, USA August – October2009
B2B Developer

  • Refactoring main LogimethodsFramework to accelerate EDI transaction processing, and allow a simpler and faster future implementation of the framework.
  • Build, test and implement flow service that migrate partner data from CSV file to webMethods Trading Network.
  • Maintenance and follow-up of EDI transactions using TN

Technical environment: webMethods Developer 7.1.2, My WebMethods Server 7.1.1, Oracle 9i, Java, Optimizer 7.1, Integration server 7.1, JDBC.

Client: Confidential,Boucherville, Québec January – March3009
EAI / B2B Developer

  • Build process flow to retrieve the daily exchange rate file published by Bank of Canada to integrate the daily currency exchange rates data to Rona’s internals applications using Tibco BusinessWorks
  • «Pre-Authorized Payment» file transfer from Oracle to National Bank of Canada via FTPS, using BusinessConnect EZConnect protocol.
  • Build and monitor different BusinessConnect component: Business Agreements, Participants, Operations, Private process and Transport.
  • Technical documentation.
  • Unit and integrated test cases scenarios documents
  • Run and monitor unit and integrated test cases.

Technical environment: Tibco ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks 5.6, Tibco BusinessConnect 5.2, TIBCO BusinessConnect EZComm Protocol, Oracle 9i, Java, , JDBC Adapter, FileZilla, Oxygen XML.

Client: Confidential,Montréal, Québec December 2008 – January 2009
BPM Developer

  • Build user interfaces using WebMethods Designer 7.1.1
  • Build portlets for composite application (CAF)
  • Technical documentation

Technical environment: WebMethods Designer7.1.1, My Webmethods 7.1.1, Java, JavaScript

Client: Confidential,Saskatchewan June – October 2008
EAI Developer

  • Build flow services and web services (WSDL).
  • Technical documentation
  • Build, run and monitor web services unit test case scenarios using HP service test

BPM Developer

  • Design and implementation of business process models using Designer 7.1.1
  • Design and implementation of the BPM Task UI (User Interface);
  • Build portlets for composite application (CAF)

Technical environment: WebMethods Developer 7.1.1, webMethods Designer7.1.1, My Webmethods 7.1.1, Oracle 9i, Java, Siebel 7.8, Hummingbird connectivity10, JDBC, HP Service test, Altova XMLSpy.

Client: Confidential,Markham, Ontario 2006 – 2008
Active participation in (1) building and managing an e-Commerce platform using EDI and (2) in building and managing a Business Process Application.

  • Development of new functionality and enhancements to Logimethods Framework. The Framework is used to accelerate EAI and B2B development with webMethods;
  • Responsible for developing, testing, validation and deployment of mapping services for inbound and outbound EDI transactions with JD Edwards (PeopleSoft): 850-855-810-820-823-824-832-856-997-ORDRSP-INVRPT-CUSRES;
  • Development, testing and implementations of various JDBC adapter connections;
  • Creation and maintenance of triggers;
  • Maintenance and follow-up of EDI transactions using TN;
  • Design and development of document publish/subscribe services via webMethods Broker;
  • Document configuration on wM Broker;
  • Design and development of a service to convert emails into EDI 820 documents;
  • Configuration of AS/2 connection using EDIINT to replace a legacy VPN;
  • Import and setting parameters of partner profiles on TN;
  • Configuration and monitoring of TN processing rules;
  • Creation and update of TPAs (Trading Partner Agreements);
  • Testing and validation of transactions on Test and QA environments;
  • Design and implementation of business process models using Designer 7;
  • Design and implementation of the BPM Task UI (User Interface);
  • Portlet creation for composite application (CAF);
  • Processing and monitoring of business processes;
  • Deployment of MWS objects (Business processes, Tasks, CAF apps, Portlets, Roles, etc.);
  • Writing technical documentation.

Technical environment : JD Edwards OneWorld, webMethods Developer 6.x/7.x, webMethods Designer 7.x, My webMethods 7.x, Trading Network 6.x, SAP, IFTP32, Oracle 9i, SQL Server, Java, AIX HP, JDBC, FTP, AS/400, Cognos.

