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Web Application Developer Resume


Highly motivated SharePoint application developer, experience in creating secured business productivity applications that streamline data entry, provide timely notification to team members, enforcing defined business rules and efficient use of data.


  • SharePoint application development
  • C#, JavaScript, C/C++, Java, COBOL, Lisp and LotusScript
  • Domino application development


Web Application Developer



  • Create productivity applications per specifications for clients or for internal use.
  • This is secured workflow application that integrates two Human Resource (HR) processes to reduce data entry and provide timely notification to the approvers, the finance team and the IT team.
  • This is an in - house workflow application that everyone uses to request vacation time off and allow managers to document sick leave for anyone under their charge.
  • The approved vacation requests and sick leave records allow HR track the vacation time that employees have spent and managers to see who is or will be out of the office.

Web application developer



  • Create in-house applications and provide solutions to data processing issues.
  • Users in SharePoint can search for and see any employee’s profile, but they can only do this one person at a time.
  • We need a company employee directory that users can browse by name, by office location or by department.
  • The solution is a SharePoint timer job that pulls in all the profiles’ data into one list.
  • Finance has a need to classify all the minority vendors we have business relations with. So they obtained a 740 Mb comma separated value (csv) file from Central Contractor Registration supplier database as the source list.
  • However, the list contains many useless data and manually picking out the relevant data is too time consuming.
  • To solve the issue, I wrote a console program to extract only the specific minority vendor to another file.
  • Then I wrote a second program to extract the needed data from each record and uploaded the data to SharePoint.
  • Expense Report/Purchase Order - These two finance applications were created in the IBM Domino platform.
  • These are workflow applications used by all company staff to submit expense reports and purchase orders to finance once approved by managers.

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