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Sr. Documentum Developer / Architect Resume

Houston, TX


  • 15 years experience in Information Technology field including 9 years of technical expertise in Enterprise Content Management particularly within EMC2 Documentum product suite
  • Architecting, designing, coding, testing, debugging, maintaining, and documenting Documentum applications
  • Strong understanding of object oriented programming and server technologies
  • Skilled in DFS and D2FS as SOA interface for Documentum as well as DFC and WDK for client - server development.
  • Successfully completed various projects at different clients for Documentum upgrade.
  • Strong experience in business object framework (BOF) for implementing enterprise business logic using type based objects (TBO) and service based objects (SBO)
  • Experienced in configuring and deploying artifacts and business logic via Documentum D2 thus providing user intuitive interface for business operations
  • Excellent knowledge on lifecycle of a content from retention perspective and successfully implemented retention architecture within Documentum
  • Designed and implemented business processes using Process Builder and Process Integrator thus enhancing the operational efficiency and productivity through sophisticated automation of business requirements and integrating Documentum with external applications.
  • Developed multiple standalone tools to avoid the manual redundant and error prone processes done as part of application migration and administration to facilitate the business users and makes their work faster.
  • Customized and configured Documentum clients.
  • Successfully deployed Documentum artifacts and modules via Composer.
  • Created ANT scripts required for the successful migration of applications and deployments of Web applications and Docapps as well as other Documentum artifacts throughout different environments.
  • Exposure with 21 CFR Part 11 of FDA validations on Electronic repositories for pharmaceutical clients. Used DCM to automate the controlled content processes to meet the quality and compliance goals.
  • Responsible for designing and developing dynamic Spotfire reports for internal ECM team and business to help them instantly visualize the data within Documentum helping business to quickly uncover the insights and make better decisions
  • Leading Enterprise search project within the organization via IBM Watson Explorer.
  • Building and improving software development standards, procedures, and recommending best practices for development within the team thus streamlining the SDLC process
  • Excellent verbal, interpersonal, analytical skills.


Documentum Suite: Content server 5.2.5,5.3,6.5,6.7,7.2, xCP 1.5,1.6, 2,2,WDK 5.2.5, 5.3, 6.5, 6.7, DFC 5.2.5,5.3, 6.5, 6.7,7.2, DFS 6.5,6.7,7.2 Records 6.7,6.8, Taskspace 6.7, Forms Builder 6.7, Process Build 6.7, BPS 6.7, Composer 6.5, 6.7, CTS 6.5, ADTS 6.5, 6.7, BOCS 6.7, DCS 6.5, Webtop 5.2.5, 5.3, 6.5, 6.7, DA, Language pack manager 5.3, DAB & DAI

Enterprise Search: IBM Watson Explorer

Database: Oracle 8i/9i/10g, MS SQL 7/2005/2008, MySQL, MS Access

J2EE: Java 5.0, JSP, Struts, Servlets, JDBC

Web/Application server: Apache 2.0,Tomcat 5x/6x, IIS, JBoss

Languages and Frameworks: Hibernate 4.0, Spring 3.1, Asp 3.0, VB Script, Java Script, Flex, PHP, HTML, XML, XSL, PERL, C#, .NET, WCF, VBA, Vaadin

Development IDEs: Eclipse, Visual Studio.Net

Control Versioning Software: TFS (Team Foundation Server), Rational Clear Case, PVCS, SVN

Reporting and Analytics: Spotfire

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows Server 2000, 2005, 2008,2012, Windows XP Professional

Other: FME, Adlib PDF Enterprise, ANT, Maven, Clear Quest, Installshield Professional Pro, Microsoft Visio, SharePoint 2013, Textpad, Wireshark, Fiddler


