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Full Stack Developer Resume

Santa Clara, CA


  • Having around 8 years of strong experience as a front end and full stack development using MEAN/MERN stack.
  • Worked with Functional Programming, Object Oriented programming and other paradigms with Javascript - ES5/ES6/ES7/ES8.
  • Experience with RxJS - subjects, observers, observables and operators for asynchronous programming.
  • Created ReactJS reusable components with JSX templating and ES6 syntax. Worked with React component Lifecycle for DOM manipulation, state management, event handling and forms.
  • Created SPA by configuring React-Router. Used BrowserRouter for Web and NativeRouter for mobile.
  • Used Redux for state management using Store, Actions and Reducers. Used pure functions to create reducers and bindActionCreators to dispatch actions.
  • Worked with Promises, Fetch API, Axios and async and await for making HTTP calls. Worked with many redux middlewares and third party react components.
  • Created a REST API using Node.js, Express.js and MongoDB using REDIS Cache for performance.
  • Extensively used Node modules - lodash, async, request, body-parser, fs, events, promises, mongoose, redis and socket.io to implement the API.
  • Worked on AngularJS SPA application using UI-Router, Modules, custom directives using Angular-UI components, services ($resource) and REST API’s.
  • Used $http, $location, $q, $log, $scope, $window services for consuming RESTful Web Services, logging and location operations. Used $root Scope, local and session storages, JWT token, $watch Collection and $apply.
  • Strong understanding of JavaScript (ES5/ES6/ES7/ES8) - Closures, Scope, Promises, Modules, Prototypes, Arrow functions, functional programming, classes, symbols, generators, async, await and Patterns.
  • Extensive used HTML5 API's - Forms API, Location API, Storage API, Web Workers, Canvas, SVG, Video, Offline and IndexedDB API.
  • Used JavaScript data visualization framework (D3.js) to display the information in a chart view.
  • Experience in UI designing with bootstrap, CSS3, CSS Grid Layout, font-awesome icons, SVG Sprites, Google Analytics, Google Performance Metrics and Lazy loading.
  • Created Responsive web design using Bootstrap 3, Media Queries, Fluid Layout, Responsive Images and Typography.
  • Experience with CSS3 preprocessors such as SASS (Mixins, functions, variables and Interpolation) to create and reusable style sheets and styled-components to style React applications.
  • Used ESLint with Webpack, Grunt and Node.js plugins to do code cleaning.
  • Experience in JavaScript and node testing library framework as Mocha, Chai, Jasmine and Jest.
  • Experience with Babel, Webpack and Grunt to perform transpiling, bundling, minification, compilation and linting.
  • Experience with Gerrit, Github, Jenkins and Docker for code review and CI/CD process.


Web Development: HTML5, CSS3, Grid Layout, Bootstrap, SASS, ES5, ES6, ES7, ES8, jQuery, JSON, AJAX, XML, AngularJS, MVC, DOM, React Native.

Databases: MySQL, MongoDB.

Programming Languages: ES5, ES6, ES7, ES8.

Operating System: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

IDEs worked on: WebStorm, Sublime, Visual Studio, Brackets.

Application Servers: Apache, Tomcat, NodeJS.

Node Libraries: Lodash, Aysnc, JWT, ExpressJS, Body-Parser, ExpressJS, UnderscoreJS, Mongoose

Front End Libraries: Modernizr, Angular-UI, jQuery UI, ReactJS, Redux, Jest, Jasmine.

Version Control: GIT, Gerrit


Full Stack Developer

Confidential - Santa Clara, CA


  • Experience with MERN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NodeJS) full stack programming.
  • Created reusable components with React.js. Used JSX for markup, props and state in the components, life cycle methods, DOM event handling and created forms.
  • Worked with PropTypes for prop validation and DefaultProps to provide default values to props.
  • Used third party react components - react-video, react-captcha, react-tagsinput, react-datagrid, react-calendar, react-tabs, react-infinite-scroll and react-datepicker.
  • Used Redux for state management. Created reducers with pure functions and actions to dispatch events, store to maintain the state and bindActionCreators to dispatch actions.
  • Used Redux middlewares - react-redux, redux-thunk, redux-localstorage, redux-pouchdb, and redux-logger.
  • Used React-Router for routing - Used BrowserRouter for Web and NativeRouter for mobile.
  • Worked with Promises, fetch API, Axios and async and await to avoid callback hell and to fetch data from the server.
  • Created REST API with Express.js, MongoDB and Node.js. Used modules body-parser, cluster, winston, redis, jwt, mongoose.js, lodash, async, socket.io.
  • Used Mongoose Schema/Model to create CRUD with Express.js controllers.
  • Extensively used functional programming - Pure functions, Function composition, Immutable data, Currying, Partial Applications and declarative programming. Used Ramda.
  • Extensively used Es5/ES6/ES7/ES8 - Closures, Scope, Promises, Modules, Prototypes, Arrow functions, functional programming, classes, symbols, generators, async, await and Patterns.
  • Hands on experience with React Native for native apps development.
  • Used styled-components for styling React applications.
  • Experience in testing React components using Jest and Enzyme.
  • Experience with Babel, Webpack to perform transpiling, bundling, minification, compilation and linting.
  • Worked in CI/CD process with Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, Docker and Google Cloud .

