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Sr. Php Developer Resume

Little Rock, AR


  • 20 Years of overall IT experiences
  • Able to recognize better ways to accomplish business objectives
  • Focusing on Open Technologies (LAMP tools and Web 2.0 concepts) that can improves your day - to-day business bottom line.
  • Strong experiences with Unix/Linux, Bash, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, JavaScript, Apache, Perl, Python, CSS, Unix Shell Scripting, and Web Services.
  • Main focus consists of teamwork, integrity and flexibility within many types of working environments.
  • Well organized to achieve short term objectives and long term goals.
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to train first-time users and aid power users.
  • Multi-lingual: English, French and Dutch.


  • UNIX / Linux
  • Sun Solaris Sun OS
  • Debian Ubuntu
  • Red Hat FreeBSD
  • Mac OS X
  • MySQL Oracle
  • Currently looking into PostgreSQL
  • PHP Perl
  • C Python
  • PL/SQL JavaScript
  • Shell scripting CGI
  • JQuery/dhtmlxSuite/YUI HTML/CSS
  • Joomla CodeIgniter
  • WordPress
  • Gcc Make
  • Sed / awk SSH
  • Rsync Bind / tinyDNS
  • MRTG Snort IDS
  • Apache/mod-perl OpenSSL
  • SQL*Plus PHPmyAdmin
  • Postfix Dovecot
  • Horde JungleDisk
  • ESXi / VirtualBox OpenFiler
  • Samba VPN
  • SpamAssassin mdadm
  • Vim Coda
  • Komodo 5 Dreamweaver
  • Aptana Studio 3
  • RAID / LVM DMZ setup
  • Arduino


Confidential, Little Rock, AR

Sr. PHP Developer


  • Development a Paperless Workflow & Electronic Routing System using PHP, MySQL jQuery, Apache and Subversion on AIX and (recently) Redhat.
  • The web-based application processes Medicare and Medicaid claims in AR, LA, MS, NM, RI, OK and MO and ties in to various systems across Confidential & Confidential divisions (Microsoft .net services, IBM Mainframe, proprietary claims applications).


Open Technology Engineer


  • Setup and maintained Linux based servers used as backbone systems for newspaper data (MySQL, PHP, PDFlib, gv, ImageMagick, Samba).
  • Setup and hosted mail server using Bind9/tinyDNS, Postfix, Dovecot, MySQL, Spamassassin, Razor & Pyzor, ClamScan, Horde groupware/webmail.
  • Virtualized servers with VirtualBox and/or VMware ESXi using OpenFiler as Network Storage Device.
  • Upgraded current web applications to be Web 2.0 look & feel using PHP, Perl and dhtmlxSuite/YUI
  • Monitored DMZ servers using MRTG, Snort IDS and AWstats reporting.
  • Setup contingency plan with daily offsite data updates using tools like rsync and ncftpput.

Environment: PHP, MySQL, Apache, SSL, VPN, Ajax using YUI/DhtmlXSuite, Perl and shell scripting, Postfix, Dovecot, Horde groupware, SpamAssassin, MRTG, VirtualBox, ESXi, Bind9, OpenFiler, RAID, Debian Linux, MAC OS X.

Confidential, Santa Barbara, CA

Perl Software Engineer


  • Developed web tools to connect advertisers and publishers and assist them to improve their internet advertising targets.
  • Application development (Perl + Expect) supporting production monitoring and call processing
  • Reported daily user registration changes.
  • Ensured high availability of all SIP Proxies (90 systems), RTP systems (400+ boxes) and reliable database replication.
  • Traced failed SIP calls and update phone routes.
  • Trained & educated Customer Care, NOC, QA and Tier 3 departments.
  • Deployed, monitored and advanced troubleshooting of SIP network.
  • Increased Vonage SIP IQ by a significant improvement of production monitoring, detecting and reporting anomalies using my tools. Thanks to these tools the production environment was turned into the well managed and reliable SIP network it is today.

Environment: SSH, SSL, Perl, Expect, MySQL, SIP, RTP, Shell scripting, PHP and C, Red Hat, CentOS

Confidential, Clinton, NJ

UNIX/Linux System Administration Consultant


  • Provided UNIX/Linux System Configuration & Administration as well as Linux Beowolf Cluster Administration running PBS queuing system.
  • Installed, upgraded, patched UNIX/Linux systems through makefiles, yum and rpm.
  • Configured non-modular kernels from scratch.
  • Installed & Configured Scientific Applications (Matlab, Star-cd, NMR) and provided support
  • Developed & maintained UNIX automation scripts (Perl, Python, sh, bash, C).

Environment: SSH, SSL, Perl, Python, C, R, Tk, Yum, rpmbuild, PowerBroker, Remedy ticketing, Shell scripting, Apache 2, Tomcat 5, XWin32, Exceed, Arkeia backup, Veritas NetBackup, Red Hat Enterprise, SGI, HP, AIX, SUN Solaris, SUN OS, Windows NT.

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