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Devops Engineer Resume

Brooklyn, NY


  • Over 8+ years of IT experience in the design, implementation, and support of automated Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) DevOps tooling, leveraging open source Linux tool chains to support software development teams with the testing/packaging /build/release cycles of their native app, mobile - web, web-tier stack, databases and api services to endpoints including bare-metal, local virtualized, as well as cloud-based server workloads such as (AWS/VMWare/etc.).
  • Experience in the design, implementation, and support of automated containerized infrastructure (docker), leveraging continuous integration and continuous delivery processes for service development, and cluster/monitoring/day2 tooling for infrastructure service deployment and administration.
  • Hands on experience with an in-depth level of understanding in the strategy and practical implementation of AWS cloud-specific technologies including Elastic Compute Cloud ( EC2 ).
  • Good knowledge on other Amazon web services which includes S3, EBS, VPC, ELB, Route 53, Auto scaling, Security Groups.
  • Excellent understanding of SDLC Methodologies like Waterfall, Agile and other processes.
  • Experience deploying, configuring and administering Centos, Red Hat (RHEL) and Ubuntu Linux OS's with practical experience scripting with Bash, Python, and Ruby.
  • Deployed and configured Git repositories with branching, forks, tagging, merge requests, and notifications.
  • Experienced and proficient deploying and administering GitHub.
  • Configured Webhook notifications for use with Jenkins and as well as Jira and Rally integration (changesets, commit tags, plugins and hooks).
  • Extensively experienced in using Build Automation tools like ANT and Maven and working knowledge other build tools like MS Build and CMake.
  • Hands-on experience with automation technologies like Puppet , Chef , or similar, understanding of container technologies like Docker.
  • Implemented encapsulation of Vagrant for providing to standardize deployment infrastructure, allowing tools such as Docker, Ansible and Puppet to drive the provisioning process without Vagrant as a dependency for scaling purposes.
  • Deployed and configured Jenkins CI including slave node configurations and ssh control plane implementations.
  • Expert leveraging Jenkins Job Builder for Jenkins job deployments and buildout.
  • Deployed and configured Jenkins CI for test plan implementation, including deploying dependencies, frameworks, and platforms.
  • Involved in configuring Puppet master servers and installing Puppet client software on Linux servers.
  • Updated, created, adapted and tune up Puppet manifests and modules, files, and packages stored in the GIT repository to satisfy the business requirements.
  • Experience in building and deploying Java & SOA applications and troubleshooting the build and deploy failures.
  • Good knowledge on other Cloud based services like GCS, Microsoft Azure.
  • Involved in the functional usage and deployment of applications in WebLogic, WebSphere and Apache Tomcat Server.
  • Familiarity with relational databases such as MY SQL, SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle.
  • Excellent scripting skills in UNIX Shell, Perl and python.
  • Used Power Shell scripts to automate the deployment process.
  • I am comfortable to work on the other tools like Splunk.
  • Using Grafana ran the data analytics, pulling up metrics for massive amount of data and to monitor the apps.
  • DNS and Load Balancing experience on Nginx and knowledge on HA Proxy.
  • Knowledge on IP networking VPN’s, DNS, load balancing.
  • A systematic, organized, hardworking team player/builder with an analytical bent of mind; reliable as a fully contributing, responsible & accountable member of task/project teams.


Cloud Technologies: AWS and Azure

Build and Release Automation: Jenkins, Hudson, VSTS/Azure DevOps Services

Build Tools: Nuget, Maven, Ant

Configuration Management: Ansible, Puppet and Chef

Cloud Automation: ARM Templates, CloudFormation and Terraform

Monitoring: CloudWatch, Nagios

Scripting: Bash, Powershell, Python, Ruby

Databases: Azure SQL, Amazon RDS, MySQL, MS and Oracle SQL

Operating Systems: RHEL (6.x and 7.x), CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows, Solaris

