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Development Consultant Resume


  • Highly accomplished, results - driven technologist with proven record of success in the IT industry.
  • Special expertise in software development, client engagement, negotiation, project management, product development, team building, startup operations, organizational buildout, management coaching.
  • Recognized expert with systems development life cycle (SDLC), establishing departments and/or complete organizations, authoring white papers, specifications, and patent submissions.
  • Very experienced with customer facing situations, from company staff (training) to C-level.
  • Subject matter presenter to large and small groups.
  • Substantial product evangelism experience.
  • Extensive software development history (1m loc) using multiple languages/tool chains including .net and Confidential .
  • Excellent problem-solving, financial, and technical skills.
  • Experience with multi-million dollar projects.
  • Experience managing 100+ staff. Experience managing off-shore teams.
  • Startup experience.
  • Developed SDLC process that integrated Scrum into traditional PMO-based organization
  • Refined Agile techniques that produce waterfall reporting artifacts.
  • Developed process that allowed multi-project portfolio to be worked out of a single backlog.
  • Introduced enterprise story refinement process that allowed any sprint team to work stories from multiple projects in the same sprint.
  • Standardized “Definition of Ready” across enterprise.
  • Introduced “Entry and Exit Criteria” for each step in SDLC process to maintain high level stakeholder engagement.
  • Implemented “Stage/Gate” development across enterprise.
  • Developed application that automatically pulled tickets from production ticketing system then added to issue backlog.
  • Developed Kanban process to manage production environments.
  • Scrum Master for Executive Leadership Team.
  • Scrum Master for Information Architecture Team.
  • Scrum Master for Enterprise Architecture Team.
  • Leader for Agile Development Community of Practice.
  • Refined DevOps CI/CD pipeline for Agile Processes.


SDLC Expertise: Product Development Product Management Client Engagement Market Analysis Business Strategy Software as a Service (SaaS) Organization as a Service Presentations Startup Operations Leadership Proposal Development Technical Documentation Product Retirement Agile Development Scrum Practices Hiring Proof of Concept Version Control Defect Tracking Customer Relations Software Security Risk Management Web/REST API Development Dev Team Optimization Cryptography KPI Evaluation


Windows, Linux, OSX, Microsoft Project, Powerpoint, Visio, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, MS SQL, Interbase, SQLite, Iphone SDK, ASP.NET, MVC4, C/C#/objC, Cold Fusion, Delphi, Java, Clarion, VBScript, Python, Javascript, ExtJS, IIS, TestTrack, VMWare, XML, HTML5, Git, JIRA, CSS, PHP, Mercurial, TFS, Erwin, MySQL, Confidential, bootstrap, jquery, Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure, VB.NET, SSO, MongoDB, Balsamiq, Crypto Libraries, credit card processing, Google Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics CRM/XRM, HIPAA Compliance, Public Health Information (PHI) Compliance



Development Consultant


  • Developing extended softkey functionality for Confidential VVX series phones using custom test environment written in Confidential .

Confidential, Montgomery, AL

Executive Management Technology and Process Consultant


  • Moved organization from local TFS installation to VSTS.
  • Set up Agile portfolio processes supported by VSTS that allowed organization to manage multiple projects.
  • Introduced SDLC process changes that allowed teams to sprint multiple projects simultaneously and take on much larger revenue generating projects.
  • Introduced Kanban process for production operations ticket management.
  • Wrote .net handshake application to extract ticket information from ServiceNow and insert/update into VSTS.

Confidential, Montgomery, AL

Executive Practice Officer, Software Development, Product Owner


  • Serve as executive software development organizational lead across multiple agencies.
  • Co-developed organizational matrix structure capable of building multiple state agency enterprise applications simultaneously using large scale Scrum. Agile Coach.
  • Advise, structure and manage six sprint/kanban teams.
  • Authored procedures for critical response and post go-live development for Production Operations.
  • Key player in building an organization of 105 professionals in 2 years.
  • Community of Practice leader - large scale software development.
  • First in the country to utilize MSFT Government Azure (pure infrastructure as code) to provide eligibility and enrollment services at the state level.
  • Engage in extensive stakeholder management across multiple state government agencies.
  • Co-author Confidential Software Developer Mastery Program.
  • Substantial experience managing HIPAA and PHI data.
  • Co-author IT governance and IRS/CMS/state compliance documents.
  • Scrum Master for executive leadership team.
  • Scrum Master for Information Architecture and Enterprise Architecture teams.
  • Structure and optimize organization as part of executive leadership.
  • Identify and act on key performance indicators.
  • Identify and optimize repeatable processes.
  • Creating Organization as a Service (OaaS).
  • Work closely with federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to meet compliance requirements.
  • Member of project Internal Review Board
  • Developed applications in .net, MSFT Dynamics XRM, and Confidential .

Confidential, Baltimore, MD

CTO/Lead Architect, Product Owner


  • Manage in house, off shore, and contract development resources from US and Costa Rica locations
  • Lead Architect
  • Responsible for project plan development.
  • Budget responsibility.
  • RFP Development

Confidential, Birmingham, AL



  • Substantial experience in mail processing operations, migration to the MAIL.DAT program, data encryption, and project management.
  • Subject matter expertise with Nielsen data analysis and presentation, qualitative data analysis and presentation, television ad sales pre-buy.
  • Practice areas include Peoplesoft installation, administration, development, and integration; multi-language software development, whole life cycle project management.

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