Confidential, Houston, TX



  • Ensuring the success of critical business functions by leading the architecture, design, development, integration, implementation and maintenance of Enterprise content management applications
  • Responsible for providing technical leadership to the team for the projects assigned to me to perform design to deployment related activities, provide guidance, perform reviews, prevent and resolve technical issues.
  • Defining and documenting architecture, capturing and documenting non-functional (architectural) requirements, preparing estimates and defining technical solutions to proposals
  • Reconfigured the business application from scratch in xCP 2.2 by creating new screens in xCP Designer as a part of full Documentum upgrade project from 6.7 SP to 7.2
  • Responsible for setting up the retention architecture and creating the retention policies within Documentum. Ensure that the content is going under retention by getting linked to the right policy and is also getting disposed off successfully during its Final phase.
  • Leveraging service oriented architecture for enterprise via developing facades (both Java and .NET) for documentum web services (DFS) and D2FS in order to integrate other business applications and 3rd party applications with enterprise content management
  • Successfully implemented SSO (single sign-on) on Windows within Tomcat app server for Taskspace application using Kerberos authentication.
  • Installed Configured and successfully deployed Adlib PDF Enterprise tool to various environments as a means for generating document rendition for the unstructured content on shared drives and structured content in Documentum.
  • Developed various BOF modules to meet the business logic via SBOs and standard modules used via Documentum jobs as well as the ones embedded within business process as a part of the workflow.
  • Successfully installed, configured and integrated Brava viewer within the Documentum client application allow users to view and annotate the documents
  • Configured right set of rules within FME to quickly and easily migrate complex data from unstructured data to Documentum as well as from one Documentum repository to another thus saving hours of costly human resource, errors and maintain the quality of data during migration process.
  • Used CTS module API to generated rendition and create watermarking by embedding the document meta-data on the rendered PDF as per business required on creation of a document. The API was called via service that would send a job request to the ADTS server based on the parameters provided.
  • Responsible for configuring TEE (Team Explorer Everywhere) plug-in with Eclipse that would connect to Team Foundation server in order to setup a new source version control system for Documentum projects, artifacts, development stream and documentation.
  • In charge of creating build and package solution via ANT scripts in order to move the artifacts from one environment to another as well as generate a war directly from source version control by consolidating all necessary files to deploy the web application
  • Created multiple pages reports for the content metadata via Spotfire reporting and analytics tool that provides instant and stunning visualization of the data and relates similar data from multiple sources into a single and holistic view thus helping internal ECM team and the business to do its analysis and make better decisions.
  • Actively providing day to day tier 1 support as well as working on various EMC cases in order to ensure smooth operation of Documentum applications
  • Leading the Enterprise search project with the company using IBM Watson Explorer which was not limited to but had following scope

Environment: Content server 7.2, 6.7, xCP 1.5, 2.2, Documentum client (D2, Webtop, DA, records) 6.8,6.7, xCP Designer, Composer, DAB, DFS, D2FS, COSI, SOA, Tomcat 6.0, 7.0, CTS and ADTS 6.7, FME, SQL Server 2008, Eclipse, Visual studio, Spotfire, IBM WEX (Watson explorer), ANT, Adlib PDF EnterpriseWindows 2008, Team Foundation server, Microsoft office 2013

Confidential, Herndon, VA



  • Performed code changes in existing DFC, Method server as well as BOF (TBOs/SBOs) customizations in the process of migrating from 5.3.5 to 6.6 and deployed the code changes and supporting artifacts to the 6.6 docbase via Documentum Composer
  • Implemented companywide process of automated creation of user cabinet via 2 options
  • Allowing users to fill in the form that would trigger the cabinet creation process. This involved integrating Forms Builder with Process Builder
  • Allowing the user to fill in the form via web page that would trigger the creation of cabinet. This saved the user the hassle to login into the WDK client to create a form request.
  • Designed and successfully implemented the Standardization process within Development team by designing a process in Process Builder thus ensuring that before the custom code was pushed and deployed to higher environments, it was meeting the necessary coding and deployment standards approved by the management.
  • Created an Employee management system (with basic CRUD functionalities) prototype in Flex by integrating it with POJO on server side via BlazeDS. The intention here was to show the business a better looking GUI for reporting purpose.
  • Integrated Flex charts with Grails for the Status Tracker application created for internal purpose. The chart defined the list of each team members and the work they did for the week. The same information was being sent to the upper management thus helping them to get the status of current work being performed by each member.
  • Created number of nifty standalone utility programs like
  • Configuration based Import/Export tool (front-end Flex giving sleek GUI look)
  • Bulk loading utility
  • Configuration based Migration utility to move folders and objects within the folders from one cabinet to another cabinet
  • Deactivate Multiple Users by Criteria, Apply/Revoke ACLs on documents based on criteria, Delete folders/subfolders/documents within folders based on criteria
  • Worked on creating the Design Document and DGWs (Data Gathering worksheets) for Business Units and presenting the same to the managers and developers in DDRB (Design and Development Review Board) for reviewing the document and having it approved before starting to work on that project.
  • Created necessary Docapps for the projects for creating Object types, running pre-installation and post-installation scripts to call DSR utility to create groups, Acls and roles as well as create cabinets and folder structures and apply necessary Acls on those cabinets and folders.
  • Responsible for managing and enhancing the Migration Instructions document by creating useful macros in the document. This document is used by Development team when migrating the application changes from Development Environment to Test Environment to Acceptance Environment and finally to Production Environment.
  • Actively involved in solving the application defects and working on the project enhancements which they call as DAM (Defects and Modifications) as per the business requirements.
  • Worked on AJAX AutoComplete feature that was required for various Business Units to have the type ahead feature to be enabled for attributes of certain types. This helped the Business to just search for the information set against the attribute just by the keystrokes rather then looking for the value from the Drop down list that has millions of entries in the list through value assistance query.
  • Customized the default email template (dm event sender.ebs) that is being used in Quickflow activity to add a link in the email that would directly take the reviewer to the task assigned to him within the inbox.
  • Used Business Process Manager to define an executable business process within the application enabling the technology department users and managers to process, review, comment, approve and sign-off important documents. The workflow was being kicked-off through TBO every time a new document was imported into the system. At each stage of document approval process, an email was being sent to concerned performers about the status of approval or if the package was denied.
  • Used RMA to create and apply retention policies on the cabinets and folders under which the documents were being moved from DM (Document Management) side to RM (Records Manager) side thus ensuring that the records could not be modified by anyone else that the ones in retention roles for N number of years
  • Create a generic MCV (Managed control values) component via WDK customization to help the BU admins to add/edit/delete the necessary values against the required attributes into the registered table for their respective Business Units. The values modified through this component were being pulled up in customized import and properties screen.
  • Used Composer 6.5 Smart Containers to create a prototype for Fanniemae loan documents creation process into hierarchical folder structure into documentum repository.
  • Deployed the projects and its associated artifacts into the repositories via Headless Composer through emc import, build, create dar and install dar Ant tasks

