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Php Developer Resume


  • To start a rewarding career in the field of Information Technology.
  • To learn new skills and to hone my existing technological skills.
  • To grow and actively contribute to the success of the company.


Languages: C Programming, Java, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, PHP, JavaScript.

Databases: MYSQL Server, SQL server.



PHP Developer


  • Implemented a login and registration form where the user needs to register to gain access and the details will be stored in the database.
  • Whenever a user tries to login, the username and password will be checked in the database before access is granted.
  • Developed a shopping cart, wherein the user can add to his cart any item stored in the database or remove the added item from the cart.
  • The code has been designed to calculate the total cost of all the items along with the shipping cost.
  • Implemented a Sensor Cost Management project to determine the minimum cost of the sensors that can detect all the targets given on straight highway plane which can be modeled by a horizontal strip in a plane.
  • Implemented a Distance Vector Routing Algorithm which has a simulation process for updating routing tables for given network topology and it can also determine the minimum cost between two specific routers and output the optimal path.

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