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App Dev System Analyst Resume


Hardware: IBM MVS/390 PC - AT

Operating Systems: MVS 586/686- UNIX MS-DOS DOS Windows 98 Windows NT Red Hat Suse Solaris Debian Linux Unix (SVR4)

Languages: Mainframe CICS (Command) COBOL Batch Cobol JCL Easytrieve Plus VSAM TSO/ISPF DB2 Maps COBOL II ADS Assembly Language SPUFI

Languages: PC/Internet C C++ VB6.0 ASP ASP.NET PHP Java JSP Java Script Perl VB Script C# Dbase JSON LINQ XML VB.net PHP 7.0

Databases: SQL Server MYSQL Access Hypersonic Dbase DB2 IndexedDB

Internet / PC: Excel Word MS Office CGI Perl Html ADO Reports ODBC SQL PC Assembler Delphi 5 Front Page Power Point PWS MTS COM Mail Merge TCP/IP MS Project Python MVC 4.0 JDBC REST Jquery Ajax Linux Servers UNIX Virtual Machines Iphone Windows Phone Android

Utility Programs: Mainframe XPEDITOR ADS File Aid Waaputs Natural Adabase

Utility Programs: Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2015 Microsoft Management Studio VB6 .net Framework 3.5/4.0, Windows Server IIS

Programmer Analyst:

Mainframe Programming: CICS, DB2, Cobol, Cobol II, Assembler, Easytrive, SQL Server, Mainframe, PC, Client Server, Production, Access, data conversions

Web Design: Designed several ASP, PHP, JSP databases using Access, SQL Server, Hypersonic, MYSQL, Visual Basic Script, Java Script and ADO that provided services over the internet and made it easy to get information with an easy to manage interface

Web Design: Created a Java Database (Hypersonic) using JSP, Java Mail, and Servlets for a message posting site, and a links database site for use over the internet. HTML, CSS, Java Script, ASP, PHP, Java, SQL Server, Access, MYSQL, UNIX. Cell Phone, All Browsers, Keyboard, handicap, All windows sizes, indexedDB Database, asynchronous programming,Jquery, Angular JS

Handheld PC: Developed a program that used handheld devices for a large insurance company than interfaced a CICS/COBOL system.

Client Server Programming: Wrote Client Server Programs using Excel, Access, SQL Server, Visual Studio, callback functions, databases and more with VB6.0 Pro and Delphi.

Operating Systems: Managed Solaris Operating System with Unix Servers and Confidential Switches for Confidential . Web Design Debian Linux Set up web server running Debian Linux, Set up firewalls, SSH, Joolma, Mysql, Postgresql and Drupal. Everything ran at the same time on different ports. Also set up a django copied from Github.

Other: Virtual Box- Operating Systems, Data Transformation Services



App Dev System Analyst


  • Tricare and Commercial Insurance
  • High Security --Government C2 Clearance
  • Tibco, Unix, Web Services, WSDL, SOAP, Java, VB Script, Batch Files
  • Candidate for team lead
  • AIX, Maps, HIPPA, Oracle
  • Tibco training, Virtual Machines, Team Projects, Winning Team
  • Wrote Pollers, Moved Data like pollers, Installed lots of Software
  • Wrote and ran Batch files to process a lot of things at one time.

Technologies: Java, Unix, VB, VB Script, Tibco, Web Services


Technical Support Specialist


  • Database, Hadoop, Aster
  • SQL, Servers, Linux, Windows
  • ODBC, JDBC, BAR, Mainframe, Unix, Hardware
  • 3rd Party SW, Network, AWS, 3rd Party SW, Network, AWS
  • TVI, Code-level Support, Technical Escalation, Crisis Mgmt, Performance
  • Sr. Mgmt escalations (P1’s), Expansion upgrades, Process improvements
  • Confidential used to be part of NCR. They are now their own company.

Confidential, Columbia, SC

Load Management- Developer, Web Design


  • Manage Electrical Systems - ASP.net, SQL Server, VB.script, C#, Word, Excel, Outlook, Ftp, HP Open VMS, Access, Web Systems, Calendars, Electrical Load Operations, Weather, ssh, Joolma, Mysql, Debian Linux. Built systems that analyzes data to make critical decisions (Manage Load Management Data). Install Apache Web Server, MYSQL, Postgresql, Firewall on the server, also used SSH shell. We never missed a peak in the eight years I was there.
  • Designed and coded a ASP.NET / SQL SERVER/ VB/ C#/ VB.net and DataTables application to track electric load data.
  • The application tracked load and temperature data. The system was used to find the peak of the month for the billion dollar coop system of South Carolina.
  • This system gave reliable data needed to make peak decisions.
  • Designed and coded an ASP.NET / SQL SERVER/ VB application that used word, excel, outlook and ftp to send data or print reports. This application sends information to all people and or systems that needed the results of daily loads and control results.
  • I did updates. Set up security and more.
  • I also set up a test system on Linode (VPS Hosting System)
  • I installed Django from Github. Linode was a free server given to me from the Open Source POSSCON 2012. The linode was on Debian Linux. Also set up Drupal with both mysql and Postgresql to gage speed.

Technologies: ASP.net, SQL Server, VB.script, VB, C#, Word, Excel, Outlook, FTP, OpenVMS, Access, Apache Web Server, Mysql, Postgresql, SSH Shell

Confidential, Columbia, SC

Confidential Technician


  • Tested and repaired Confidential Switches.
  • Tested Confidential Switches - This was done on a special floor and all commands were monitored by Confidential both in Japan and in California
  • Replaced Boards that had problems. We did some in house testing of boards but all repairs were sent out. Everything had to be 100 percent correct.
  • We could not ship anything unless everything in the shipment was 100 percent.
  • We had very high standards.
  • Technologies: Confidential Switches, Unix (SVR4)

Confidential, Columbia, SC



  • Coordinated Testing of Confidential, NCR 9000, and Unix Servers for Selectron.
  • Built NCR 9000 Servers for Confidential and Confidential among others
  • I processed a lot of these machines. This was a very big project.

Technologies: UNIX Servers, Confidential Servers

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