Environment: ReactJS, Redux, React-Router, React Native, ES5, ES6, ES7, ES8, Ramda, Express.js, Node.js, MongoDB, Mongoose, Redis, Winston, Webpack, Babel, Gerrit, Git, Jenkins, Docker, Google Cloud, HTML5, CSS3, styled-components, Jest, Enzyme.

Full Stack Developer

Confidential - San Francisco, CA


  • Complete exposure with MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS) full stack programming.
  • Developed the CRUD API with Express.js/Node.js and interacted with MongoDB using Mongoose .
  • Built out restful endpoints and lightweight aggregation layers using Node.js Framework such as Express.js, Body parser etc.
  • Used models for data access, routers for express router definitions, controllers for caching. MVR is design pattern. Used Redis for caching data based on routes.
  • Extensively used Promises and EventEmitter in Node.js to avoid callbacks and more readable code.
  • Created Single - Page Applications ( SPAs) using UI-router which is state based routing.
  • Extensively using $http, $resource for services. Used $rootScope, local and session storages, JWT token, $watchCollection and $apply.
  • Implemented JWT token based authentication for the REST API and worked with Custom Headers x-access-token and x-access-key for authentication.
  • Used $rootScope, $watch, $broadcast, $emit, $on, $digest, $apply for variables accessible from all services/controllers application wide.
  • Created a custom module for reusable directives which includes Grid (CRUD) directive which combines ui-grid, $modal, schema-form to create a listview, add view, edit view and delete.
  • Used Bootstrap, CSS Grid system to create responsive layouts, navigation and tables. Also used Bootstrap components like Carousel.
  • Used SASS preprocessor to create importable and reusable style sheets, processed on server-side.
  • Worked with Grunt and used plugins - uglify, concat, replace, eslint, jslint, sprite.
  • Worked with Gerrit for code review process. Used Github as the source control.
  • Worked with Continuous Integration and Deployment using Jenkins.
  • Have written unit tests using Jasmine, Mocha , Chai .

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, DOM, ES5, Bootstrap, SASS, Restful API, AngularJS, Angular UI, Webpack, NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, Grunt, Gerrit, Git, Jasmine, Mocha, Chai, Jenkins.

UI Developer

Confidential, Saint Paul, MN


  • Used AngularJS as framework to create a Single Page Application (SPA) which can bind data to specific views, synchronize data with server and two-way binding.
  • Injected AngularJS $http, $q as the promise library for asynchronous data operation.
  • Good with scope isolation, transclude, templating, in creating (elements, attributes, classes) using custom directives.
  • Developed AngularJS Custom Services/Factory for reusable functionality, Custom Directives to provide shared components.
  • Improved dependency injection for modular development and component isolation using AngularJS.
  • Used link function to define directive’s API and attached event listeners to DOM elements, watching model properties for change, and updating the DOM.
  • Used $http, $location, $log, $q, $timeout, $window services using dependency injection, logging and location operations.
  • Implemented HTML5 feature like semantics, local storage, data list, required attribute and sliders .
  • Created various Mixins, Variables,mixins, nesting, import,Custom Fonts and Directives in SASS.
  • Implemented CSS3 features like CSS3 Media Queries, Pseudo-classes, multi-column layout, gradients and web fonts.
  • Used CSS Sprites to decrease the number of HTTP requests and load time of web pages to improve page performance.
  • Involved in Agile process, monthly Sprints, and daily Scrums to discuss the development of the application.
  • Experience with Grunt to perform minification, compilation and linting.
  • Worked with source version control tool Git to manage the code repository.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, SASS, DOM, Bootstrap, JavaScript, AngularJS, Angular UI, AJAX, Restful API, JSON, Git, Grunt.

Software Engineer



  • Development of product modules like: Advance enrollment, Roth 401(k) saving plan, Dc Fee Disclosure etc. to give the user some very good enrollment and saving plans.
  • Co-ordination with Onsite Team, to get the code review done for offshore team.
  • Working with design team, to analyze and implement better workflows.
  • Working with both onsite and offshore development team and coordinating and merging the code.
  • Unit testing the modules.
  • Writing and Executing the Test Cases.
  • Worked on enhancing the product UI.
  • Worked with QA and defect managers to go through the defects identified in the product release, coordinating and fixing the defects.
  • Providing Support during prod deployment or during emergency fixes.
  • Data Maintenance and Performance Enhancements.

Software Engineer



  • Developed modules like Chat, Picture Gallery, and Calendar/Scheduling etc. to give the user some different and eye-catching look.
  • Added new features like quick view, scheduling, picture gallery, tab view, sharing of folders, Sending sms, schedule mail with reminder, mail recalling etc.
  • Involved in Bug Removal and Updating existing UI's.
  • Database modeling to support new functionality.
  • Performance enhancement and regular product maintenance.
  • Support during Prod deployment or urgent issues.

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