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Graphic Designer Resume

Farmville, VA


  • Five years of extensive experience in graphic design and web design.
  • Demonstrated ability to produce a wide variety of graphic products including logos, tshirts, posters as well as images intended for websites and website themes.
  • Proficient on Macintosh and PC versions of Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver
  • Creative, strong communication skills and consistently meet deadlines.
  • Manage and user of many social media accounts on various social networks


  • Proficient in the use of Adobe Creative Suite
  • Utilized many popular Content Management Systems including Wordpress, Concrete5, Drupal, Joomla and Reddot
  • Proficient in the use of Adobe web creation software including Flash, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks iMovie and Windows Movie Maker


Confidential, Farmville, VA

Graphic Designer


  • Create advertising for the Student Engagement team within Student Affairs at Confidential
  • Design series of five posters with statistics to further get student involved with various offices on campus

Web Designer



  • Create and modify several Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and HTML for themes to suit the needs of the customer
  • Generate website wireframes and mockups to develop/plan mock ups
  • Edit videos using iMovie and Windows Movie Maker
  • Interview training in house staff to determine the desired appearance for advertising materials
  • Problem - solve to effectively meet deadlines.
  • Suggest alternative presentations of ideas and visual concepts, to the optimum satisfaction of customers

Confidential, Confidential Farmville, VA

Technology Coordinator


  • Responsible for managing and designing for the various social media accounts for Confidential
  • Manage the RCL website utilizing the content management system Reddot
  • Re-model website to create more dynamic and interactive content and in the process of creating virtual tours of each type of residence Hall
  • Market department's campus wide events by designing posters, tshirts, logos etc. using Adobe Creative Suite, posting items to social media outlets, and advertising on the departments website
  • Create new website for a team called "Men's Involvement Task Force."
  • Site was created using the Concrete5 Confidential and markets answers for questions college age men and up may have
  • Manage RMS (Residential Management System) housing system, creating and setting up the entire housing sign up process, and the corresponding SQL backend which contains housing information as well as meal plan information
  • Create and maintain reports to work with Banner and RMS system using the program Crystal Reports
  • These reports are shared campus wide and help in particular the process to determine if students are currently on campus or have yet to show up to Longwood's campus
  • Create and maintain manuals on how to manage the RMS system, and how to edit and create reports in Crystal Reports

Confidential, Farmville, VA

Chair, Committee


  • Discuss monthly how to handle various student and faculty data held within the Banner program

Confidential, Farmville, VA

Residence Technology Associate


  • Provide one-on-one support to students and student organizations
  • Teach formal training classes on a wide variety of programs
  • Form peer technology support groups within residence halls

Confidential, Harrisonburg, VA

Summer Technology Staff


  • Assisted the Network Administrator in various duties such as computer repair, email server administration, installation of new servers, and teaching other members of the summer staff
  • Implemented new wireless network that took place division wide
  • Aided in the creation of new design of the Confidential website utilizing the Confidential Joomla

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