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Web Design Resume

New Jersey, NJ



Master of Science, Computer Science
Bachelors of Engineering, Computer Engineering


Operating System: Windows 9x/XP/Vista/7, OSx, Linux, UNIX, NachOS

Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, Processing
Web Technology: HTML, JavaScript, ASP, XML, Perl, AJAX, JSON, PHP
Database Languages: SQL (Oracle), XQuery, Spatial SQL


Confidential, (Web Developer): Worked in a group of two to create a Website for the kindergarten Confidential,It was created using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and MS Access. May, 2009 – July, 2009

Confidential, (Web Developer): Worked in a group of four to create multiple Websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the company. May, 2009 – July, 2009


  • Confidential, (C++, NachOS): This was a semester-long project for ‘Operating Systems’ where we created a Hospital Simulation using NachOS, which is instructional software for teaching students operating systems. We created entities as threads using self made Locks, Semaphores and Monitors. We also create a fully multi-processed system which simulates virtual memory and the implementation of TLB, etc. For the final stage we made the hospital run over a network using messages to implement locks, etc instead of using the actual locks, etc. Fall, 2009
  • USC Map Application (Java SE and Oracle Spatial Databases): Java Application to show buildings and track vehicles on the USC map. Implemented Line Query, Region Query and Point Query. Spring, 2009
  • Computer Animation (Processing): Animation of Human Arm using Inverse Kinematics. Implementation of barebones viewer for BVH-based mocap data, Particle System for simulating a fish tank. Spring, 2009
  • Video Conversion & Filtering (Java SE): Wrote a program to convert a low quality(SD) video to high quality(HD) and vice versa. Spring, 2009
  • Video Similarity Algorithm (Java SE): An application that recognized patterns in a set of videos and grouped them on the basis of characteristics such as Motion, Color, Audio, etc. and created a Multimedia Database and then queried it to show similarity between the set of videos. Spring, 2009
  • Artificially Intelligent Robot (C++): Created a robot which was capable of autonomously navigating through a square maze to any point and use sonar sensors to detect human dummies. Fall, 2008
  • Gesture Recognition (VC++, ASP, CSS, JavaScript): Implemented Hand Gestures to use the browser instead of the traditional mouse. The mouse follows your finger and different actions perform different operations on your browser window. Fall, 2009
  • Graphics Library (VC++): Implemented a functional graphics library. Included all features such as Triangle Renderer, Lighting, Shading, Texturing, Smoothening and Transformations. Fall, 2009
  • Implementing JPEG (Java SE): Wrote a program to implement part of the JPEG standard including the following modes of JPEG: Sequential DCT Based, Progressive DCT Based and Hierarchical. Spring, 2009
  • TV listings on Google Maps (Java Servlet, Perl, JSON, AJAX, XML, Google Maps API): Perl Regular Expressions were used to scrape TV Listings from Yahoo’s website and generate XML file. Java Servlet was used to read this data and send it to an AJAX request, in JSON format. The result of various TV Stations was displayed on Google Maps using markers and bubbles at the station’s location. Fall, 2008
  • Autonomous Robot: Put together a robot which was capable of autonomously finding its way to the center of any square maze using algorithms in C++. (Undergraduate school) May, 2008
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