Container Management: Docker, Kubernetes

Middleware: WebLogic, WebSphere, Tomcat

Web/Proxy Servers: Apache HTTPD, Nginx

Version Control Systems: SVN, Git, Github, Bitbucket, TFS


Confidential, Brooklyn, NY

DevOps Engineer


  • Designing the build mechanism high and critical level applications.
  • Design, architect, and implement next generation system architecture and automation solutions.
  • Laying a platform how to approach the automating the things.
  • Review existing solution, to design new system architecture.
  • Configuring Jenkins for implementing CI/CD pipeline by writing shell scripts and groovy Scripts.
  • Implementation/setup continuous project build and deployment delivery process using Jenkins, SonarQube and Fortify.
  • Expertise with build automation tools like Cmake, Maven, Gradle, Msbuild and Jenkins.
  • Implemented Continuous integration and continuous delivery for both Java, .net and Database applications (SQL and Oracle apps)
  • Scanned/Analyzed the builds using the SonarQube for effective coding practices.
  • Setup and configuring the Jforg Artifactory to maintaining the dependencies libraries.
  • Creating the Jenkins jobs by integrating the Jforg Artifactory to get compile dependencies.
  • For getting third Jars, maintaining the nexus repository and Jfrog Artifactory.
  • Involved in monitoring builds, break/fix management, issue tracking, and identifying and resolving wide variety of build-related issues.
  • Urban Code Deploy and Release, provide support for customers in the form of identifying and providing solutions to defects found in the software and providing expert guidance and counseling on product usage, configuration, best practices, and troubleshooting.
  • Architected and implemented automated deployment solutions using IBM Urban code Deploy for customers.
  • Creating the application components and applications. Configuring the corresponding application components to applications in Urban code station (Udeploy).
  • On Udeploy written PowerShell scripts for automating windows applications.
  • Creating environments and mapping the agents to corresponding environments in Udeploy.
  • Make sure all requests are being smoothly deployed to UAT environment
  • In U-deploy designing the application process for doing deployments on all environments like DEV, SIT, UAT, BCP and PROD.
  • Resolving the deployment issues in all environments.
  • Used Blackduck tool to check the vulnerabilities on deployable libraries.
  • Setup and configure automated application deployment process through Udeploy and resolve any deployment problems.
  • Perform analysis best practices and emerging concepts in DevOps, Infrastructure Automation, and Enterprise Security.
  • Design, setup, and maintain the infrastructure necessary to run, as well as tools to monitor the performance of the resources required by this infrastructure. Analyze, document, and improve workflows, processes, and standards.
  • Troubleshooting issues, including the ability to work between software developers and our infrastructure to determine root-cause for an issue.

Environment: CI/CD, WebLogic and Tomcat Application Servers, GitHub, Jenkins, Artifactory, Linux, SonarQube, Fortify, Blackduck, Jira, Maven, Gradle, Udeploy, Anthillpro. Java, .net, C/Shell, DSL Groovy, MySQL, PowerShell.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

