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Rpa Uipath Developer Resume



  • Total 6 years of IT experience With Data base development, Business Intelligence development and Automation and 3 years of experience in Robotics Process Automation RPA (UiPath) .
  • Expert in RPA - Automation development with the tool UiPath .
  • Hands on Experience in end to end automation process as per business requirement which involves feasibility study, designing architecture, development, testing, and deployment of automation.
  • Expert in implementing the features like Web recording, Basic Recording, Desktop Recording and Citrix recording in UiPath
  • Knowledge on Robotics Process Automation Development tools like Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere
  • Expert in designing workflow using sequence and flow chart.
  • Identified opportunity to automate manual tasks using Robotics Process Automation (RPA) technology and established Commercial-wide RPA program.
  • Experience with different Activities with UiPath like PDF Automations, Excel Automation, Email Automation, Control Statements, loops, Variable Operations .
  • Knowledge in testing web services of SOAP and REST .
  • Knowledge in Invoice Processing with OCR Engine like Omni Page, Tesseract, Google cloud .
  • Have hands-on experience to maintain the several RPA bots as batch processes with orchestrator on daily basis and ensure quality and high performance to the internal and vendor applications of the organization.
  • Expert in solving issues that arises in day to day running of robotic processes and providing timely responses and solutions as required.
  • Experience with Process SME's to prepare Process Definition Document (PDD) & Solution Design Document (SDD)
  • Extensively worked on Data Scraping,Screen Scraping methods such as Full text, Native textand OCR.
  • Involved in Process Management , Defining, Designing, Development and Testing.
  • Comprehensive exposure in project delivery management and the Development Life Cycle including design of the workflow Plans.
  • Hand-on experience in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) across different platforms and successful implementation in Production environment.
  • Experience in usage of Try Catch Activity for system exception to catch errors.
  • Involved in creating and modifying the class diagrams, sequence diagrams using Star UML, Rational Rose Enterprise Edition , and Microsoft Visio .
  • Knowledge and good understanding of SQL and SQL and experience working with databases like Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL .
  • Experience in Agile, Waterfall Methodologies with clear understanding of Iterative and Evolutionary principles.
  • Created solution architecture documents, process flows, templates, and design templates for the BI environment.
  • Experience in MS SQL Server, BI tools (SSDT ) like SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) .
  • Experience in creating ETL mappings in SSIS to load data from different sources to different target databases and data analysis, data profiling, data transformation, data mapping, data cleansing and data quality.
  • Experience in designing, developing, and delivering business intelligence solutions using Power BI.
  • Expertise in generating report using Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and Excel spreadsheet, scheduling and deploying reports on report manager.


Automation Tools: UiPath

Languages: C, C++, .Net

WebTechnologies: HTML5, CSS3, XML, XSLT

Database: MS SQL Server 2014/2012/2008 , SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio

IDE: Visual Studio 2013/12/10, SQL Server Management Studio 2014/13/10, UI Path Studio, Crystal Reports

Methodologies: Agile, Waterfall

Operating Systems: Windows 10/8/XP, Linux


Confidential, NC

RPA UiPath Developer


  • Extensively involved in Robotic process automation solutions using UI Path.
  • Developed and configured automation processes as per the technical design document (TDD) to meet the defined requirements.
  • Created database connections to fetch the data and automated the process to arrange data with UI Path.
  • Developed bots using UiPath to automate the sales force application ticketing tool which was done using manual interference.
  • Involved in automate the business requirement using UI Path by creating Activities using Desktop recorder and Web recorder.
  • Worked on using Excel and CSV Activities with UiPath.
  • Used Image Activities with wait conditions to ensure proper website or application loading to perform certain actions in a Loop.
  • Worked on Web automation using activities like open browser, attach browser and other element activities.
  • Used UiPath Automation Elements such as Mouse, Keyboard, and attribute to Automate desktop sequence Activities.
  • Performed data extraction from image.
  • Implemented Selectors for interacting with window and web browser and web Browser for continuous navigation of application.
  • Enabled logging to debug the workflow and identify the errors.
  • Experience in Scheduling bots’ workloads using UI Path Orchestrator.
  • Involved in the designing solutions utilizing RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software, maintain technical responsibility for project delivery as the technical resource on a project.
  • Used data scrapping method for extracting structured data from browser applications or documents into a CSVfile or excel spread sheet.
  • Deployed the process in UiPath Orchestrator and scheduled their execution.
  • Created Functional Requirements Documents (FRDs) for a Robotic Process Automation project, based on business process design discussions with business stakeholders.
  • Involved in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle including design, development and creating test cases.

Environment: : UiPath, Orchestrator, SQL Server 2014, Visual Studio, Excel, XML, HTML, CSS.