Environment: Content Server 5.3 and 6.5, Records Manager Administrator (RMA) and RPS, Webtop 5.3 and 6.5, Task Space 6.5, Documentum Composer 6.5, DFC, DFS, Documentum Application Builder (DAB), Business Process Manager (BPM), Process Builder, Forms Builder, RPSA, Docbasic, DQL, API. Sharepoint, Rational Clear Quest, Rational Clear Case, Oracle 10g, Tomcat 6.0, JDK 1.4 and 1.5,Weblogic 9.0, Eclipse 3.4, Textpad, Editplus, UNIX, Java, JSP, Java Script, ANT, HTML, XML, XSL, XSLT, XML Schema, VBA, AJAX, Flex

Confidential, Waukegan, IL



  • Performed analysis on migration of Content Server 5.2.5 to 5.3, WDK 5.2.5 to 5.3 and worked on all the configuration and customization changes related to migration
  • Implemented business logic through BOF for building, testing and deploying server business logic through use of TBOs and SBOs.
  • Created custom object types with custom attributes with conditional value assistance filters via DQL and API scripts and deployed the same in the system.
  • Used DAB to change lifecycle procedures and implement docbasic script as well as change the existing object type properties.
  • Customized Web Interface in WDK 5.2.5, WDK 5.3, DFC 5.3
  • Customized various WDK components like properties, menubar, inbox, objectlist, history, view, objectlocator, workflow, new and import within the application to suite the business requirements
  • Developed a better logic for different module preconditions by changing the scoping, writing better queries and moving unnecessary preconditions to execution classes thus improving the overall application performance.
  • Researched on Internationalization project (QDMS 3.1) in order to enable 5 languages in the Application. Followed all the necessary procedures required on application server side and docbase side to enable the Internationalization. Installed the Language pack manager and also ran 5 different language packs.
  • Made customization changes with regards to internationalization project by moving all the necessary hard coded messages from the class file to NLS properties.
  • Created a service (SBO) that calls a TBO to add a child document to a parent virtual document as well as remove a child document from a parent document based on the type of call.
  • Involved in Software validation, troubleshooting and fixing bugs in a highly validated environment as per FDA (21 CFR part 11) regulations.
  • Created a migration tool that would get a list of all the files from a folder and from that based on the format defined in the csv file, update the values into the docbase.
  • Authored, Pre-executed, Pre-Approved, Post-executed and Post-Approved Unit Tests

Environment: Documentum Suite (Webtop 5.2.5 and 5.3, WDK 5.2.5 and 5.3, Desktop ClientDocumentum Application Builder (DAB), DFC 5.2.5 and 5.3, Docbasic DQL, API, IDQL, IAPI, Documentum Application Installer, Workflow ManagerLanguage Package Manager 5.3 SP5 Virtual Document Manger), Oracle 9i, Apache2.X, Jakarta Tomcat 4.0/5.0, Weblogic 9.0, Eclipse, Intelli-J, Textpad, Windows XP Professional, UNIX, Java, JSP, Java Script, ANT, HTML, XML, XSL, XSLT, AJAX

Confidential, Houston, TX

SR. Developer


  • Developed ISP signup forms in JSP/Servlets by integrating it with third party credit card processing company.
  • Also provided the personal login sections for the customers once they had signed up.
  • Introduced the first industry standard Proactive Support web application which provides trouble free experience to the ISP customers.
  • Developed various online forms for viewing and updating the employee related information based on employee privileges.
  • Generated SQL queries and stored procedures to extract information that is displayed on these screens.
  • Prepared an online admin section from where company employee information can be controlled. E.g. creation, updating and managing of employees, approval process, activating and deactivating employees.
  • Deployed and tested web applications on Tomcat and IIS.
  • Made the company branded software setups using Install shield Pro. 6.3 and also deployed the setup packages online with PFW (Package for the web)
  • Generated manual and automated ISP customer reports as per different requirements and internet usage..

Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, ASP, VB 6.0 HTML, SQL, MySQL, Apache Tomcat, IIS 5.0, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Netbeans, Visual Interdev.

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