Client: Confidential,Montréal, Québec 2005 2006
Build, test and validate Webmethods services.

wM Developer

  • Build flows and web-services (WSDL)
  • Build flows of : Add, Modify, Search, Suspend, Resume, Delete of phone services
  • Build and modify Adapter Services that execute SQL requests or stocked procedure
  • Follow-up and modify different webMethods flow services.

wM Modeler

  • Build and modify business process models.

wM Monitor

  • Execute and follow-up business process services.


  • Build business process documents
  • Build and maintain Adapter Connection.

Technical environment : webMethods Developer, webMethods Monitor, webMethods Modeler, Oracle 9i , Java, Unix AIX, JDBC, IFTP32

Client: Confidential,Montréal, Québec 2004
Build, test and validate EDI transaction maps.

wM Developer

  • Create document types.
  • Create the following «inbound» and «outbound» EDI transactions flows: 160, 210, 214, 309, 353, 417, 422, 426, 433, 437, 490, 998, CUSREP, CUSRES.
  • Create flat filesschemas and flat filesdictionaries
  • Programmed re-usable services (Flow/Java) to be used as transformers in the mapping operations. Those services are added to the package ‘CnUtilities’ which is a part of the frameworkcreated for the whole CN projects.
  • Use of the following packages (FlatFile, WmEDI, WmTN, WmPublic, WmEDIforTN, PSUtilities).
  • Test and Validate transactions on both environment Test and QA.

wM Trading Networks
Build and modify:

  • Trading Partners
  • Document Types (Different versions)
  • Processing Rules
  • Trading Partner Agreements
  • Transaction Analysis for monitoring the execution and the re-execution of transactions.

Technical environment: webMethods Developer, webMethods Trading Networks, Oracle 9i , Java, MQ Adapter, Unix AIX, Ultra-Edit, Beyond Compare2, JDBC, IFTP32

Confidential,Analyst-Programmer 2003 – 2004

Confidential,Québec, 2003-2004
Company specialized in sales and distribution of the pharmaceutical products


  • Design and realize of a software of Sales Management (Ms Access)
  • Build, update and follow-up vendor’s records as well as the calculation of their commissions
  • Classify products by categories
  • Follow-up customers orders as well as the ongoing product distribution
  • Follow-up stock inventory and the supplier’s orders.

Confidential,Consultant 2000 – 2003

Confidential, (Casablanca, Morocco)
Company specialized in implementation of ERP, Consulting and Electronic documents Management. The exclusive representative of Cognos and Itsoft in Morocco

Project: Taking part to programming software of document management solution.

Consultant and Programmer

  • Writing code allowing Recognition and handling content of document sheet of A4 format passed to the scanner. The rate of success being of 98% for the typed documents;
  • Build documentation procedures for setting up the software used for the content recognition

Technical environment: SQL Server, ASP, Visual Basic, ODBC, Ms-Access, et Xdataflow (Formscan and Checkscan)

Project: BigMat Delattre (La Bassée, France)
Company specialized in medical product and building material wholesale, more than 10 warehouses and points of sales in Alsace, and more than 250 employees.


  • Participation in the definition and the planning of the priorities and the deadlines
  • Migration data towards AS/400 and setting-up interfaces of DEFIMAT (ERP used by our customers);
  • Build users guide
  • Training the end-users
  • Continuous maintenance: Hot-line or remote maintenance via VPN;

Technical environment: AS/400, Windows 2000 server, SQL Server, ODBC, Visual Basic, Ms Access.

Confidential, (Casablanca, Morocco) 2000
Company specialized in the digitalization of the plans and geographical charts.
Programmer and Network administrator

  • Build a software of Production Management
    • Management and follow-up of the staff;
    • Monitoring the production quantity of time of the employees (Ms-Access & Visual-Basic)
  • Person in charge for the managing and maintaining the local network.

Confidential, (Casablanca, Morocco) 1999-2000
Professional Institute of Computing and Accounting

Substitute Teacher

  • Teaching the following courses: Algorithms and Programming, Local Networks
  • Administrator of the computer lab
  • Preparing class course, and exams

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