Confidential, Houston, Tx

RPA UiPath Developer

Responsibilities :

  • Worked to define business requirements for designing, testing, and building RPA Process to meet with the project manager, Business Leads and Business analyst requirements.
  • Experience in creation, development, refinement, and maintenance of an ongoing automated management information Reporting of UI Path processes with data table in Excel.
  • Designed all the processes it the way it is simple to understand when it is referred and helping in reducing the effort to reduce the cycle time, avoid rework, eliminated inspections and quality control steps and prevent errors using Business process mapping technique (BPM).
  • Used the UiPath Desktop Recorder to do windows automation.
  • Used OCR Engines like tesseract, Omni Page and Google cloud to do data extraction from pdf and image files.
  • Worked on Web Automation using different activities like open browser, attach browser, Element Exists, image exists, on click and Type into.
  • Worked on Email Automation using different activities like get exchange mail messages and send exchange mail messages, Outlook activities like get outlook mail messages, reply to outlook mail messages.
  • Worked on UI elements, Data scrapping, Selectors, Excel, Image and Text Automation inUiPath studio.
  • Extracted text from PDF's using screen scraping method and stored them into a data table.
  • Worked on excel automation using different activities like Excel application scope, get workbook sheet, get selector range, read range, write range, and read row.
  • Implemented web recorder for automating logging and inserting data actions into browser applications.
  • Integrated the advanced features of automation tools like web recorder for existing robots and improved the performance to the internal process.
  • Accessing data from multiple file formats like .CSV, .PDF, excel sheets, web pages etc., using multiple scraping techniques like full Text, Native and OCR.
  • Used Excel automation for repetitive excel data entry, appending and for comparing columns.
  • Worked with the log file to handle the errors. Identifying and debugging the errors using Error Handlers.
  • Efficiently handled monitoring and troubleshooting the studio environment through orchestrator.

Environment:: UiPath, Web Services, Visual Studio, UI path Orchestrator, HTML .


SQL/BI Developer

Responsibilities :

  • Created stored procedures, functions, Packages, Data base triggersbased on business requirements.
  • Involved in Functional Design and Business Requirement Design (BRD)
  • Worked under Agile Scrum methodology
  • Involved in creating Specification Documents, Mapping documents, Data Flow Diagrams, ER Diagrams, Dependency documents.
  • Design and developed the scripts to create table, views, indexes, and sequence.
  • Involved in analyzing Schema’s, Tables, and Indexes as part of OPTIMIZATION
  • Involved in Data Migration and Data conversion
  • Involved in Extraction transformation and Loading
  • Involved in Creating and assigning appropriate roles and privileges to users depending on the user activity.
  • Monitor database systems and provide technical support for database system issues and application
  • Developed Complex database objects like Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages and Triggers using SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Maintaining Company Data standards
  • Develop and maintain SSRS reports for the various business applications
  • Research, analyze and troubleshoot issues in database applications
  • Scheduled jobs to run on daily and weekly basis using SQL Server Agent.
  • Scheduled reports using SSRS to generate daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports.
  • Performing error handling design and implementation.
  • Deployed reports to report server, added subscription and snapshot for end users .

Environment: MS SQL Server 2008/2008 R2, MS SQL Server 2012, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Reporting Services 2008(SSRS), Visual Studio 2012


SQL Developer


  • Created complex queries to generate reports based on user requirements
  • Create flowcharts, layouts, diagrams and write program codes
  • Developed database objects such as Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions, Tables, Triggers, and Indexes
  • Used SQL Server reporting services for creating, editing, and scheduling reports
  • Created and maintained database objects, created complex Stored Procedures, Triggers, cursors, Tables, Views SQL Joins and Created stored procedures to use as the datasets for the Report Design by SQL Reporting services
  • Provide the estimates for the work items
  • Involve in Technical discussion, design related project
  • Created SSIS packages for different data loading operations for many applications
  • Very extensively used SSIS Import/Export Wizard, for performing the ETL operations
  • Created and scheduled SSIS packages to pull data from SQL Server and exported to Excel Spreadsheets and vice- versa
  • Developed complex reports, which are migrated from different reporting tools
  • Analyzed the existing application programs and tuned SQL queries using execution plan, SQL performance Monitor, SQL profiler
  • Interacted with developers on various aspects, ranging from usage of utilities to SQL performance, test data and general troubleshooting
  • SQL performance tuning by modifying SQL queries or changing/adding indexes
  • Created and automating the regular jobs
  • Prepared the reports for the day-to-day as well as weekly/monthly purposes in various formats like MS Excel, PDF, HTML and XML
  • Integrated Stored Procedures to generate the Reports

Environment: MS SQL Server 2012, T-SQL, DTS, MS Access, Flat files, Windows 8

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