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Senior Consultant Resume


  • Certified Professional Application Developer, IBM Lotus Notes, 15+ years, v.4.0 to 8.53.
  • Full Life Cycle SDLC development: from Business Analysis, System Analysis, Requirements Gathering, Full Documentation for Users, Developers and Managers, Context - sensitive Help, version control.
  • Skilled in developing Client-side and Domino Web-based Enterprise Knowledge Management (KM) and Workflow Applications.
  • Designed Multi-tier, Object-Oriented, Framework-based Applications using Lotus Notes / Domino, Lotusscript, Javascript, and connected to backend RDBMS systems—DB2 and Oracle on Windows platforms.
  • Produced rapid ROI with million dollar bottom-line impacts by automating processes.
  • Specializing in Knowledge Management Systems, Application Frameworks, Workflow Automation.
  • Good team player, capable of collaborating or working independently with little supervision.
  • Excellent analysis, communication, collaboration and interpersonal skills.
  • Solid understanding of core business processes, collaborative applications, team building.
  • Full life cycle development and full project documentation, including test plans and user .
  • Identified productivity busters and re-engineered or streamlined processes for automation.
  • Rescued late projects and brought back on track
  • Designed re-usable frameworks (architecture) for Knowledge Management Systems.


Lotus Notes: Lotus Notes/Domino Designer, R4.0 thru R8.5.3, XPages, Administrator 8.5.3

Lotus Technologies: Lotus Enterprise Integrator LEI, Lotusscript Extensions and Data Objects, LSX, LSDO, NotesSQL, Quickplace, QuickR, Sametime

Content: Mgmt. IBM Content Manager, Notes and Java editions

Power Tools: Trilog Flowbuilder, Notrix Powerflow, Notrix Data pump.

Languages: Java 1.4, 1.3. JavaScript, LotusScript 4.0, 3.3, HTML 4.0

Databases: Oracle 9, 8.x, SQL Server 7.0, DB2, and MS-Access

J2EE Technologies: RMI, EJB, Servlets, JSP, Struts, XML

J2EE Tools: JBuilder, Eclipse, Websphere Application Studio WAS 5.0

Operating systems: OS/400, Windows 7/XP/NT/2000, AIX, MS-DOS (5.0/6.22)

Web Servers: Domino 8.5.3, 7x, 6x, WebSphere 5.0, Apache Tomcat, Java Web Server

Desktop tools: MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access, Power point). Visio, Project

Graphics: MS Photo, PhotoShop 5,4,3.


Senior Consultant



  • Full Software Development Life Cycle with multiple iterations.
  • Analyzed business processes as part of cross-functional teams.
  • Interviewed users, managers to generate the application requirements.
  • Lead the application development team.
  • Planned the application architecture and security frameworks.
  • Planned and designed the Knowledge Management Systems and implemented solutions
  • Established standards for development, including usability, appearance, and coding standards
  • Provided system administration support.
  • Imported, connected to or migrated data and content from other RDBMS systems.
  • Facilitated rapid, collaborative team development efforts.

Notes Consultant

Confidential, Maumee, OH

Application Architecture: Standard Notes applications, some web deployments, LEI data pump connecting to Oracle, DB2.

Tools: Lotus Notes Designer/Administrator 8.5.3, Sametime, QuickR, Quickplace. LotusScript 4.0, Javascript 3.0 and 4.0, HTML, LEI Lotus Enterprise Integrator v.8.5 (data pump). Commercial Notes-based tools include Trilog Flowbuilder (a workflow power tool, from the creator of XPages), Boomerang expenses, QSI (Quality Systems International, a Quality and Change-management application for the Automotive Sector from IBS America).

Environment: Mail--Outlook. Applications-- IBM Notes 6.5 to 8.5.3, clustered production servers on AS/400 and Windows, Hub-and-spoke Replication on 5 continents. Development/test servers. Mixed server environment—Novell, Unix. Browser IE 8.0, 9.0. Windows XP Pro, 7 Pro.


