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Designer/developer Of The Ios Mobile Application Resume


  • PHP, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS, Python, Objective - C programming languages, as well as SQL query logic and other computer science knowledge.
  • Strong understanding of client-side/server-side programming, front-end/back-end development as well as server configuration skills with Google App Engine.
  • Graphics design skills and strong understanding of Adobe Illustrator.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel and social media; excellent writing and communication skills


Designer/Developer of the iOS mobile application



  • Developed a native mobile application for iOS, written in Objective C.
  • Built a server-side script, written in Python to handle requests sent from the native application.
  • Constructed a MySQL database architecture to store, fetch, update and alter the data associated with the mobile application and its users.
  • Self-taught the previously mentioned languages as well as the necessary computer science knowledge to construct the mobile app and configure its server.
  • Established an understanding of asynchronous and synchronous operations.
  • Created all UI components in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Staff Assistant



  • Conducted policy research and drafted memos on such policies to maintain awareness of staff to the actions of both the local and federal government as they relate to Maine.
  • Researched various information and government resources so as to better prepare staff to handle casework and the concerns of constituents.
  • Visited and engaged various business owners, public figures and officials, and other constituents to forge a strong relationship between the staff and people of Maine.

Legislative Aide

Confidential, Augusta, Maine


  • Conducted legal and historical research to help representatives develop policy ideas and bill proposals.
  • Exercised good time-management and interpersonal skills while working with fifteen Maine State Representatives.
  • Exercised editing and writing skills while drafting editorials, press releases and testimony for representatives for publication in local and statewide news outlets.
  • Closely followed national, state and local events as new issues developed and the focus of the Legislature changed throughout the weeks.

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