DevOps & AWS Engineer


  • Implementation of CI and CD for the new projects using Jenkins, GIT, and maven build framework tools.
  • Implementing a Continuous Delivery framework using Jenkins, CHEF, Docker in AWS on prime servers.
  • Used the continuous integration tool Bamboo to automate the daily processes.
  • Used Bit Bucket as our code repository and means for code review
  • Worked with building and maintaining Docker infrastructure for SOA applications in agile environment.
  • Writing wrapper scripts to automate deployment of cookbooks on nodes and running the chef client on them in a Chef-Solo environment.
  • Converting production support scripts to chef recipes.
  • Testing of cookbooks with chef-spec.
  • Setting up client server model of Chef in development environment of OCI
  • Working on documentation Chef basics, Initial setup of Chef, Databags implementation, Coding standards, Cookbook document, Testing docs.
  • Deployed Puppet, Puppet dashboard for configuration management to existing infrastructure.
  • Developed Puppet Modules for installation & Auto healing of various tools.
  • Developed automation scripting in Python (core) and used Puppet to deploy and manage Java applications across Linux servers.
  • AWS server provisioning using Chef Recipes.
  • Using Cloud Trail, TESSA, CloudPassage, CheckMarx, Qualys Scan tools for AWS security and scanning.
  • Creating monitors, alarms and notifications for EC2 hosts using CloudWatch.
  • Responsible for build and deployment automation using VM Ware ESX, Docker containers, Vagrant and Chef.
  • Developed Ansible playbooks for Splunk in cloud environments with auto scaling for task force initiatives requiring big data analysis.
  • Worked closely with JAVA developers on SVN code repository and build tools like Maven and helped developers to integrate the code with Jenkins and Archiva.
  • Here we are used the Vault for securing the passwords, Certificates, and Api keys.
  • Defining Release Process & Policy for projects early in SDLC.
  • Coordinating with Different Project teams on Build &release planning and efforts.
  • Member of CCM representing changes for Release and environment configuration.
  • Responsible for configuring management of different application layer modules.
  • Responsible for Database build, release and configuration.
  • Performing Deployment of Release to various QA & UAT in Linux environments.
  • Work with different team members for automation of Release components.
  • Supporting different projects build & Release SCM effort e.g. branching, tagging, merge etc.
  • Responsible for nightly and weekly builds for different modules.

Environment: CHEF, Puppet Jenkins, Bamboo, Docker, Ansible, Vagrant, VM Ware, GIT, Bit Bucket SVN, Maven, AWS, EC2, Vault, Jira, Archiva, Linux, Java, Splunk, Agile Methodology, CheckMarx, Python.

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

Sr. DevOps/Build and Release Engineer


  • Responsible for creating and managing projects in Jenkins for various environments like development, QA, UAT and production and continuous integration with SONAR.
  • Created continuous integration system using Ant, Jenkins, Puppet full automation, Continuous Integration, faster and flawless deployments.
  • Clustering and database replication and cloud deployment, AWS using right scale.
  • Building and releasing the source code to various environments in AWS cloud and extensively automated the build automation and source/version control process.
  • Optimization / cost reduction of Amazon AWS services ( EC2, S3, EBS, ROUTE53, SES, and VPC ).
  • Built customized Amazon Machine Images ( AMIs ) & deployed these customized images based on requirements.
  • Customized the AWS infrastructure and resources by using Terraform .
  • Supported developers and QA engineers on the release process and to make various builds in particular environments.
  • Some of the key tasks in my role, Configuration and automation of the build process for continuous integration and nightly builds.
  • Created continuous integration system using Ant, Jenkins, Puppet full automation, Continuous Integration, faster and flawless deployments.
  • Used Puppet server and workstation to manage and configure nodes.
  • Worked on Version Control Systems like Rational Clear Case, Unified Configuration Management.
  • Worked with Atlassian tools like Bamboo & Jira .
  • Taking care of the administration tasks like projects and user creation and restricting the permissions.
  • Maintaining the backups for each and every project. Responding actively to the error alerts and outages reported by various team members.
  • Perform Jira administration tasks like creating permission and notification schema and customized workflow.
  • Responsible for setting up local development environments using Vagrant/Chef.
  • Developed chef cookbooks using ruby for configuration management.
  • Written multiple cookbooks in Chef. Implemented environments, roles, databags in Chef for better environment management
  • Code deployment via Admin Console (Web sphere/Web logic)
  • Used .NET for building various applications.
  • Wrote ANT Scripts to automate the build process .
  • Helped the functional teams to migrate the applications from an environment (CVS/ANT/ Archiva/Jenkins) to a more controlled environment ( SVN/Gradle/Nexus/Jenkins/ Deployer ).
  • User account management worked with shell scripting (bash) to automate administration tasks.

Environment: AWS, Terraform, SONAR, Jenkins, Archiva, CHEF, GIT, JIRA, Vagrant, Clear case, Web Sphere, Web logic, Puppet, Bamboo, Jira, .Net, Perl, Ruby.


