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Sr. Ui Developer Resume

Middletown, NJ


  • Around 7 Years of experience in full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) that includes Analyzing, Designing, Coding, Testing, implementation & Production Support.
  • 5+ Years of developing experience using web technologies such as HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Advanced JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, AngularJS, Angular JS 2.0, Handlebars, Backbone, React JS, XML, JSON programming languages.
  • Experience in new Ecma Script 6 features and technologies like Babel, Webpack.
  • Experience in React JS and Redux library.
  • Expert knowledge in XHTML, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Cross Browser compatibility.
  • Strong JavaScript & JQuery skills - able to write unobtrusive custom code as well as implement existing JQuery plug-in.
  • Strong debugging skills and thorough understanding of cross browser issues.
  • Worked on Responsive Design using media queries, bootstrap etc.
  • Understanding of W3C standards, accessibility, usability.
  • Well-versed in Object Oriented Programming (OOP) with JavaScript.
  • Experience in resolving cross browser compatibility issues (IE 7 & 8, chrome, Firefox and
  • Safari)
  • Experience in object oriented programming, and agile methodologies.
  • Experience in unit testing and E2E testing frameworks like Karma, Jasmine, Protractor and Mocha
  • Hands on experience using the version controls like SVN and Git.
  • Knowledgeable in Underscore.js, Knockout.js, Backbone.js, Node.js, and Responsive Web design.
  • Working knowledge about MVC and MV* frameworks like Angular.js and React JS
  • Familiar with REST and JSON API’s.
  • Skilled in creating Templates, Mockups and Prototypes, Layouts, and Flow of Future Pages.
  • Produced visually appealing designs focused on usability, utility, UX, cross-browser compatibility and hence worked on safari, Internet explorer, Firefox and Google chrome.
  • Experience working on E-commerce applications, Internal Web applications.
  • Experience in developing Prototypes. Experience in debugging and troubleshooting the existing code
  • Excellent communication skills, has clear understanding of business procedures and ability to work as an individual and as a part of a team.
  • A resourceful team player with good Interpersonal, effective problem solving and decision making skills.


Programming Languages: JavaScript, PHP

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux distributions

Client Side Programming: HTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, ES6

JS Libraries & Frameworks: JQuery, Backbone JS, Node JS, Angular JS 1.x, Angular JS 2.0, React JS, Underscore JS, Node JS, Gulp JS, Grunt JS, Webpack, Redux

DB: Mongo DB

Application Server: WebLogic, Tomcat, WebSphere, JBOSS

Testing frameworks: Karma, Jasmine, Protractor, Mocha

Design Tools: Photoshop, MS Visio, Balsamiq mockups

Version Control: SVN, Git

IDE and Tools: Netbeans, Eclipse, RAD, VS Code, Firebug, Chrome Developer Tools, EditPlus, JSfiddle, Sublime text, BugZilla


Confidential, Middletown, NJ

Sr. UI Developer


  • Worked on React JS virtual Dom and React views rendering using components which contains custom HTML tags.
  • Developing user interfaces using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, XHTML, AJAX, JSON, React JS, Node JS, Spring MVC and Bootstrap.
  • Implemented form validations across the site using JavaScript .
  • Involved developing responsive web pages using Bootstrap.
  • Expertise in client scripting language and server-side scripting languages like JavaScript, Node JS, React JS.
  • Implemented single page architecture using Angular JS 1.x
  • Designed and developed the layouts using CSS3, Box mode land HTML 5.
  • Developed the icons of the framework using glyphicons, font-awesome and material icons.
  • Used Bootstrap for responsiveness.
  • Debugged the website using Chrome Developer's tool and manipulated the nodes using DOM functions.
  • Created the logos, images and icons that were used across multiple pages using Adobe Photoshop.
  • Defined and developed the presentation layer of the application using HTML 5, CSS3 and AJAX.
  • Used JIRA tool for task assignment, bug tracking and fixture.
  • Used Jenkins a s continuous integration tool to schedule and run the automated test scripts.
  • Used CSS3 new properties such as text shadows, and css3 box shadow properties.
  • Involved in write application level code to interact with APIs, Web Services using AJAX, JSON and XML.
  • Wrote custom services and factories in Angular JS for code reusability.
  • Implemented and designed user interface for web based customer application.
  • Used SVN as source code repository and versioning.
  • Worked on Cross-Browser compatibility and fixed the bugs for several browsers.
  • Created cross-browser compatible and standards-compliant CSS-based page layouts.
  • Integrated with back end code for highly interactive AJAX based applications.
  • Excellent problem solving skills and the ability to work independently.

