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Python Test Engineer Resume


  • 3.5 years of work experience in Manual and Automation testing (Python).
  • Working on SSD security protocols and NVMe protocols
  • Worked on Cisco Networking products white/black/grey box testing and functional/scale/stress/regression testing, part of IOT routing QA
  • Worked for Google’s OpenConfig project on Cisco IOX - XR using netconf/YANG and previously Selenium web testing with Java/Python
  • Develop python code (python scripting), for automation and to generate library.
  • Running scripts in regression environment, using python for running regression tests on multiple machines.
  • Knowledge of computer Networking Fundamentals, TCP/IP, switching/routing/L2/L3
  • Expertise in implementing the Object oriented concepts in Python - Polymorphism, Inheritance and Encapsulation. Also in Exception Handling and Collection.
  • Worked on GIT
  • Knowledge on REST API using Postman tool
  • Knowledge on Jenkins Continuous Integration, Maven build tools.
  • Ability to work in a team environment or independently.
  • Highly motivated, dedicated, quick learner and have proven ability to build and manage a team and work individually.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills with results-oriented attitude
  • Good at multitasking and working well under tight deadlines with high efficiency


Automation Testing Tools: Python, Selenium Web Driver/Grid, Selenium IDE

Languages/Frameworks: Python-Pytest, C, SQL, Unit test, cafy(cisco-framework), Yang - data modeling language for open-config, XPath

Test Methodologies: Unit tests, Functional tests, Integration Testing, Regression tests, scale/performance

Test Frameworks: BDD framework,, Cafy and Pyats(Cisco internal framework) Selenium 2.0(WebDriver) based automation

IDE: Visual Studio, Python IDLE, PyCharm

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, MAC

Networking Skill: Computer Networking Fundamentals, TCP/IP, routing basics

Bug Tracking Tools: Cisco internal tool, Bugzilla, Jira


Python Test Engineer



  • Working as a Software QA Test Engineer in Test and Automation
  • Working on validation of enterprise products
  • Python scripting, manual and automation testing for test cases, developing feature libraries
  • Maintaining lab systems and tools to facilitate test automation of ULINK Drivemaster.
  • Working on Security protocols - TCG, Opal
  • Working on NVMe, PCIe protocols - SSD background

Python Automation Engineer



  • Worked as a Software QA Test Engineer in SDN, Test and Automation
  • Worked as Software Development Engineer in SDN, to build Google OpenConfig integration with Cisco.
  • Python scripting, manual and automation testing for test cases based on different models for Google-openconfig
  • Running scripts in regression environment, using python for running regression tests on multiple machines.
  • Developing feature libraries for TCP/IP Core Protocol Stack in Python using YANG Data Model
  • Designed, developed, and executed test plans to validate functionalities of OpenConfig features on Cisco IOS XR Routers
  • Identified critical bugs during manual and automated testing, took initiative to suggest and integrate fixes to the bugs filed
  • Building a strong foundation in Software Development, Quality Assurance, Computer Networks and Linux Systems
  • Complete QA ownership of Google openconfig yang data model for multiple routing and multicast protocols BGP, ISIS using different transport NETCONF xml and gNMI google protocol buffer - gRPCjson encompassing test design, feature testing and automation. Tested and delivered the features in a time-bound manner
  • Implements tests on different test levels, execute/log tests, evaluate test results
  • Complete QA ownership of Local-routing (Static-route) model for Google’s openconfig, YANG data modelling, GRPC.
  • Performance Testing: Feature-Functionality, Negative, Stress, Scale, Performance
  • Worked on Telemetry-Data Streaming, Automation for local-routing
  • Helped build an automation infra for google specification gNMI using Python and CAFY (CISCO Automation Factory) environment by writing libraries for openconfig model which brought down manual effort and human error. The infra was designed to conform to the specification and perform complete feature sanity for multiple protocols.
  • Automated scalability and Negative test cases.
  • Performed Test driven development for the libraries using pytest framework.
  • Reported bugs in case of any model or Infra issues

Tools: and Technologies: Python, PyTest, NETCONF, YANG, XML/JSON Encoding, Cisco Test Automation using Pyats (Cisco internal framework) Local-Route/Static route, gRPC, Google protocol buffer Linux, Virtual Machines, Routers, Cisco IOS XR Router, IOT routers CGR 1000 series and IR800 series.

QA Analyst



  • Created test plans and detailed test cases for web tests to be performed with Selenium/Java/Python
  • Recorded, assigned, verified and resolved bugs found during all stages of web testing
  • Collaborated with clients to prioritize and resolve outstanding issues
  • Implements tests on different test levels, execute log test, evaluate test results web automation using Selenium WebDriver, Java, Python
  • Analyze, Review Assess user requirements and specifications for test-ability

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