Cloud Engineer / IT Ops Engineer


  • Provide ‘on demand’ AWS Architect time to help by reviewing our existing environments / designs and help solution-out future products.
  • Performed Backup and Recovery in AWS (S3, EBS, and Oracle/RDS primarily).
  • Setting up new server (EC2) instances/services in AWS, configuring security groups, and setting up Elastic IP’s.
  • Performed Elastic Load Balancing to distribute incoming traffic across multiple EC2 instances (Creating load balance, HTTPS Load Balancers, Monitoring, etc.).
  • Made complex configuration changes (requiring Regular Expressions) to Apache web using Rewrite Engine to proxy traffic for certain URL’s.
  • Used CLOUD WATCH for AWS cloud resources and the applications that we deployed on AWS (alarm creation, notify service, searching log events/streams).
  • Build out server automation with CHEF and used other tools like Jenkins for deployment and build management system.
  • Utilized Cloud Formation Template / Other deployment model that worked for the current environment. Focused specifically around reusable and extensible patterns.
  • Build a presentation to present the design of hosting architecture on Windows Azure.
  • Designed the ARM templated to automate the deployments.
  • Create a Virtual Network on Windows Azure to connect all the servers.
  • Deployed and setup of Windows 2008 servers, IIS, Project Servers, SharePoint and other products on IBM/HP blades/rack servers and VMware ESX virtual machines
  • Provide input on the future execution of the Cloud based environments with a strong emphasis on automation & security
  • Managing and implementing all code changes via GIT
  • Deploying builds across development, staging and production instances and maintaining code integrity.

Environment: AWS EC2, VMWare, Windows 2008, JBOSS, Tomcat Apache, Oracle, CLOUD, Azure, Share Point, WATCH, CLOUDFORMATION, GRUNT, GIT, CHEF, LINUX.


Junior Cloud Engineer


  • Setup and build AWS infrastructure resources using VPC, EC2, ECS, S3, IAM, EBS, Security Groups, Autoscaling, and RDS in Cloud Formation with JSON/YAML templates.
  • Handled continuous deployment using Jenkins and managing projects in Jenkins to spin virtual servers in AWS (public/private/hybrid) cloud.
  • Defined and Implemented Configuration Management and Release Management Processes, Policies and Procedures. Automated build and release processes using python and pearl scripting.
  • Successfully worked and deployed multiple business solutions in Mobile Telecom Industry platform such as Roaming Data Clearing, Financial clearing, Mobile payment gateway and Banking domains.
  • Worked on Chef Infrastructure configurations and JSON and YAML templates to set up new TEST/QA cloud environments. Also worked on Ansible playbooks in related projects.
  • Setup CI/CD pipeline to various services using Jenkins, Maven, svn, Git and shell scripts.
  • Migrated repositories from SVN to GIT and setup automated code pipeline.
  • Implemented and supported a Cassandra NoSQL based database and associated RESTful web service that persists high-volume user profile data for vertical teams. Migrated high-volume OLTP transactions from Oracle to Cassandra to reduce Oracle licensing footprint. Used as the technical basis for new Cassandra projects.
  • Manage all CM tools (JIRA, Confluence, SVN, Maven, Jenkins, Puppet, ANT, and Git) and their usage / process ensuring traceability, repeatability, quality, and support.
  • Re architect a legacy SVN repository from pure script dependency and no representation of releases to clear direction regarding where code resides and the difference between releases.
  • Well versed with the Software Engineering and Project Management methodologies like traditional Waterfall and Agile (Scrum) methodologies.

Environment: AWS - EC2, IAM, VPC, S3, EBS, Cloud formation, API GW, Terraform, JAVA/J2EE, SPRING, Hibernate, SOAP/ RESTful, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, Cassandra, ETL, Pearl, Python, Puppet, Chef, Docker, Ansible, SVN, Git, Jenkins, Maven, VMware.

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