Environment: HTML/ HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Spring, JSON, XML, XHTML, Angular JS, Eclipse, SVN, MVC, Bootstrap, MySql, Jenkins, Adobe Photoshop, React JS, Node JS, OSX.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Sr. UI Developer


  • Responsible for developing, maintaining and bug fixing a SPA application implemented using Angular JS
  • Worked on React JS and ES6 for one module by building reusable and Interactive UI components
  • Worked on adding new modules to existing application
  • Built web pages using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Angular JS, Javascript and JQuery.
  • Converted design mockups into web pages according to business requirements.
  • Worked on Redux Library to integrate with React and maintain state.
  • Created custom Angular directives, services and factories across the application.
  • Integrated front end UI with backend web services to fetch or post data.
  • Wrote custom Javascript tooltips and Jquery plugins for various UI components.
  • Implemented single page architecture using Angular JS 1.x.
  • Wrote unit test cases using Karma test runner and Jasmine frameworks.
  • Wrote E2E test cases using Protractor for Angular JS
  • Developed custom angular directives for DOM manipulation.
  • Resolved cross browser CSS issues using vendor prefixes and media queries.
  • Worked with backend teams to define APIs, requests and response formats (http and JSON).
  • Involved in all stages of application development.
  • Worked on continuous bug fixing and ensuring bug free code for deployment.
  • Involved in code version control using GIT.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Angular JS, React JS, Java, GIT, MySql, Karma, Jasmine, Protractor.


Software Engineer


  • Closely worked with business system analyst to understand the requirements to ensure that right set of UI modules been built.
  • Developed web pages and components using HTML and CSS, C# and JavaScript.
  • Created business classes and base objects.
  • Utilized JavaScript and JQuery to improve overall design and UI of campaign websites.
  • Worked alongside backend Java programmers to troubleshoot Java Script related issues with front-end connectivity.
  • Extracted data in UI for different clients using JSON format.
  • Implemented client-side validations using JavaScript.
  • Implemented AJAX to speed up web application Used Web Developer, Firebug , and IE developer toolbar for debugging and browser compatibility. Worked on detail design and coding.
  • Developed the interactive user interface using jQuery JavaScript library.
  • Worked on developing GUI using HTML, CSS and JavaScript (jQuery).
  • Worked on implementing web pages on the website using Code Igniter framework.
  • Developed Business logic layer by implementing Object Oriented Programming languages (OOPS) concepts abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism in C#.
  • Collaborated with one team member in design, analysis, coding, testing, and website review.
  • Utilized CSS, Ajax, JQuery, MySQL queries for website design and development.
  • Worked with technologies such as JQuery and Ajax to make the website more attractive and user friendly.
  • Gathered business requirements, prepared Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document. Created Visio charts for the workflow architecture of the system
  • Used Team Studio and Build Manager tools to develop applications and promote the new design to test environment.
  • Developed Use cases spreadsheet based on SRS document for the testing.
  • Coordinated with the business on User Acceptance Tests (UAT) and to get the approval from business on the design changes
  • Participated in maintenance and production support.

Environment : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, JSON, Firebug and Windows


Web Developer


  • Involved in development, design and implementation of front end part of the application.
  • Developed the UI Screens using HTML5, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery Custom-tags and CSS3.
  • Responsible for the overall layout design, color scheme of the web site using HTML5, XHTML and CSS3.
  • Used CSS3 LESS/SASS preprocessors and Responsible for creating detailed wire frames and process flows.
  • Implemented user interface guidelines and standards throughout the development and maintenance of the website using DHTML, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery .
  • Worked with CSS3 background, CSS3 Layouts, CSS3 positioning, CSS3 text, CSS3 border, CSS3 margin, CSS3 padding, Pseudo elements and CSS3 behaviors.
  • Used jQuery to select and manipulate HTML5 elements and also CSS3 manipulation.
  • Involved in integrating the front end UI to the back end using Struts/Spring framework.
  • Enhancement of existing application utilizing JSP, Created HTML5 navigation menu that is role based menu items changes dynamically, derived from the database in the form of XML.
  • Developed cross-browser/platform HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to match design specs for complex page layouts while adhering to code standards.
  • Used JavaScript DOM manipulation and JavaScript event to generate the data result in UI.
  • Worked with the team of architects and back-end Developers to gather requirements and enhance the application functionality and add new features.

Environment: Java, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery,DHTML, XHTML, XML, JMS, JSON, AJAX, Servlets, JSP, Notepad++, SOAP, Windows.

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