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Web Design Resume

New Jersey, NJ


  • Fortune 100 User Experience Professional with fifteen years development of enterprise and ecommerce usability issues. Building secure and scalable web/mobile front-end experiences for financial and commercial information delivery.
  • Responsive web design and user interfaces for complex transactional products.
  • Expert level requirements analysis and wireframe development for transaction-oriented applications across multiple-asset displays; Organizing user test sessions throughout SDLC, developing solutions focusing on HCI and usability principles
  • Deployment of FOREX trading platform, CRM mortgage application(Ameriquest), mobile apps(Forex, GoTV).
  • Certified Websphere 6.x Architect, integration with Sharepoint/Dynamics/SAP


  • Developing functional specs, interaction patterns, task-flows for complete application
  • Developing strategic product vision with detailed objectives, priorities and goals
  • In depth knowledge of Currency, Securities, Mobile and E-Commerce industries
  • Enterprise level taxonomy, architecture and content management systems
  • Certified IBM Websphere Web Content Manager & Architect. Sharepoint

Confidential, Director of User Experience (Feb 2009 – Present)
Usability Architect (Nov 2008- Feb 2009)
Establishing user experience for currency trading environment (online, download, smartphones) including blogs, social network and online communities. Working with CTO, marketing and sales to assess competitive environment. Leading international team of twenty developers, thirteen designers and two project managers through full SDLC of trading environment.

  • Analyzing current state and developing detailed roadmap strategy for product deployment. Requirements gathering, competitive analysis, usability testing and developing new interaction paradigms for high volume currency trading.
  • Developing and scheduling usability test sessions throughout SDLC (interviewing users, eye-tracking and multivariate A/B testing)
  • Hands on wireframe development for complete currency trading environment, social community within trading application including blogs, live chat, bulletin boards, news, video & audio feeds.
  • Developing advanced chart trading techniques; on-chart trading and 1-click trading
  • Responsive design for porting trading application to iphones and desktop browsers.

Confidential, Senior Information Architect (Jan. 2008 – Oct. 2008)
Establishing sharepoint portal for three disparate web entities; students, parents and teachers. Developing rules for current sites and refined portal; Developing wireframes, site maps, task analysis, conceptual models, personas, interaction models and customization requirements for response based environments. Training business managers on sharepoint Themes and Web Parts.

  • Developing information architecture, taxonomy, content types, site columns, interaction/task flows.
  • Working with cross-functional team of user experience; engineers and business managers
  • Training teams on Sharepoint 7.0 administration, web parts, custom lists and workflow
  • Developing templates based on responsive web best paractices.

Confidential, Enterprise Solutions Architect (March 2005 - Jan 2008)
Installation, administration, configuration of Websphere portals with Sharepoint, Dynamics AX and SAP enterprise products; Set-up and configuration of WCM 7.x, Sharepoint 7.x. Updating existing AXAPTA systems to Dynamics AX 2009. Deploying global portals, company intranets, ecommerce sites and executive dashboards . Developing responsive web authoring systems, user controls, layouts, features, templates. Training business managers on governance and custom authoring and development tools and it’s associated content around the established guidelines. Developing training guides for portal migrations.

Confidential, Enterprise Architect (April 2007 – January 2008)
Deployment of global Websphere portal to house company brands under one user experience. Research and documenting business requirements, user personas and use cases.

  • Installing, configuration of Websphere servers. Developing authoring and taxonomy.
  • Deploying user experience strategy based on information architecture breakdown; taxonomy, interaction, task and process flows.
  • Advising business on Dynamics AX financials integrations and CRM.
  • Mentoring development team, portal team on Websphere, authoring, personalization

Confidential, Portal Architect (January 2007 – April 2007)
Consulting CIO and Director of Technology on usability improvements to the Cravath portal. Leading creative and engineering teams to improve visual, functional and conceptual consistency of company web presence. Defining navigation concepts, taxonomy and company style guides.