  • Legacy Support, Upgrades of Mission-Critical Lotus Notes Applications
  • Lotus Script and Notes Formula, HTML
  • Rewrote workflow to meet new requirements using visual designer from Trilog Flowbilder
  • Rewrote supporting scripts, automated procedure steps in workflow, 10000+ lines of code
  • Redefined workflow Roles and assignments, updated duty roster to reflect current users
  • Archived supporting activity logs as sizes reached critical level.
  • Rewrote application, added new script libraries, streamlined code, improved efficiency and performance, reduced server space and load, added a workflow logging feature for ease of trouble-shooting and maintenance.
  • Consolidated and retired numerous associated archives.
  • Rewrote application to meet new requirements, new workflow routing.
  • Legacy Support and upgrades of custom, mission-critical Notes Applications
  • Archived selected applications to a “legacy” server
  • Trained back-up and off-shore teams to assist.


Notes Consultant

Confidential, Cincinnati, OH


  • Develop and Support major upgrades to mission critical Notes applications, for managing $2B+ annual sales.
  • Upgrades included context-sensitive help systems, upgraded reporting capabilities and content enhancements through links to external databases, custom scripted elements (LotusScript).
  • Developed a system for assignment of approval authority (security, routing) based on complex business rules.
  • Created as a reusable component with custom classes and script libraries, and incorporated the common design elements in a suite of applications under development for the Confidential division.
  • Used LEI data pump for interfacing with custom Oracle back end, in turn connecting to SAP systems, Demand Planning, etc.

Tools: Lotus Notes 6.5.2, 5.10. LotusScript 4.0, Javascript 3.0 and 4.0, HTML, LEI Lotus Enterprise Integrator v.6.5 (data pump), HP Openview, HP Service Desk, Oracle 9 Discoverer.

Environment: 135,000 Notes client users, worldwide. Outlook/Exchange mail client, with MS Communicator. 1000+ users of 4 mission-critical, custom Notes applications, with replicating Application Servers on 3 continents. 2 development/test servers, 2 production servers. Third Party System Administration. Lotus Notes 5.10, 6.5x. Mixed server environment—Novell, Unix. IE 6.0 Browser. Windows XP.

Notes Consultant

Confidential, Elk Grove Village, IL


  • Deliver complex workflow applications with strict requirements and short timeframes.
  • Developed a system for generating Notes documents as HTML images for an external imaging database.
  • Packaged it a as a reusable component with script libraries, and incorporated the common design elements in a suite of applications under development for the HR department.
  • Used Notrix data pump for data import and Notrix Powerflow for managing complex workflow processes, including security and notifications.

Tools: Lotus Notes 6.5.2, 5.10. LotusScript 4.0. JavaScript 4.0. HTML 4.0. Notrix Powerflow server-based workflow engine, Notrix data pump. STS Synergy imaging system. XML.

Environment: 1,000 users, 35 branch offices, regional. 50+ Notes custom applications to support. 1 development/test servers, 8 production servers in Chicago area. Unix, Citrix environment with virtual workstations. IE 6.0 Browser. Windows XP. Notes 6.5x.

Confidential, CHICAGO, IL

Senior Notes Consultant


  • Designed Document and Content Management Systems and Application Architecture around a core set of employee and customer information databases.
  • Updated Designs or designed new custom applications around a set of common, reusable script libraries for automated workflow.
  • Name- and- Rank component for identifying roles, and responsibilities
  • Notification component.
  • Business Rules component.
  • Workflow component with definable states and actions
  • Versioning control component
  • Stale-dating or aging component for removing historical or expired documents
  • Reminder or “Nagging” component for follow-up notification

Tools: Lotus Notes 6.5.2, 5.10. LotusScript 4.0, 3.0. JavaScript 4.0. HTML 4.0. Team Studio (Ives Development). Notrix data pump.

Environment: 10,000 users, worldwide. 1500+ Notes custom applications to support, dating back 10 years. 3 development servers, 2 test servers, 9 production servers in Chicago alone. Unix/AIX. IE 6.0 Browser. Windows XP. Migrating from Notes .

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