  • Managing portal tools for enhancements to existing graphical user interface
  • Consulting portal teams on migration from Sharepoint and SAP
  • Defining personalization themes and authoring templates for single sign-on

Confidential, User Experience Architect(October 2006 – December 2006)
Development of human resource portal for global sourcing and project management. Reviewing current taxonomy, workflows, user interactions and advising on strategic roadmap for portal launch.

  • Developing interactions and wireframes for employee dashboard portal in Websphere.
  • Defining taxonomy, portlets, rules and task-flows. Mentoring development teams.

Confidential, User Experience Consultant(June 2006 – October 2006)
Chief consultant to CTO and Executive Team on user experience and information design. Leading the technology evaluation and talent selection effort. Completing multi-million dollar portal project eight months behind in two months.

  • Working with interface and development teams in the implementation Websphere/SAP portal. Developing authoring templates, skins, personalization and executive dashboards.
  • Planning, managing and defining taxonomy and interaction design of portal architecture.

Confidential,Portal Architect (April 2006 – June 2006)
Guiding cross-functional interdepartmental teams to develop Executive Dashboard and portal. Developing and managing processes for authoring, reviewing, publishing and reporting metrics

  • Federating data sources to calculate and create graphical layout views
  • Training developers on Websphere and Dashboard Framework development.

Prudential Financial User Experience Architect (March 2005– April 2006)
Developing a reliable, scaleable, state of the art Websphere portal (6.X, SAP, Dynamics AX) to improve customer service and fulfillment activities. Designing a cohesive user experience for 300,000 unique users for family of mutual funds.

  • Assessing requirements of separate entities, removing redundancies and identifying improvements for integration into Sharepoint, Vignette and SAP.
  • Developing product roadmap, documenting requirements, workflows and wireframes.
  • Coordinating work efforts with company of managers, creative and technical teams

Confidential, User Experience Architect (September 2004 – June 2005)
Planning brand identity and improved usability with VP of marketing. Designing ad campaign( banners, emails, landing pages, print material and interactive media.

  • Developing user-interface elements; site maps, storyboards
  • Advising business and marketing teams to streamline shopping cart interface, increasing monthly revenue by 40%.

Confidential, Information Architect (March 2003 – August 2004)
Developing functional requirements and business scenarios for CRM online mortgage applications for Websphere/Axapta 4.0 portal. Documenting requirements, task flows and use-cases for ERP models.

  • Analyzing current state technolohgy and defining strategic information architecture roadmap.
  • Optimizing features, availability, scalability, user experience, visualization and data integrity
  • Developing skins, themes and interaction flows for internal mortgage applications
  • Working with stakeholders to refine existing process flows to streamlined user experience

Confidential, Content Producer (Feb 2003 - Sept 2004)
Working with VP of marketing to develop mobile video app and social network. Defining task flows, user interactions and navigation for smart phones.

  • Designing video/audio templates. Managing a team of video/sound editors, interaction and motion designers to produce content for mobile broadcast.
  • Increasing subscription base service by 40% after launch of app.

Confidential,Project Manager (October 1999 - January 2003)
Managing online Corporate Travel Application built into existing intranet for internal use.

  • Defining/documenting personas, use cases, business rules and interaction maps
  • Oversee graphics team in creation of travel booking, including third party vendors

Confidential, Developer (March 1997 - June 1999)
Developing internal business sites for corporate intranet of global company. Developing wireframes, taxonomy, site maps, navigation.

Confidential, Developer (January 1996 - February 1997)
Designing, developing and launching company client web presence(FTD, Harris publishing and Thomson\'s). Coding Javascript/Java applets for website. Web design with Photoshop, Illustrator,

Visio, OmniGraffle, Azure, Office, Photoshop, Websphere, Sharepoint, Dynamics AX 2012.
Knowledge of: Java, JSP, D/HTML,CSS

BS Information Science; Minor Economics/Philosophy
IBM Certified Websphere Web Content Manager and Architect

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